Would anybody in the UK like to meet in person over the summer?


Hi all,

I would be keen to meet other PFS (and similar conditions) sufferers in person, if anyone else in the UK is up for it. Having only told my immediate family about this, and with them unable to really grasp how this affects me, I think it would be helpful to connect in person with some fellow sufferers.

I am living and working in London 6 days per week, so it is hard for me to travel. However, if anyone would like to meet up in London (perhaps sometime in July?), please let me know. In the event there are people keen to meet, I will create a group message for us to organise the details (I would prefer the time and meet up location not to be published publicly).

I would completely understand if I don’t hear back from anyone, as I am sure like me many of you have told few people, and you may prefer the total anonymity of these forums.

However, if a meet up does interest you, leave a comment below (better than messaging me, because it might encourage others to also join) and I will start a group message.

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Hello, I live in London and really like this idea. I’m a sufferer from Roaccutane/Isotretinoin damage, but from what I’m learning on this forum there’s quite a lot of overlapping symptoms, so I’m sure we’d have plenty to talk about.


Absolutely @Luckydevil, anyone who has ended up here because of persistent side effects would be good to talk to, no matter what caused them. This forum is an indispensable resource, but it would just be good to have some real world friends and contacts who get this.

I’ll bump this thread up the list each day to see if we get any more takers in the coming weeks, and for anyone else in London we could even meet sooner.


This is something I’ve floated a few times. I’m in the NE of England but would travel. Unfortunately though I intend to visit my sister for some recuperation from PFS and will be out of the country during july. I’ll be back first week of Aug if that’s any good

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Jack82, awesome. Yeah, I’d be happy to meet as soon as you like, really. I work full-time but maybe we could arrange something for a weekend coming up?

As far as a bigger meetup, July, August, either is fine for me. I’ve got no plans for big holidays anytime this Summer.

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Hey @2981, August or late June would be fine by me if July doesn’t work, whichever is preferable. And I am happy to meet in London sooner @Luckydevil, maybe the weekend of June 8/9, as I will be off that whole weekend.

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Yo, guys I live in London, you can hit me anytime.


Ok I’ll be in touch :wink:


I am living in Sutton by the way, working in Central London, Leicester Square. Let me know when you have free weekend or something. Cheers


@tisho1012, so would you be able to do something on the weekend of 8th/9th June? @Jack82 is free then, and I am, so why don’t the three of us get together?


On 8th, I have to do some extra work, but on 9th I am free.


June 9th works for me. I’ll see if anyone else is keen and send out a group message early next week for us to sort out where and when. And we can meet again when @2981 is able to get down south.

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Sounds good!


Thanks lads I’ll let you have the first rendezvous then will let you know when I can get down. Cheers


I live in the North West but if I can find an affordable train fare I’d definitely be game :+1:

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Bumping this thread up the list.

If anyone is in London or nearby and wants to meet on Sunday 9 June (this weekend coming), we’ll arrange it in a group message this week.

There will be a bigger meet up in early August for those travelling from further away, to give you time to sort out getting to London.


I am in London, Sutton, at 9th I got nothing to do, so this is good idea.


I’ll be sending a group message around tomorrow for us to arrange the time and meeting place on Sunday (9th June), so if anyone else is in London or able to get there and keen to meet, let us know below or feel free to PM me.

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I am in


Yes I have PSSD and would. I live in the UK, London but can travel around the UK. For the next 3 or more weeks I am on crutches but definately after them yes I would like to meet people. Regards