2 stories about how Progesterone cream helped

soo did someone else try this??? i really liked the first case…that seems interesting…and shows how adrenal fatigue is real

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inferior a 10 ng/dL Adultos : de 20 a 90 ng/dL
Crianças pré-púberes: até 40 ng/dL

This is my result…
Less then 10 ng/dl and the normal would be 20 to 90…it explains a lot…amazing how the pieces fit in so beautifully.

Did someone go on and give these cremes a try?

Is there any veracity to the stories listed above? They seem incredibly detailed and well thought out, anyone try these? How would someone follow the Edge Effect?

I took/take Pregnenolone 10mg. First round I took 10mg daily together with 25mg DHEA daily for 2 weeks. On day 4 I was insanely horny. I masturbated 4 times. With 38! My constant fatigue recovered and my anxiety was gone!

Unfortunately I took zinc and a b-komplex wich killed my libido for 3 weeks. Then I took BPC 157 and for the first time in 15 years my brain fog, anhedonia and depression was gone! For 5 days. I felt normal emotions! Happiness, joy, love! Then all came back after I ate Somon. Wich was so sad. Because I experienced how great life can be!

So there must be a bigger connection between these hormone things, gut health and histamine intolerance. This histamine intolerance is giving me depression, brain fog and so many symptoms. 2 days ago I ate somon again and yesterday was close to suicide.

I am still off Pregnenolone and DHEA. Will start tomorrow the next round. I am not sure if I should add progesterone or just take pregnenolone and hope it will convert to progesterone. What I can say is, even though I have this histamin issues from the somon, my head is much clearer than 1 month ago. But I cant tell if BPC 157 fixed something in my brain or if it something else. Because BPC 157 is supposed to fix dopamine and gabba issues.

I think people with post finasteride syndrome have issues with adrenal fatigue, gut inflammation and histamine intolerance, wich leads to a messed up hormone system. Most neurotransmitter are built in the gut. And when its inflamed, it cant be built. My last serotonine test shows very low serotonine. I tried 5-htp for some time wich helped a lot with mood. But was afraid to get addicted. So I stopped taking it.

Its all a big experiment.

EDIT: I read that a recommend dose of Pregnenolone is 50mg for 35+ years old guys. I take only 10mg and am 38. I might titrate up to 20-30mg and see what happens. DHEA is recommended 25 to 50mg. I think 25mg is ok for now.

Edit: so I just have read that progesterone is a 5ar inhibitor. How can that help us in that case? I just ordered the cream to test it. 5mg a day. And further use of pregnenolone and dhea.

Also they say high DHT in men ist not good. So it might be not really dht that causing our issues but more something else.

So I have read through the first post. This time carefully. Especially the end. I dont understand now. In the first 3/4 he recommends progesterone and talks about that it’s a cure for pfs. And at the end says it can lead to depression and made him feel the worst he has?

Just to clarify, do you mean your symptoms worsened after you ate salmon?

No, sorry for the misunderstanding. I have histamine intolerance (wich I became from finasteride) and when I eat histamine rich foods like somon, all my psychological and brain symptoms get worse. Also I get depressive and get migraines. Its all connected for me. Maybe it even affects my libido, I cant tell.

My progesterone was very low in the last blood test. I´ve read a user comment on Facebook (women) where she was saying that she had histamine intolerance and it disappeared after taking bioidentical progesterone. I ordered progesterone and will see if it also will help me.

Because this year in August I did a elemental diet for 13 days where I did not eat anything and only drink that Neocate Junior drink. I felt great that time. So my guess is that histamine plays a big role in PFS. At least on thy psychological symptoms.

Ah, thank you for the clarification. I asked because I recently ate salmon (I don’t eat it that often) and had strong brain fog almost immediately after consumption. Could have been a coincidence - I get episodes of brain fog sometimes with nothing of note taking place before it - but it did raise suspicions about that particular food.

Docosahexaenoic acid is found in marine oils and inhibits 5AR according to this study, seems like a long shot but this might be the cause of adverse reactions. It’s incredible how many antiandrogenic substances there are, but perhaps even more incredible that people with this condition react to them so strongly whilst they generate no response in normal people.

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You also should check if you have histamine intolerance. You might react to lemon. Or especially tomatoes and fermented food. Salami. Spinach (gave me nosebleed for the first time in my life, after things got worse).

I became histamine intolerant with 24 (with fin use) but did not notice it until I was 30 and it got really bad. Before I used fin, I was doing self hypnosis and was damn good in it. Then, as I started fin, I could not stand still without scratching me everywhere. So I was not able to do self hypnosis. But I never realized all my bad symptoms coming from fin. Only thing I knew was that I have low libido because of fin. Just 6 months ago I read about PFS. Can you imagine, 14 years after stopping fin. I still have this scratching thing. Also teeth grinding or bruxism. Migraines after histamine rich food.

I react to amino acids like BCAA, Glutamine, Tryptophan, Theanine, Tyrosine etc. very heavy with migraines.


I really want to use progesterone with vitamin b6 p5p, but I will only do so after performing an ultrasound of my prostate to make sure it is not small and weak. Please keep us updated of your process. Thank you!

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Interesting that this thread not got more attention. As for me, I stopped dhea and pregnenolone and progesterone 10 weeks ago. And am full retard mode again. Brain is just fucked up. No more emotions. I feel like a robot. I dont know what to do anymore. I started progesterone today again. It’s horrible to not been able to feel something.

Do you still use progesterone? How do you feel?


@anon73159565 im the same have you discovered any way to reduce your reactions other than by avoidance

Can you share with us how much you’re taking?
I’m sure lack of or imbalance of progesterone and or hormones downstream from it is a big part of why neuro side effects are so bad. I get the retard effect all the time and I’ve lost friends from it , I’ve lost employment from it, this has been going on for years and I’m fucking done with it. It’s easily worse than ED and overall the worst long term pfs side.

The HCG somehow fucked me up. Ever since I am like a robot. I take progesterone from time to time. 5mg cream a day. But not regulary anymore. I take Dhea but it does not help anymore. Pregnenolone gives me heavy migraines I figured out. But pregnenolone makes me feel completely different. Confident, I dont give a fuck what others think mentality etc. But the migraines are too heavy. I ordered pansterone and hope it will work better over the skin.

I am 11 weeks into TRT. 150mg a week. e3d. Zero effect so far.

Hi @anon73159565

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t doing great. HCG also had a negative effect on me, so I can empathise with your situation. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common experience for PFS patients, in that self-experimentation can make us worse. Please continue to share your experience with us.

I also noticed you haven’t completed the patient survey yet. When you have some time, could you please complete it using the instructions in this video I created: https://www.loom.com/share/c298a179a0e64cba8ef9e69ae0122ac4

I cannot understate how important this resource has been when liasing with researchers and clinicians, and your participation would be much appreciated.


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