ALLO enhancing drugs that might not have been considered


Ganaxolone is another one. It seems many Allopregnanolone boosting drugs are being developed.


Allopregnanolone is now available if you enroll in a clinical trial conducted by sage for 217.


Good point. Are they only in the US? It would be great if a couple people from here could try it. Would save a couple years of anticipatory speculation.


Ganaxolone has been around since the 90s and yet still isn’t on market. I’m not holding my breath. Sage does seem like it might only be a couple years away. It would save us a lot of speculation about what role Allo has in our problems if someone could find a way to try it. I’d even go so far as to say that if Sage 217 doesn’t provide relief then Allo isn’t our problem.


I don’t think we have a single problem.

Leaky guts have to be fix as food intolerance becomes more acute, the guts flora has to be adjusted, the vagus nerve have to be addressed, the testosterone / estrogen ratio has to be kept in check, the thyroid functions too, Many appears to have low serotonin and low dopamine levels, many have low testosterone / DHT levels, vitamin D is definitely something to address for lots of us.

I’ve always been saying a global approach needs to be taken. As an example, I stopped taking protein shakes (once or twice a day) for a week, and it was hard to keep the exercise and just to stay on track. I re-introduced it and things are fine again. Protein shakes gives you all essential and a few non-essential amino acids. I think the body needs to have an abundance of amino acids, as well as saturated fat so that when it attempts to fix something, at least its got the ingredients to do so.


Sage 217 is fine. But better than a drug is the ability to produce our own ALLO. Most drugs that provide something we need make the body’s natural production mechanism lazy. On the long run, we just become addicted to the drug. (Again I would point out this is not a problem for pharmaceuticals)


I would have to look at it again more carefully but I think part of the idea behind Sage and allo analogues in general is that they do not influence body’s own production. Just mentioning my rough recollection of this in case anyone wants to look into it more deeply. I seem to recall that that is the basic problem with exogenous allopregnanolone, which the analogs are designed to address.


If that’s the case, great !


uhhhh where the hell do i sign up for that???


search for your city and contact the location listed


It looks like it’s just in California or did I search wrong?


i saw the same :frowning:


Full list of investigational sites here:

They are all over the US


Just sent an email to the recruitment contact. Hopefully I can get in and not get the placebo dose. If it does nothing for pfs maybe it will at least help with depression from pfs. Will keep y’all updated if they respond to me.


Did you tell them you have PFS? I think that would disqualify you. The only way to get in those studies is to have prior diagnosis of the diseases they are testing SAGE on.


I did not say I have pfs


Update, received this email from the contact at sage I think anyone else interested should apply to the study as well so that we have a greater chance.

Question: if I have very low levels of Allopregnanolone like one of the studies suggests, would boosting it from barely anything to whatever levels the medication achieves be too drastic of an increase?


Hard to say what the results of that increase in allopreg would be, man. Intuitively, too much of anything can be harmful. But I suppose part of the study would be to find a therapeutic window for patients.


I assume they will build dose gradually.


The worst thing from getting too much allo at once is that you become sedated and fall asleep.

They did this with their PK studies and found ~60mg a day of allo was enough for most people to feel sedated.