ZINC & Free Testosterone levels

I was taking Zinc for a while and then stopped. I ran out of pills. I did notice a slight increase in sexual pleasure. I’m not sure tha I noticed much else. There apparantlly is a link between Zinc and Free T in the body. I am just ordered Zinc vitamin pills and will begin supplementing again. Anyone here taking Zinc or seen any positive effects from it?

Zinc is an important mineral in the production of testosterone, and is available in pill formulation at almost any pharmacy or grocery store in the supplements aisle.

Chrysin, found naturally in honey, inhibits the aromatization–or conversion into estrogen–of free testosterone, leading to higher levels of testosterone.

Carnitine, an amino acid (protein building-block) derivative, does not directly affect testosterone levels but has a significant impact on sexual function and depression, both of which are symptoms of low free testosterone levels.

Antioxidants, found in foods like blueberries, raspberries and green tea, also are mentioned by Life Extension to support healthy levels of free testosterone. Antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium.


Zinc is best absorbed in form of zinc-picolinate. I have it but have only eaten it for a few days so can’t say yet if it helps. Some sources say it can elevate testosterone levels for about 30% after 3 months of daily use.

Dunno what it is but last time i took a break of 5 months from fin i noticed that the pressure/atrophy feeling in penis got a lot worse every time i drank green or rooibos tea.
Now I’m back on small doses of finasteride because i was feeling too sluggish after quitting. Propably not good idea in long run, i know.

Zinc is apparently a 5AR inhibitor. This could raise T in the same way that Fin probably raised T, by inhibiting 5AR and the conversion of T into DHT. What I have read implies that the 5AR enzyme’s activity INCREASES when one is LOW on zinc.

That really surprises me that zinc is a inhibitor of 5α-reductase activity. Being a skeptic I searched the internet and found this link:

www3.interscience.wiley.com/jour … 7/abstract

It states “zinc was a potent inhibitor of 5α-reductase activity. At high concentrations, zinc could completely inhibit the enzyme activity.”

I have always read that zinc was good for testosterone production, and was also good for the pituitary. I’ve been taking zinc supplements for a quite a while (25 mg/day which is considered a low dose). I’m not sure what to think about this now. Thanks for the info gcac…

Yea Badluck, It does appear the jury is still out on this one. I found this on Wikipedia, below.

To tell you the truth, scares me a little. It says it may increase estradial as well. There is even a scary picture of a man with fully formed woman’s breasts who suffers from Gynecomastia.

Inhibition of 5-alpha reductase results in decreased production of DHT, increased levels of testosterone, and, perhaps, increased levels of estradiol. Gynecomastia is a possible side-effect of 5-alpha reductase inhibition.


I had a really bad reaction after taking zinc consistently, like the body couldnt process it. I gained a lot of water weight and didn’t feel like eating. Was taking about 50 mcg a day.

I remember when I was at my peak of Propecia problems, I could only complete the act if I was in certain sex positions. I started taking Zinc and then I could orgasm with the girl on top again and it became more intense.

I took 50mg of zinc a day for a week and felt like a superhero. All problems were gone and my erections were better than before fin.

If I had the guarantee that taking zinc supplements does not cause long term problems I would just continue taking it forever, but I don’t want to become dependent on zinc supplements, so now I’m just taking a general vitamin/minerals integrator which contain some zinc too (17mg). But my performances are not as good as with 50mg

:bulb: Zinc is an [Size=4]essential [/size]trace element and if your not processing it you have problems. Suprise suprise you have problems

Wheres this sucker been hiding

Who knows tim, My guess is any positive effect he had likely went away. It has been this way for me for nearly every supplement. You need cycle them to continue to get benefits. At least for me, none of these supplements have really been the answer. They a brief small improvement.

Here I am. I guess you don’t know how to use the highly complex search function of this website. What’s the point of your offensive post, Tim? For your information, you MUST cycle supplements, otherwise they stop working in 99% of the cases. Taking ziinc right after having post-fin sides made me feel extremely good, definitely better than ever in my life. Unfortunately, the benefits went away, and, today, zinc is just like a placebo.

Oh, I was about to forget. Nowadays, my copper levels are perfectly in the middle of the range. This probably shows that, yes, I was “copper poisoned” at the very beginning of my post-fin journey, and that’s why zinc helped a lot. But now I am not anymore, but still have symptoms although I have the best hormonal profile you can find on internet. Does the copper theory explain this? No.

Zinc is not a supplement, it is an essiential element. I suggest you look at your gi tract to find reasons why you are not absorbing minerals.
oh, and go do yourself a favor and take a zinc taste test somewhere, Mr perfect hormone profile

Tim, don’t get annoying. The zinc taste test is bogus for many, you never stop tasting zinc. And any external mineral taken is a SUPPLEMENT, it doesn’t have to be just vitamins and plants. A supplement SUPPLEMENTS your diet. If you believe it’s your cure take it and stop bugging people about it. Many have tried and realized it wasn’t. I got positive then overall negative reactions from it. If you’re different then great for you, get healed and start enjoying your life again.

Please, you are embarrasing yourself

Zinc is my best supplement at the moment. 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg at night has enhanced my libido slightly and gave me some morning erections.

It’s not as simple as just trialling any amount of zinc and seeing if it “does anything”.

You should do the zinc taste test. I’ve researched it and found ummm research that shows it is legit. (betcha someones gonna ask me for that and I havnt bookmarked it)

If you’re really low, you need up to 150mg per day of zinc. You should also supplement copper at 2-4mg per day and take the zinc away from meals and other supplements as it can drive other nutrients into the ground when taken at the same time. But run this by a doctor as I am not one and I could be wrong. Copper should also be taken separately from anything else especially zinc as they compete.

If you’re low on zinc you’re high in copper. When you start taking zinc, it flushes out the copper and can make you feel worse initially. From what I’ve read it takes months of zinc supplementation, even at 100mg per day before it fixes the problem.

Also you need to have good gut function to be able to absorb these nutrients. I have a feeling that I (and possibly others) have leaky gut syndrome and not many nutrients are actually being absorbed. This is caused by intolerences to certain foods like wheat, eggs, dairy etc and also infections such as candida and parasites… I am taking steps to correct my gut as well as frequently doing zinc taste test and taking zinc supplements.

Think about it. High estrogen promotes high copper which promotes low zinc. It’s worth a shot IMO.

Also theres a thing called Pyroluria which is a chronic deficiency in zinc and vitamin b-6. You can get a urine test to see if you have this and it’s treated with high doses of you guessed it, zinc and B-6.


Greetings to all, I ll be free to share my short experience with Zinc tablets.

I suffer from almost total ED and lack of libido/penile numbness and insensitivitiy for very long time (due to long-term propecia usage).
2 days ago took Zinc from twinlab 30mg, twice a day.
Supprisingly, I could achieve an 80-85% erection (with manual stimulation) after long time. It helped me (for now) with ED department, but dont know how long this would last, what more should I expect and how to achieve that those results lasts. Any suggestions about dosage, tablet forms, positive expieriences are welcome! Any more supplements is OK to be added? Probably I will try D3 vitamin as well.

Speccially, any advice for supplements that will help with libido and lack of penile-sensitivity/numbness.

Laters, Deperado.

It will probably stop working within 10 days. I had a great but temporary success with 50 mg/day.

Same here, it wont last.