Accutane; P53/foxo1/foxo3 the key?

From various research, it seems concluded that Accutane strongly induces the p53 enzyme. This causes a cascade effect which then induces foxo1/foxo3, this then causes a significant increase in aptosis/cell death and also the downregulation of igf1/androgens/androgen receptors. We know accutane induces aptosis due to the up regulation of foxo1/p53/foxo3, all anti cancer targets. We also know that said targets result in heavy anti androgenic affects, igf1 downregulation, dht downregulation, 5ar downregulation, androgen receptor downregulatiom etc. This could (partly) easily explain the hormonal/endocrine issues that accutane causes. Now, to the other point, aptosis and cell death. Accutanes indiscriminat aptoptic properties target multiple cells. Cells in te hippocampus/brain, cells in the gi tract, mucosa cells, intestinal cells…etc. Increased aptosis in all of these areas could come with multiple issues and side effects, depending on the location of said cells. What do you guys think? Think this could be a major factor in accutanes mechanism of action, in regards to multiple debilitating side effects.

Also, suppression of p53 helps immensely with chemo sides

Don’t confuse short term effects with long-term effects.

Don’t confuse short term upregulation with permanent upregulation. These Gene/enzymes could easily still be upregulated in PAS victims, hence why the suppression of acne is also permanent/semi permanent.

I’m glad this information is here. But, we’ve had posts with all kinds of alarmist tone worst case scenario speculations of permanence of condition for 10 years. We already know that Accutane is an anti-androgen.

Now how about we advance to Phase 2, of actually DOING SOMETHING instead of sitting and crying? Have you gone to Accutane communities and sexual dysfunction communities with this information and told them that we have a survey that desperately needs more Accutane participants? That would actually be doing something. If all we do is sit here wringing our hands and complaining about drug companies, then yeah, we’re fucked.

If we get more Accutane participants in the survey then we can get a cure and not have to sit here crying for the next 50 years. If we don’t get more Accutane participants in the survey, then yeah, we are going to be sitting here fucked, crying, and complaining. There isn’t anyone coming to rescue us because the world somehow owes us. The reality is that WE need to rescue us and the only way right now is to get the survey filled out.

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The fuck are you rambling about. What does anything you said have to do with my post? Literally posting scientific info to help us and provide a discussion. Nobodies complaining.

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There are already several threads about this. It’s great you are here. Could you fill out the survey? They badly need Accutane participants.


Definitely appreciate your attitude towards science, it’s clearly the only route out of this mess. As has been said though, the survey is essential to us conducting studies. You may not yet realise its importance, but it isn’t easy to convince scientists to spend their valuable time studying our condition. We need these survey results and your inclusion is vital. Please complete it man. You don’t have to do it in one go, it saves your progress so you can do it in stages.


Where is this survey?

Are you on mobile or desktop mate?

You can find the link to the survey here - PSSD and post-accutane patients: Please take our survey.

If you’re on mobile, then just follow these instructions - Can't fill out the survey? Please post here or be reminded until you do


What the actual fuck. Felt like I was having an aneurism during the survey. Only finished 20 percent so far. Why is everything in 4 week intervals? (before after drug) alot of info to be missed doing it in that format.

Because the 4 week period accounts for the typical “crash” that most users experience. It’s essential to understanding the pathology of the disease. Thanks for starting it man. As said, you can do it in stages so you don’t have to do it all at once. Just keep chipping away at it.


It is annoying to do, but I’m sure it’s like that for a reason

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I didn’t crash till months later…I felt like shit taking the drug…Felt like shit when I stopped…Then after about 3 months I felt horrible and each passing month after that I felt worse and worse and my weight kept increasing for no reason…Some have speculated a slow degradation of the 5ar gene…