100% mental recovery - libido still low


Hi everyone,

I have been a silent reader for some time. Thanks everyone for contributing, you`ve been of great help!

My story in short: I took fin for 6 years, stopped 3 years ago and crashed 1 year ago. I Had almost every symptom in the book and became the brainfogged suicidal zombie most of you are familiar with. I quit my job and concentrated solely on recovery for 9 month now. A few days ago I would have said the mental sides were 80% cured, I then managed to solve the slurred speech symptom a week ago and with that, I got a recovery burst and got to 100% mentally, I feel amazing. Libido however is still very low. I am now taking Tribulus since 4 days and it got a bit better. I wrote a more detailed description about tribulus in the dedicated thread that is currently ongoing. Sorry for those who read both of my posts for the copy-pasting of some content :slight_smile:

Like I said I am in the lucky position to go a year without working, so I`m full time on recovering. When I started I felt like killing myself a lot, was exhausted every minute of the day and had zero motivation to do anything. I read all the recovery stories I could find and decided on two things:

  1. Not take any supplements, because there are a million to pick from but none has reproducible effects
  2. Go with a wholistic approach centering on sport and meditation.

So since these two things arent really new for anyone, I will only post the thing that got my recovery started and which I havent found anywhere else. Maybe it is of help to someone. Because what I did, is go quite into overtraining in the first month of my recovery. I started with German volume training 5-6 days a week (heavy weightlifting programm), then 30 minutes stretching followed by 30 minutes of high intensity interval training on a cross trainer. I was eating a weightlifters diet, so lots of carbs and protein, protein shakes as well and I juiced a lot of fruits and vegetables for vitamins etc. I stopped after one month and took a 3 weeks break in which my mental sides got better for the first time. I followed this up by another 4 weeks of “normal weightlifting” and normal cardio. In the following break I got a lot better again and recovered since then to the point where I really feel back to normal. Only libido remains, but as those of you with heavy mental symptoms know, it is such a lesser problem then depression and all that other stuff. I am living a happy life now.

I looked a bit into the science of overtraining. There is a molecule produced during training which increases neurogenesis. However, if it is overproduced, it has the exact opposite effect on the body. This is what happens during overtraining and the symptoms you get from it are very similar to ours. Maybe the body heals a bit of the pfs symptoms as well when recovering from it. This is of course not much of a theory, but maybe one of you wants to give it a shot.

Also check out Ido Portal. There is a documentary called move about him, you can find it on youtube. I did a lot of his exercises and started moving a lot. THAT also helped my mental sides tremendously.

I wish you all good luck with your recovery and that we all get back to normal one day.