Yellowish semen

Has anyone experienced yellowish semen as a result of Finasteride use?

I’ve been off for 14 months and my semen consistency and color still has not returned to normal… its kind of all one solid color, no viscosity… and it always has a yellowish-white tint to it… like its mixed with urine.

I have read yellow semen can be a symptom of prostatitis or STD infection. I’m positive I don’t have an STD, since these changes only happened after I quit finasteride (my semen was like water while on it)…

I also recall my semen used to be creamy, pearly-white before Fin. Now it’s turned yellow-white.

Anyone experienced similar? What could this be from? How to correct?

mew, I this is an old posting, but mine is yellowish white also… and it was not prior to fin… any reason as to why?

Mine was yellowish as well. It has since turned back to white.

Did anyone also notice a strong odor to the load? I had that as well.

yes, it kinda smells like chlorine… right?

YES. Actually, depending on the day, it still has that smell to it. I’ve never noticed it before fin…

You have to wank more often. It gets thick, jelly and yellowish when it stocks up and it can happen, if you got no mood for sex.

I can’t seem to see the correlation between the smell and the amount of times I spank it. I’ve been spanking it more often lately than I have in years, and the smell just seems to come and go?

I dont think thats the reason why because I usually masterbate once a day, so its not like i go for weeks…

any comments mew?

ive had yellowish white semen prior finasteride use when i was horny as fuck

mine went from white and consistent consistency to off white/yellow and separated (lumpy and watery parts). And decreased in quantity about 2/3rds.

first mine went watery, then like jelly, then yellowy, then back to normal but I have no penis size, function or sensation to speak of. All went narrow, shrunken and retracting…and has stay that way for over 2 years now,

Apologies for going a bit off-topic and repeating this but, I just want to say I do not believe all is lost; I have seen the size issue reverse itself when I had my recovery experience.

Agreed. All is not lost. It’s not permanent. it’s just the current state you’ve been in. It can be reversed. Mine fluctuates alot these days. It can go from one state to the next within the same day. I believe the reason is neurological.

Mine is yellowish now too. Never thought much about it until I read this post.

yes its quite weird… do you any of you think it has to do with the prostate? because I think I pee less then I did prior to taking fin… Nothing feels off or anything when I do it, but It seems I do it less often… when before I thought i went a lot… im only 23…

Definitely. I believe yellow semen is a common symptom of an inflamed prostate.

Haven’t seen many on this site who have actually peed less. Most who have problems seem to have more frequent urination.

Well i’m kind of an odd ball on this site then. In that regard and others… All my side effects are most of the time mild…with glimpses of recovery…None are extremely bad side effects. I get morning erections most of the time, but they are not full… lower libidio but not totally gone…bah, I really need to go get some tests done…

Mine is also yellow and almost solid. Quit the drug 6 days ago after taking it for 15 days. Few days ago was still watery. I also feel a small pain, I definitely think my prostate is inflammated. I read this might be because of imbalance caused between androgens and estrogen. What to do to correct this?

Nothing yet. Just give it time and stay away from this site. Odds are you’ll be better within a month or so.