Yellowish semen

you’ll start feeling better in a week or two… Try not to worry about it… if you still have sides after 4 months then you can come back here… till then… stay far away… ppl here just bring you down…

Toadstool, nobody is forcing you to visit this site. If you find the contents bother you, don’t visit. But slandering the rest of us, like its our fault you feel worse, is a bit insulting. This place exists as a forum for support around the issues we are dealing with from Finasteride use – if you don’t like that fact, don’t participate. But don’t come here and then slander the members of this site for your inability to cope with the hand you have been dealt – we’re all in the same boat.


I apologize, i’ll keep comments to myself from now on…There was no pun intended. I just dont like all the negativity. not that our situation isnt negative… I just like to stay optimistic at all times… no point in loosing faith in things.

toadstool - the thing that your doing is attempting to imply that our situation is psychosomatic by saying that thinking positively will correct the situation, which in itself is negative to this condition. yes, perhaps it is better for someone new who just quit to not analyze thread after thread on here, but to simply ignore what might be going on with them and the fact that this is a real medical issue is simply irresponsible. You do not, however, need to keep to yourself - just realize what you say before you say it.

I tried thinking positive…it’s been 8 years now…when will a solution come about? IT’S sickening…

Thanks cantsleep. Funny thing is that I don’t feel the need to urinate more often, but I feel this internal pressure. Also stools have been less brown than usual with a small chemical smell like when having stomach problems.

Have others here recovered from this? I found it amazing how from a smaller prostate and watery semen you can move in 3-4 days to an inflammed one and almost solid semen. I hope that it will get back.

My hope is related to the fact that overall I’m perfectly healthy and have been like that always.

less brown in stool would indicate a liver problem I believe… because mine is not brown either… its has a yellowish tint… not talking neon yellow or anything, but a yellowish brown if you catch my drift. Also, I noticed that I never pee in the morning… Before fin, Id always have a real nice smelly pee in the morning… now, i barely have to pee in the AM… prostate issue?? I think at least in my case, it has to do with those 2 those… Perhaps my body just isnt getting rid of those bad things that are excreted normally and its buidling up somewhere… any thoughts?

Yesterday morning had a 50% wood and yesterday evening masturbated (much easier to get erection) and sperm was normal again. This morning wood was 90%. Pain in prostate is 50% gone. It’s day 9 today so looks like I’m making some recovery.

seems like your improving like most do… its only your 7th day… I wouldnt worry to much about it…you should be back to normal in another week…

Another person with stool problems. I had mine checked out by a doc with a stool sample and it came out fine. I am constantly having stool with undigested food, yellow, orange etc etc.

ah so you arent the only one having this… I think yellow stool would indicate that you have no bile in your stomach, which would indicate that there could be something wrong with your liver, because ive read bile comes from the liver… however… i have no stomach pains ever… but I guess that is kind of normal somtimes if you have digestive issues…

yellow stool is indicative of bilrubin. Bad liver.

Indeed. I know. I’m kinda worried, but Im hoping it isnt in to bad of shape though. My crap has been yellow for sometime now… over a year… Call me stupid or whatever, but I really didnt think anything of it untill I heard someone else here talking about it…it also doesnt help that I take another medication that passes through the liver as well… but I think im going to stop taking it for now till I get some tests done. Trying to find a doc now as we speak.

My stool is still to yellowish 27 days after stopping the pill. Was better for a few days but then came back to a lighter color. I’m going to try artichoke pills, they help with liver, gall bladder and cholesterol level regulation.

Mew, are you still experiencing yellow semen?

yellow semen is from infection in prostate

Has anyone found any information out about having yellow-ish semen?

My ejaculate is very clear and watery in liquid form (unlike pre-fin days) but if the substance sticks to something (like a white piece of plastic) it will have a yellow residue when it dries. I found a little residue on a white rehabilitative device I tried a few times without any success. I have also read that this just means there may be urine present in the semen. I don’t know what the yellow color is exactly or why we may be ejaculating semen mixed with a little bit of urine.

Could be bacteria, my x used to comment that the consistency of my splooge was different pretty much everytime we had sex.

HA! Mine too!

I had a course of diflucan and that made my semen the whitest it’s ever been.