2 stories about how Progesterone cream helped

DISCLAIMER: Please take these two stories with a grain as they say. The best advice that I think has been given on this site is to not jump on bandwagons. However, with that said, I have seen a lot of new evidence that we should be working on our brains. I am currently reading the books suggested in these stories, and have noticed that I fit the bill. Maybe some of you do too.

Also, If I could make one request. Please no negativity here. It’s very important that we don’t just shoot down every possible solution because the truth is none of know what will work.

Story 1: (patient suffered severe anxiety, low libido, ED
I have always said that the problem is a brain neurotransmitter and adrenal exhaustion issue, and I think that this article you found is the medical evidence that fills in the missing part of the puzzle, and finally adds proof to what all of us have been telling our doctors all along. I think that all of us should make copies of this article and fax it or give it to as many doctors as possible, because then maybe there will be medical things that begin to happen that gets the medical community working with us and showing propecia for what it is instead of them just ignoring us.
As you have known, I have always recommended The Edge Effect book for the brain neurotransmitter information and remedies, and the Dr. Wilson book for adrenal exhaustion. I have always known that these were what needed to be corrected, but now your article explains in a medical way why.
I wrote about Dr. Shippen in tzanne Somers book saying that finasteride shrinks the brain by not allowing DHT in the brain to convert progesterone into the brain-repairing neurosteroid allopregnenolone. THerefore, without the DHT, the brain cannot repair itself, and neurtransmitter problems, hormonal-manufacturing problems in the brain, etc., cannot take place.
Your medical research article adds complete power to Dr. Shippen’s comments, and it also explains the brain neurotransmitter/adrenal fatigue connection that I have written about on here.
Your article completely shows everything and I thank you for it.
Looking at the article, it shows how important allopregnenolone is, and how propecia causes a deficiency in allopregnenolone by the reason that Dr. Shippen gave, with DHT not being able available in the brain to convert progesterone into allopregnenolone.
The article also explains medically how the brain neurotransmitter GABA becomes deficient as a result of all of this. From reading The Edge Effect, you know that GABA is the neurotransmitter that brings about calmness and no anxiety. Many people on here have spoken about very high levels of anxiety when taking propecia or after taking it, especially if coming off of it cold-turkey. This high anxiety is now explained medically in your article.
I know people who I have helped to recover from propecia, and one of the main things that brought about their recovery was the natural progesterone cream treatment that I recommended to everyone a few weeks ago. This cannot be synthetic progesterone and must be natural progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy like I spoke about before.
In looking at your article, this progesterone therapy makes total sense now, and also it shows logically how adrenal fatigue can be caused by propecia.
We now know medically that propecia causes a deficiency of allopregnenolone and GABA. This is caused by blocking DHT, which stops hair loss but damages the brain where DHT is needed.
Looking at this logically, we can see that while on propecia and when stopping propecia, our brains have a deficiency of DHT in them, which is what propecia does in order to stop hair loss. The deficiency in DHT causes the hormone progesterone not to be converted to allopregnenolone, so brain repair does not take place as it should and there is a deficiency of GABA that can lead to high levels of anxiety. The body then tries to correct this problem of a lack of brain repair. This attempt logically does one of two things to the adrenal glands. Firstly, this attempt could possibly create such stress on the adrenals that they wear out and get fatigued, or else, secondly, the adrenals might know the body needs allopregnenolone and so tries to make the needed allopregnenolone by producing more and more progesterone. This progesterone never gets converted into allopregnenolone, though, because the DHT is blocked. The adrenals may eventually get worn out by contiuing to produce more and more progesterone that never does anything because there is no DHT. The progesterone may even not be converted as it should into testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, etc., in the adrenal cascade, because it is being saved in the attempt to make the crucial allopregnenolone, thereby resulting in deficiencies in other hormones that are normally made from progesterone.
If the adrenal glands get burned-out, as medical evidence shows that they do in at least some cases of propecia users, then the adrenals stop being able to produce anywhere near enough progesterone. After propecia is stopped and DHT begins to return to the brain, then the brain now has the DHT it has needed, but it no longer has the progesterone that DHT converts into allopregnenolone, and so allopregnenolone still cannot be produced and the brain still cannot be repaired without allopregnenolone. GABA levels still cannot be raised back to normal without brain repair, and so people remain very anxious. Other hormones like testosterone, etc, remain low because there is not enough progesterone to be converted into them.
The solution to all of this is to provide the brain and adrenal glands with what they need. Without propecia they now have DHT, but they now need natural progesterone cream. With progesterone, the brain can now be repaired as the DHT can convert progesterone to the needed allopregnenolone, and the high levels of anxiety because of the GABA deficiency can be corrected, and as the recovery continues then after a period of time of a month or two of using the progesterone cream and when the brain does not need as much of it, then some of the progesterone can be used to convert into testosterone, DHEA, etc.
Following the GABA plan in The Edge Effect will build up your GABA levels to help to stop anxiety, and building up dopamine neurotransmitter levels will also help people like yourself who want to. Following the Dr. Wilson book for adrenal fatigue will build back up the adrenal glands so that they can produce progesterone again and help recovery. However, for extreme cases like many men have on here, then progesterone cream also needs to be added because it is needed so much that waiting for the adrenals to recover is too long a wait. Using progesterone cream also helps the adrenal glands to recover quicker because it keeps the adrenal glands from having to make the progesterone to begin with, which uses a lot more adrenal energy than just converting progesterone into other hormones like testosterone does. So the progesterone cream helps in many ways.
I know of people who were struggling to recover from propecia with just The Edge Effect and with taking care of the adrenals, but that when natural progesterone cream was added to the two therapies, then full recovery from propecia took place within 3-4 months of being on the progesterone cream. It only takes about 3 days for the progesterone cream to start to create a benefit in how youy feel, and this improvement will continue to improve each week until full recovery. When the adrenal glands fully recover, then the progesterone cream can be reduced and removed. It also costs about $16 per month for a 5 mg per day amount of cream, which is the amount for a man, so it is not expensive.
Your article was also interesting because it gave several supplements that someone could take to lessen the bad effects of propecia. Many of these, like L-Theanine, I have been recommending on here for a year, and so there must be a benefit from such supplements.
It was also interesting in the article to see how people with certain conditions should not use propecia because propecia impacts the same areas of the brain as these conditions do. One of these mentioned was heavy metal poisoning, which is very easy to get in the current environment, and so everyone on here should look into getting a hair analysis to see if they have high levels of any toxic metals because removing such metals will help recovery from propecia.
I would also like to add that many men on here may have some candida/digestive bacteria issues, because they can be caused by propecia and by adrenal fatigue. When someone has these problems in their digestive system, then the adrenal glands cannot recover until the problem is removed. If you think that you might have such a problem, then the very best product is Tanalbit, which is made by Intensive Nutrition and can be purchased on their website. It is an all-natural plant tannin product that can be used by anyone because it has no side effects, but it is amazing how it works. Adrenal glands can recover within a short time of using it if a digestive system. Even if you are not sure if you have a problem, then using it can do no harm because some people use it all the time as maintenance.
Also, you asked me about raising dopamine levels, and said that you had trouble with tyrosine. I had the same problem with the amino acid L-Phenalalanine, and found that L-Methionine was easy to take for dopamine and that it was good in other ways also.
However, my feeling is that dopamine levels will come up on their own after the recovery takes place, and so I think that the GABA levels are more important to try to raise, as per your article, while you are taking care of the adrenals and using progesterone cream. Eventually, your GABA levels will get to normal and you can stop using the GABA plan supplements.
I hope this helps. I cannot express enough how I have seen people recover fully from very severe propecia problems through following Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue book and through using 5 mg per day of progesterone cream. The results are amazing.
Thanks for finding the article on allopregnenolone, and thanks for all your help.

