Why did HCG stop working after 2 months? (Worked great at first!)

So I tried an HCG regimen of 250iu 3x per week.
I also started taking Clomid after about week 2 because I was noticing gyno beginning. I took 25mg daily and it helped keep the gyno in check

After the first month on the regimen I started to have huge improvements in erection quality. (ridiculously hard and throbbing morning wood, night wood, riding in a car wood, etc)

My libido, confidence, and overall feeling of well-being all drastically improved. I went on 2 dates and smashed both times with each of the girls still texting me now to hang out again

At approximately the 2 month mark, I crashed pretty bad. My penis shrunk big time, balls shriveled up, anxiety through the roof, depression through the roof, non existent libido, and 100% ED, I couldn’t even get semi hard

I continued with the regimen for about another week but things did not improve and I decided to quit cold turkey. It took about a week off of the regimen but I slowly returned to my pre HCG baseline (which I extremely grateful for because I was feeling BAD)

If our androgen receptors are shot as some here theorize, then why was the regimen working really really well for a month? That tells me that my androgen receptors were still (are still?) in fact working

I have also read here about people who have had some success with low dose TRT (75-125mg per week or so) and I am strongly considering trying it myself.

Is my story common for a lot of people here? For HCG to work great in the beginning only to stop working?

Thanks everybody, stay strong and know that you are loved



I’m sorry you crashed after 2 months of treatment.
I think it depends on the individual. I’m talking to one victim who takes it regularly to keep himself at 80% of what he was before he took Finasteride. Others have taken it for 6 months and then are fine. Some have taken it for a period of time, then the side effects came back and then gradually dissipated. Others, like you, crashed after a period and decided to stop. There are still a lot of different reactions to the ones I’ve just mentioned.

I really feel that it depends on the person, how they were affected by Finasteride and how their body reacts.


This is common with PFS. Lots of us (including myself) have had temporary recoveries/improvements with various substances. The truth is we need research to figure out what’s going on here.


Hey man,

Sorry the improvement stopped. This is why we need research


I felt really good after the first and second injections. After that I felt nothing and testosterone dropped to half

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Since you used Clomid with the HCG it’s hard to tell what did what.

But it’s not uncommon for people to report short term benefits that dissappear with continued treatment when using androgens.


Sorry to hear that, RunningOnHope.

I’d taken two pills of Clomid 25g EOD in Dec 21 and noticed improvements (firm erections, fuller testicles, mental sharpness, increased energy) for 5 days before ‘crashing’ hard next Friday. As per my research, this could be due to aromatization of excess Testosterone which made sense to me as my E2 bloodwork readings were higher than they were pre-Clomid.

It took me about two weeks to get back to a more tolerable ‘PFS-state’.

Just sharing my experience as it’s somewhat relatable.

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I’m just replying to say that I’m totally confused about HCG. Since I stopped fin 5 months ago I’ve not taken anything, just trying to live clean, but I wonder if I should be taking something and HCG is what I see mentioned the most. But I feel like I see so many posts like this, of people starting it and then not even mentioning it in later posts. With that said, it’s a huge relief to hear that you were able to have anything like a normal penis again. I wonder if mine has turned to collagen and there’s no muscle in there to even bring back to life.

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Hi I have just joined this forum and this is a thread that greatly interests me. I’m 38 now but been suffering side effects of Accutane since 24.

Over the last 10 years I’ve tried many different TRT protocols with liitle success. (Too much to list)

Reason this thread interests me is because HCG for 3 months this year (Nov, Dec, Jan) reversed nearly all my sides. I was getting good erections and libido, mood and motivation was good. Shrinkage was better but not reversed. The improvements just vanished in early February, which left me devastated and confused. I’m still continuing the same protocol which was prescribed by a private endocrinologist

Sustanon 70mg week
HCG 250iu M/W/F
Arimidex 0.25mg twice weekly

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That’s an interesting protocol. Keep us posted on how it goes.


Common for me bud, read my post above. I also believe receptors are fine as I was back to normal for 3 months. Strange thing was my estradiol when everything was good was 175 pmol compared to most recent 106 pmol when nothing is working.

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It’s been forever since I posted on here but I wanted to chime in. I’m still a long term lurker but I have tried pretty much everything under the sun since getting PFS in 2012 after quitting Finasteride. I was 32 then and had a healthy libido, but the effects of Finasteride were profoundly evident and persistent. Recently, I’ve tried HCG 300iu 3x a week for 6 months. It initially produced a very positive reaction, especially in erection quality. It was amazing! However the libido never truly improved, and I was left chasing “the cure” in the next round of treatments. No real long term benefits but I’ll live on crumbs until someone finally cracks “the PFS code.”




I had total reversal for 3 months, it was awesome then all the improvements just vanished like a switch had been turned off again. What exactly did HCG do for the first 3 months is the million dollar question


Thanks for chiming in Anon and Stung. My doctor prescribed me HCG 250 iu, too. Have you experienced any side effects from HCG? Thanks.

HCG can spike e2, I was getting water retention. I initially used arimidex 0.25mg (weekly) prescribed by the endo but after reading some of the A.I horror stories I switched to Calcium D Glucarate.

I have been taking HCG at the same doses for 1 month, I don’t see any improvement, however, I don’t notice any side effects either. I have only experienced nausea 1 or 2 mornings.


Can you please elaborate on that point a little…

Particularly, did your improvements vanish at the same time you switched from Anastrazole to Calcium Glucarate or was it a different time?


@FinaHope Arimidex or calcium d glucarate where not the reason my improvements stopped, I have taken both on and off for years. The point I was trying to make was that after reading some people have permanently crashed their e2 from Arimidex, great caution should be exercised when using AI’s

As I stated the reversal happened when HCG was introduced to my protocol and the improvements lasted for 3 months then the HCG stopped working for whatever reason. Hope that helps

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Did you reconstitute new HCG or kept it in the fridge? Just asking because HCG goes bad pretty quickly once you dilute it.

And many times they come in 5000 IU per bottle, but if you only use 250 EOD or whatever you’ll never use it up before it goes bad.

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