23andMe Results


@axolotl Do you know if it’s possible to get the .txt file with only the “ancestry” 23andme option or would one need to purchase the full health report? Also, I’m assuming there’s no problem getting the .txt file as a uk user? Someone suggested above that US users have access to more data. Thank you.


Yes, the .txt file is acquirable with just the ancestry (cheaper) option, which is what we want. In terms of the differences, the only differences I’m aware of is some few changes to the genes checked between their different chip versions, but the majority should be the same.


Let me know if there a dropbox or something i can send my results to.



Just to carify: Are you only asking those who have already done the test or plan to test anyway to provide their data? Or do you think everyone should do it to provide more data?

I have not done the test and I don’t plan to. However, if you guys think it is a worthy investment of funds I’d be happy to do it. How important is this, and how confident are you guys that this will yield helpful results?


@Ghost, @axolotl and myself had a good talk this past weekend. We agreed to closely work together on a Genome-wide association study (GWAS) across all patient groups encompassing PFS, PSSD, PAS (Accutane) and possibly Lupron/GnRH analogs (if we can involve that group). We will be using high powered software and computing resources to perform what basically amounts to a scientific study, executed at the community level. We are hoping to find genetic variants which predict our condition, and possibly find similarities between our respective conditions at a genetic level. Of course, we hope that this information will help us and our scientists better understand what the genetic drivers may be that make us more susceptible to this/these syndrome(s) than others. If we do find something interesting, we will try to recruit a scientist to help us deepen our investigation and publish the results in a peer reviewed journal.

Now we need YOUR HELP: If you already have taken a 23andMe test, please download extract and rename your provided file so it is called


for example, mine would be called:


This will help us track who is providing the data. Please then upload your raw data to the following link:

Please note that only you and us can see your uploaded data. You will also not be able to see the uploaded data of other users. If you do not already have 23andMe genomic data, please consider getting yours tested through the 23andMe service.

Thanks in advance for your support.

The Post-finasteride Syndrome: Clinical Manifestation of Drug-Induced Epigenetics Due to Endocrine Disruption
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Thanks Awor and the others for the work. I will do the test after my vacations and will uodate the data.



Would it be worth getting the more expensive version to see how your current health is or if your prone to any conditions? Standard is €99 and advanced is €169


Totally up to you. In my opinion, you’re better off getting it through promeasthease, which is better and costs only $12.


Wait so i can get the standard DNA test with 23andme for €99 euro and putting it through promeasthease would give me the same data as i would get for spending €169? Do 23andme just encrypt the results or something?


Basically, yes. Best value would be to order the standard 23andMe test, obtain the single raw data file (not encrypted, but a pain to reference every SNP manually ), then upload to Promethease to obtain an easy to read report from information available about each one of your SNPs.

Thanks to all who are making this happen!


That’s brilliant I’ll order my test during the week, hopefully it doesn’t take two long as I presume it has to get sent over to the US.


Whole process will probably take 4-6 weeks. That’s ok though, during this time we will be working out kinks in the programming.


Hey Ghost I just found out there’s a closer DNA company to me, Ancestry. I’m wondering would that provide the same data you guys could use? If so i might purchase their kit as it’s in the UK so close enough to me.


it’s unlikely the genetic dataset provided will be the same, so please use 23andme if you want to help provide data. As ghost says, the cheaper option is fine as we need the raw output, and it’ll take us a bit of time to set up the technical infrastructure for analysis so don’t worry about the speed of it.


23andme does not provide a full genomic sequencing, so potential genes involved in predisposing us to our variable degrees of PFS may not be in there, but likewise there could well be something very interesting. Considering many members already have this data and the low cost of the cheaper 23andme option, the sum total of the extra cost for interested individuals won’t be that huge to get us to the point where we have a useful dataset to work with. Because @awor, @ghost and I will be doing the work, that makes it a cheap and worthwhile project in my personal opinion. But it’s up to you whether you feel it’s something you’d feel is worthwhile to participate in.


Is anyone aware of a way to get 23andme in countries besides the ones listed on their website? If not, would the sample still be viable if I had someone order it in the US, ship it here and send it back?


Very good idea. Just do it! But send it back to your contact. I think you meant that…


Yes and we in the US are willing to help if needed. However, it might be better to get it from someone closer to the UAE, that might save on shipping costs and hassle.


Plz use 23andMe. I’ve tried using Ancestry data and in the program that I’ve helped write it doesn’t work well. That’s the program that I’m using right now until @axolotl, @awor and I get PLINK going.


Done. Please let me know if you have any issues accessing my data.

Thank you guys again for doing this.