Story 2: (This guy had the same problems, actually he noted after a little while on his new edge effect regimen that he didn’t realize just how depressed and anxious he had been for 3 years…3 years!!!)
I’m still on my dopamine routine (albeit half-assedly, eh) and as
I’ve been getting better and better results, I wanted to share my
progress with everyone.

Firstly, a reminder of what I have been doing. I figured the source
of the Finasteride Problem is a cortisol overload caused by a
dopamine defficiency, which in turn prevents the body from
metabolizing testosterone. My theory was that if I could lower
cortisol by raising dopamine, eventually my body would re-regulate
itself. And since I have a BA in the Humanities, of course I’m well-
equipped to guess my way out of this predicament.

I started by taking dopamine supplements and following a diet as
recommended by Eric Braverman in the Edge Effect. Along the way I
started using progesterone to help calm anxiety and therefore
decrease a need for cortisol, and also did a 1-month treatment of
cortisol antagonists. Now I am back to just a regulated diet,
progesterone cream, and 2grams of tyrosine, phenylalanine, and
arginine a day.

Results: Whoa! I think the cortisol antagonists gave my routine a
big jump-start, but I’ve noticed big turn-arounds in all of my
symptoms recently, including the sexual ones which hit me especially
hard. I have morning erections, get aroused by visual stimulus, and
sex feels a lot better. Concentration problems and the like have
pretty much dissipated, although given the fact that I currently
have a nasty bout of hay fever, I am pretty woozy these days.

