Wiped out my Serotonin...resulted in Erection


2 and a half months into my recovery and I go to a music festival with my girlfriend. I consumed about .15mg of MDMA. The drug basically forces your brain to use all of its serotonin in a couple hours leaving you rather emotionally numb for a couple days, said, glum.

Well I get back from the festival and me and her take a shower together wiping off all the bodypaint from us and in the process I get a pretty strong erection like 80%, no physical stimulation whatsoever.

This is very strange because by all means that shouldnt have happened as my endocrine system is still recovering and I just blew up all my serotonin but there it was pointing towards the ceiling. Any ideas as to why this could happen?

I am in no way advocating the use of MDMA to cure or treat this problem.

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Good to have reported that in. Can we assume that that definitely wouldn’t have happened under the current circumstance?


How long after the festival? Your serotonin levels may have still be elevated from the drug use.

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We’ve taken showers together before, it does happen, but nowhere near that type of erection strength.

It was 5 hours or so after ingesting the MDMA. The only effect of the drug that I was aware of when it happened was a minor urge to grind my teeth. The actual drug high was not present.

Mbbould, you may be right that it may have still been in my system during the shower, but I would have to say MDMA is notorious for giving people stim dick and temporarily shrinking their dick so the theory of temporarily raised serotonin inducing a stronger erection through MDMA usage doesn’t seem like a valid claim. Even pre-fin I would take MDMA and there would be absolutely zero chance of getting a boner if though I was eye fucking shit out of everyone.


I think serotonin inhibits dopamine which is crucial for erections, look into stories of people who recovered through the usage of dopaminergic agents. By wiping your serotonin out you might have elevated accidentally dopamine so your brain neurons could function “properly”

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Serotonin generally inhibits sexuality.


Regarding serotonin…