ZINC & Free Testosterone levels

After reading JN’s thread I had a look at Zinc deficiency symptoms - many of which I’m suffering from. Also, my albumin is very high which I believe can also indicate low zinc.

Here’s an extensive list of symptoms:


Probably caused by a copper excess induced by Zinc deficiency (Copper accumulates in the body in the absence of Zinc)
Probably caused by a Vitamin B6 deficiency induced by Zinc deficiency (Zinc is required for the activation of Vitamin B6)
Probably caused by a Vitamin A deficiency induced by Zinc deficiency (Zinc is necessary to release Vitamin A from the liver where it is stored)
Probably caused by a cadium excess induced by Zinc deficiency (Cadium accumulates in the body in the absence of Zinc)
Common Symptoms
The individual may have a number of the following symptoms, however will not have all. The symptoms listed cover all ages from birth to old age.

◦White spots on nails (Leukonychia)
◦Weak nails that peel easily (A)
◦Brittle nails (A)
◦Ultra-thin nails (can cause nail biting)
◦Horizontal ridges on nails (A)
◦Slow nail growth
•Hair Scalp
◦Slow hair growth
◦Brittle hair that breaks or splits easily
◦limp lank hair
◦absence of sheen and lustre (A)
◦Falling hair (Cu, B6)
◦Premature greying or reduced pigmentation
◦Dandruff (B6, A)
◦Dry scales on scalp (A)
◦Oily scales on scalp (and eyebrows, around nose and behind ears) (B6)
◦Long coarse eyebrow hair
◦Sparse beard, pubic and underarm hair
◦Stretch marks (Striae)
◦Cracked skin behind ears
◦Small cracks (fissures) in skin on fingertips
◦Tiny blisters on side of fingers
◦Oily skin (seborrhoea) (B6)
◦Dry, itchy skin (A)
◦Rough skin on backs of arms or legs (A)
◦Red spots at base of hairs on front of thighs (glossy skin) (A)
◦Small bumps in skin of side and back of upper arm (A)
◦Acne (A)
◦Boils (A)
◦Warts (A)
◦Mouth ulcers (A)
◦Sore tongue and mouth (B6)
◦Cracks around mouth and split lips (B6)
◦Leg ulcers (together with poor circulation)
◦Eczema (especially around mouth, eyes, nose, vagina, and on hands)
◦Psoriasis (A)
◦Itching in the sunlight
◦Inability to suntan (“china doll” appearance) (B6)
◦Easy sun burning (B6)
◦Brown melanin spots on skin of face and back of hands (together with Vitamin C deficiency)
◦Slow wound healing
◦Fruity body (sweat) odour
• Eyes
◦Poor night vision (Nyctalopia) (A)
◦Dry eyes (Xerophthalmia) (A)
◦Burning and itchy eyes (A)
◦Bloodshot eyes
◦Aching or tired eyes on close work or reading (A)
◦Eyestrain headache (A)
◦Inflamed eyelids (A)
◦Cracks around eyes (B6)
•Sex Reproduction
◦Underdeveloped sex organs (particularly small penis) (micro phallus)
◦Low sex drive
◦Un-gratifying sex in males
◦Reduced fertility in both sexes
◦Enlarged prostate gland in elderly
◦Delayed puberty and late onset of periods
◦Menstrual irregularities in teenagers
◦Premenstrual tension (B6)
◦Heavy menstrual bleeding (Menorrhagia) (A)
◦Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (B6)
◦Small for dates babies
◦Early or late labour
◦Prolonged labour
◦Postnatal depression (Cu)
◦Difficulty sustaining lactation
◦Lack of maternal instincts
◦All girl families
◦Congenital defects in offspring (A)
◦Failure to thrive
◦Infections and allergic illness in offspring (e.g. diarrhoea, eczema)
• Childhood and Adolescence
◦"Growing pains" in muscles and joints (Cu)
◦Hyperactivity (Cu)
◦School phobia
◦Eating dirt and strange substances (pica)
◦Behavioural problems and learning disabilities (Cu)
◦Mental retardation
◦Delinquent and antisocial behaviour (Cu)
◦Reliance on narcotics (drug abuse)
◦Slow growth leading to small stature (A)
•Mental Symptoms
◦Tension and nervousness (Cu)
◦Insomnia (Cu, B6, A)
◦Sleepiness (B6)
◦Irritability (Cu, B6)
◦Aggression (Cu)
◦Depression (Cu, B6, A)
◦Tearfulness (Cu)
◦Reduced mental alertness
◦Inability to concentrate (Cu, B6)
◦Forgetfulness and amnesia
◦Poor appetite
◦Anorexia Nervousa (Cu)
◦Craving for sweet foods (together with a vitamin B complex deficiency)
◦Poor sense of taste (Hypogeusia)
◦Sweet tooth
◦Poor sense of smell (Hyposmia) (A)
◦Poor dream recall (B6)
◦Nightmares (B6)
◦Susceptibility to infections and cancer through shrinkage of thymus
◦Infections of skin and mucous membranes (e.g. sinuses, lungs, bladder) (A)
◦Susceptibility of epithelial tissue to cancer (A)
◦Frequent colds (A)
◦Frequent cold sores
◦Cold hands and feet (poor circulation)
◦Hypothyroidism (low metabolic rate)
◦Fatigue and lack of energy (A)
◦Stuttering (Cu)
◦Tooth decay
◦Loss of bone from tooth socket and periodontal disease e.g. pyorrhoea (red and retracted gums), crowded overlapping upper incisors (narrow dental arch)
◦Fruity odour to breath
◦Slow reactions
◦Nasal polyps
◦Swelling of nasal and sinus passageways (sometimes giving rise to a swollen face and nasal twang)
◦Swelling and closure of Eustachian tubes (gives rise to middle ear infections as prevents adequate drainage)
◦Neuralgia in arms and legs (A)
◦Tingling hands (B6)
◦Numbness or cramps in arms and legs (B6)
◦Carpal tunnel syndrome (B6)
◦Anaemia (B6)
◦Reactions to monosodium glutamate (Chinese restaurant syndrome) (B6)
◦Hypoglycaemia (B6)
◦Water retention (B6)
◦Nausea, especially in morning (B6)
◦Kidney stones (calcium phosphate type) (A)
◦Emphysema (Cd)
◦High blood pressure (Cu, Cd)
◦Accelerated atherosclerosis (B6, Cd)
◦Joint pain (especially knee and hip)
◦Rheumatoid arthritis (Cu)
◦Menopausal arthritis (B6)
◦Peptic ulcers
◦Migraine (Cu)
◦Confusion in elderly and early senility (Cu)
◦Premature aging (Cu)
◦Psychosis/schizophrenia (Cu, B6)

The problem is every one of these cross references with something else, some other body problem or disease like candida.

tim1911 and m_81, which form of Zn tablet is best? I have heard that ZMA is best, because this is special formula made from Zn, Mg and B6 vitamin in right doses which work for better Zn apsorbtion. Isnt it?

Greetings, Desperado.

Chrisc you are barking up the wrong tree.

Desperado, i think its picolinate, dont over do it though or you will pay.