It’s also becoming spring-time weather where I am (hence the hay
fever), which in no doubt is positively benefiting my mood and
therefore my health. Since it’s warmer I’ve gone back to biking to
work, and have also given up smoking, both of which I feel have had
a direct positive impact on my state of health.

In sum, I’m going back to normal with this routine, and most every
fiber of my being is convinced that anyone with the FP can do
likewise. For background information, I was prescribed finasteride
when I was 19, took it for 4 weeks, and have been this way for a
little over 3 years. But if I can get back on track, I really feel
like anyone can.

For the people still in college, I feel your pain. I know what it
can be like to have an irregular schedule and not be able to give
yourself the regulation you need to deal with problems like this.
But just because you don’t have the ideal resources to better
yourself right now doesn’t mean you won’t once you get more of a
regular schedule going. I also think that the reason progesterone
may cause depression is because it lifts your mood enough to get
depressed. I’m no doctor by any means, but does anyone else
remember the problem where people taking Prozac had their moods
elevated to the point where they were comfortable with committing
suicide? Prior to Prozac they were so depressed that it rendered
them physically incapacitated. Maybe progesterone is having a
similar effect given the depressed state everyone’s in because of
this stuff. It’s also worth mentioning that the worst depression
I’ve felt from all this propecia ridiculousness was when I had just
started taking progesterone.

Also, is anyone interested in contacting news organizations about
Merck? I’ve tried contacting them directly a few times through
email and of course they don’t respond. I was thinking about
writing a letter to the American infotainment show Dateline because
this seems like the kind of thing they’d really go for.


Sorry, guess I forgot to log in. I posted the above.

I take it these are both postings from the old Yahoo group, the first being from Smithpullitzer and the second “WDerbell” (or something like that), correct?

Yes, but the second one is ‘letsconvenience’

Can anyone on here say any of this worked or they tried this? Also where do you get “natural progesterone cream treatment” and is it really natural or is it something that when you take it can prevent your own body from creating it.
It sounds like something I would like to try but I am a little skeptical about it. I found the best way to correct adrenal fatigue would be to take 0 sugars and try to control cortisol with vitamin C and supplements. But maybe this could give a real boost and I’d like to see more opinions on it.

Hypo has made posts about this, do a search for “Progesterone”.

I’m on the fence with this one, I have read Progesterone in men produces Estrogenic effects and also inhibits DHT.

So I am not sure…

You’re right Mew. I have been doing tons of research on this lately. I think I am going to stay away from the progesterone for now, and just try to naturally help supplement dopamine and GABA. But, it’s hard to deny the results these long termers are getting, and it’s a very very small amount of progesterone. Anyway, I have blood tests on monday (my doc agreed to do them all). I should know a little more by the end of the week. Also, I have done a few saliva tests and should receive results from those soon. I just can’t deny the panic attacks that I have been having despite my desperate efforts to stop thinking about it and to reduce all outside stressors. It’s as if my body no longer has the ability to stay calm. I’m pretty shaky most of the time. Now, I am getting a little better, and advice from guys like reason has really helped. I am taking a very proactive step towards naturally keeping myself calm, but I thing some of the natural supplements in the edge book can help including l-theanine, l-tyrosine, and l-phenylalanine. At least they are naturally occuring. The only questionable portion as you have said is the progesterone, which does count as hormone replacement. But the purpose is to help with the brain, and eventually the sex hormones. When I get my bloods, at least I will know more about what is going on. Anyway, your concerns are definitely warranted

yes i think this is very close to the core of the problem.

i have been thru that study; i believe pregnenolone defeciency was responsible for both sexual and CNS sides:

The Neuroactive Steroid Pregnenolone Sulfate Stimulates the Release of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone from GT1-7 Hypothalamic Neurons, through N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors
Martine El-Etr, Yvette Akwa, Etienne-Emile Baulieu and Michael Schumacher
Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, Unité Mixte de Recherche 788, Université Paris 11, 94276, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France

Address all correspondence and requests for reprints to: Dr. Martine. El-Etr, Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, Unité Mixte de Recherche 788, 80 rue du Général Leclerc, 94276, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France. E-mail: eletr@kb.inserm.fr.

