ALLO enhancing drugs that might not have been considered


that email didnt even say anything. are they going to reply back to you or something?


After completing the survey at that link they sent me this email. So I’m hoping they find a testing site for me but if not I urge anyone else willing to try this to apply as well. Witchita Falls is a 5 hour drive from me and I just couldn’t do that twice a week.


what happened to the location in Austin? filled up i guess?


That’s what I’m confused about. Either that or the agency that forwarded my information sent it to the witchita office by mistake.


Baclofen is a Gaba-B agonist that raises neurosteroids. Might want to look into that before the other drugs because it is:

  1. available
  2. doesn’t mess with androgens according to literature available now


yeah please email them to clarify. would be BS if you can just get it in austin lol


thank you sir. have you tried this?

edit: a google search just spouted a bunch of withdrawal complaints…


Yeah I’ve been taking it on and off for a while, and I didn’t have any problems when I was taking it twice or thrice a week. Can’t say it’ll be the same for you, but this stuff really helped my mental sides at some point and my sleep as well.

I will note that I was on it and a benzo for a period of two weeks, and had some pretty bad withdrawals, and while I cannot rule out the baclofen contributing to it, I believe it was mostly the benzo and PFS in general. So I’d recommend just not taking it consecutively if you decide to.


have you had emotional blunting and brain fog? if so, does it eliminate? or just reduce it? id love to be able to just be able to make progress in meditation. dunno why i cant anymore


Yeah dude. Baclofen helped with that. A friend and I were trialing it together and we both experienced big benefits mentally, but I’d go into it expecting nothing. I don’t know how to explain it, it didn’t take anxiety away the way benzos do (where it’s like you just don’t care), it helped with symptoms in the way that felt like it wasn’t a drug. Emotions and stuff just felt more normal. Not completely normal, but much better.


have you tried NSI-189? Apparently a user here claims it makes him feel normal emotionally. anyways thanks for the heads up, ill check it out


Nah I haven’t. That’d be pretty great though, there are times I return to some degree of emotional normalcy but completely normal sounds like a dream.

I wish I could find something for cognition too. I don’t feel anywhere near as quick as before and my near eidetic memory is gone so that’s pretty shit.


Hope baclofen works out if you decide to try it, and if so, report your experience here.


Borax can you say why you went with baclofen? I don’t find much about it increasing allopregnanolone like etifoxine.


So I recall a study saying it (as well as GHB) increased neurosteroids through GABA-B. Initially I was interested in GHB, however that’s quite difficult to acquire, and I figured this would be worth a try. Also heard it helps with sleep, so it seemed like a fairly low risk option, high benefit option to me.

I didn’t want to try etifoxine simply because it wasn’t available in my country, and I have not researched it greatly. If I recall correctly it works through TSPO and I’ve tried drugs that affect that receptor with good (but inconsistent) success, such as a high dose of valium.


yeah check out nsi-189 if you want. i made a post on it if you want to check it out. im not sure if ill try baclofen just yet because im scared of getting withdrawals, but im definitely considering it.

i think our best bet for cognition is to get allo since its responsible for other neurosteroids production.


Interestingly it did give me cognitive improvements a few times, but not consistently. Definitely don’t feel like it does now, but once when I took it it was suddenly like everything aligned mentally.


some non PFS people report cog improvements on etfoxine.

have you read anything negative about lithium treatment? ive read negatives about using the wrong type of lithium… not sure if ive seen anything bad on lithium orate, but dunno if that works either.


Not really, Lithium just has a stigma attached to it that I haven’t looked into too much as well as it supposedly blunts your emotions. Now, depending on who you ask that could be a good thing or a bad thing.


shit man. fkin dead end all over. i really hope this baylor study gives us something to help us restore the cognitives back, via educated guessing.

im not as sharp as before either, and it’s the most frustrating thing ever. i felt like i was able to operate at world class speed before all this crap happened, now i feel like a junky trying his hardest to get even 1/10th of that feeling back smh