ALLO enhancing drugs that might not have been considered


I understand you. When I read I feel like i’m somewhat intoxicated at times because comprehending and remembering things takes quite a bit of effort. It’s also very uncommon (well it basically hasn’t happened) for me to get in the groove and just smashing through tasks, with each success fueling the next, if that makes sense.


yep, the inability to build momentum is also frustrating. i used to be able to do all sorts of things to rewire and reprogram my brain via meditating, self talk, writing affirmations, visualization etc. now none of that shit works anymore because my brain and emotions don’t connect or something.

have you thought about trying prep? these other guys say it reversed their sides and helped their brain fog and emotional blunting.


I have. If I end up even more frustrated I probably will, although it’s very atypical of me to engage in such a risky endeavor. For now I’m just managing with Baclofen.