Yellowish semen

Can anyone relate to very stringy semen? It’s the one thing about my semen after a year and a half that still doesn’t seem normal. I have seen volume, color, and just about every other aspect of consistency improve over the last year and a half, but the one very weird constant (which I never had before dropping finasteride) is semen that sticks together… or stringy semen (really the best way I can describe it). I’ve almost seen it as a single, long, connected strand at one point. It seems that after it’s out of my system it loosens up, but always comes out this way.

Hey man,
Just read what you’ve shared about your experience with Diflucan. Same here. Besides the general worsening of my symptoms it made my sperm as white as it’s never been before. It just doesn’t look natural. Been 2 months now with no change. Did it get better for you?