Immortalized hypothalamic GT1-7 neurons represent a good model system to investigate the control of GnRH secretion. Using these cells, we observed that the neuroactive steroid, pregnenolone sulfate (PREGS), is able to stimulate the release of GnRH in a dose-dependent manner through N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, because its action is completely blocked by a specific NMDA receptor antagonist and magnesium. GT1-7 neurons express mRNAs for various mouse NMDA receptor subunits (,1, 3, 4, and 2, corresponding to the NR1, NR2C, NR2D, and NR2B rat subunits) and increase their spontaneous release of GnRH when incubated in the presence of exogenous glutamate or NMDA. In addition, we found that these neurons are able to release and synthesize glutamate, as demonstrated by the presence of glutamate accumulated in the defined incubation medium of the neurons, during the experiment and the expression of mRNA coding for vesicular glutamate transporter 2, a specific marker of glutamatergic neurons. The potentiating effect of PREGS on the secretion of GnRH induced by glutamate is consistent with the role of the steroid as a positive allosteric modulator of NMDA receptors. Together these results point to a novel mechanism by which the neuroactive steroid PREGS may potentiate an autocrine excitatory loop in GnRH neurons.

Yeah, from what I have been reading though it looks like pregnenalone comes before progesterone in the hierarchy, but these guys are having luck with the small doses of progesterone.

Personally, I cannot deny the effects this is having on my mental state. I am quite panicky and a lot more shaky. I don’t like to be in a crowd much, and most of the things that used to make me happy, just kind of bring me down now. I am not in a great mental state, as much as I am combatting it.

Hey Mew,

I’ve continued researching this progesterone phenomenon. Of course, most of my research is coming from the internet, so it must be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyway, it looks like there have been studies showing that progesterone can increase the T/E ratio in favor of T by competing with estradiol.

Also, concerning DHT… Do you know what your DHT levels are?? I should be getting mine by the end of this week. The reason I ask is that maybe your levels are too high. Maybe coming off of P can cause a surge or increase in DHT. This could cause the prostatitis symptoms that some of us are experiencing since DHT enlarges the prostate.

Just bouncing ideas…but I think this is something we should look more into. Maybe just for the simple fact that this seems to have the highest success. I’ll admit, my experience is limited, but I have discussed this with several sufferers by PM. Also, I have read the Testosterone Syndrome, and am currently reading the Edge Effect and Adrenal Fatigue.

Hypo, I know that you are dead set against this idea. But there does seem to be some evidence showing that it might be more that ‘grabbing straws’. Maybe the guys that are having success with this method have (I have counted at least 4 from the other site) incorrectly hypothesized how the progesterone works (of course, none of them are doctors). Maybe you could help in this area?

Anyway, for a guy like me with prostatitis-type symptoms, and adrenal fatigue / mental concerns…it looks promising. However, my plan is to allow my body to try to heal itself first, so I won’t be trying anything for a while.

Check out this site. It has some good info, especially the steroid and peptide sections.


IU is a great med and med bio school.

Hey Panic,

Assuming the progesterone cream does work, is it supposed to help with brain fog, libido, and ED, or just brain fog?

Have I heard that natural progesterone cream is available over-the-counter at most pharmacies, or do I need a prescription?
I’m going back on my supplements, and think I will try the progesterone with it.


I had very high progestrone levels. Could that be the cause of the defects in my brain ?


story n 1 says that progesterone 5mg per day can help to recover…so do you think using natural pregnenolone is the same?

guys i ve been using it from 1 week and the different is great,still not 100% but it works,so i m thinking the problem is hormonal and neuro and they are connected each other… till yestarday i was using the cream at 15mg,from today i put just 5mg…please i need help cause i don t know if adding this pregnenolone cream will even damage me more when i drop it off…help thanks .

Dr John advises against using progesterone cream.

what about the side effect rockin???

I’m not sure if this is a dated thread, but i do have an interesting side bar to add re the diagnosis: went to a new doc recently new battery of tests and the one thing he found other than the obligatory low t leves was that i had and elevated lead and mercury levels.

so i know here on the forum we r talking about androgens insensibility and gene expression and I can’t say anything about that cause noone knows if it could be an answer but anyway I can say that years ago I tried TRT with no results;now just from 10 days i m using pregnenolone cream and I m having big results…why? I dn t know,but I can say that if I m responding to it,in my case,I dn t think it could be a gene expression cause if it was,I wouldn t have any results by using pregnenolone…so I still think that the problem is neuro/hormonal .

I can say that in these day i ve used something like 15mg per day and I think it s too much,so I ll cut it down at 5mg and I think thata at this dose I can stay long time on it without sides…but anyway if someone want to try,I suggest to go off the cream after 10 day of use and after start it again…this is how i m gonna do it … I m ispired by this recovery post (story number 1) and i ll check my eavymetal too .

What is the difference between the progesterone and pregnelone creams? I’m sure it’s been stated somewhere but just for my edification.