Who is actually doing the 200mg/day proviron cycle?

I read somewhere here in the forum that some guys got some kind of “tumor” in their liver from Proviron. Be careful with that stuff long term. As much as I remember it’s not cancer but could could become maybe?

Keep us updated. Congrats.

Proviron is almost not toxic for the liver at all, they would have to use for a very long time and a high dose to get liver damage.

It could have been the Proviron, or something else.

Anybody else been trying this? A user named Fairplay on the Raypeat forum had a very convincing explanation as to why a proviron protocol would help. I wish I could reach him to ask him some questions but seems like he’s gone.

He said that the proviron would be used to downregulate AR in the brain for a little and then utilize HCG after to complete the recovery.


I’m currently trying this protocol alongside continuously using low dose hCG 300IU every 3 days. I finished my first 6 week 200mg cycle last week.

Haven’t noticed anything during the cycle. Maybe felt a tiny bit worse but that could very well be placebo.

I will keep everyone updated.

By the way, I have also set up a recurring donation to the PFS Network and I encourage everyone to do the same. Research into this syndrome gives us a significantly higher chance of finding a cure than experimenting on our selves but I can’t keep going without trying something.


Thank you for posting this update, very interesting. Let us know how you feel in a couple of months after quitting everything.

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so if you look at the bayer pharma website, they even say indicated use is 1 tablet of 25mg 3x daily… for 4-6 weeks , and maintenance 1-2 tablets daily after.

I’m not sure where the 200mg protocol came from or the reason to go over double the dose of the bayer recommendation. I did 75mg a day like they say , for a few weeks. IT really helped my heart flultters and depression/ mental downs… increased libido a bit, but did nothing to help my ED and penile pain

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Yeah, hypothetically speaking the high dose should down regulate the androgen receptors.

As I’ve posted before: Proviron has been studied in way higher dosages (450mg for 6 weeks), without reports of serious adverse effects. See the study by Itil et al. 1984 PMID: 6431212. Remember though: This does not mean there’s no risk at all. Maybe some people do get serious side effects (look at finasteride…).

There have been two reports by “Pal” and “Rebelwithacause” claiming recovery after 6-7 week use of proviron. Pal did one cycle and experienced sudden improvement 8 weeks after quitting. Rebel recommends cycling proviron for 6 weeks besides B vitamin, minerals, a diet with meat and cardio exercise daily.

ok. where I am proviron is 50 tablets, 25mg tablets for 90$, so taking 400mg a day 6 weeks is like 16 tabs, so 1 pack of 50 will lsat me 3.5 days lol thats quite expensive!

You can also use Masteron. It’s the injectable version of proviron and has some advantages. Proviron has a low bio availabilty compared to masteron.

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how do you think about primobolan? oral or injectable version? is masteron safe to take or need to take T with it also?

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Yes primo could work but I think Masteron or proviron are superior. Anavar is another alternative and I’ve even found recovery stories with anavar.

I think it’s best to take it with T but it depends on your hormone levels. But you should also ask this on the steroid forums, they know more than me.

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Happy new year (hopefully)!

I am about to run a cycle of Test (trt dose, 100-125mg/wk) + Masteron @ 200-300 mg/wk…might throw in 50mg Proviron just because I have it left over from a previous cycle.

I’m a modest responder to testosterone - some good effects, some bad. At doses higher than only 60mg/wk, all the negative E2-type sides start to outweigh the androgenic benefits. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I’m hoping that the Mast allows me run a higher dose than usual without getting all the ridiculous bloating and hypertension effects from E2 going above the middle of the range. Of course the ultimate goal will be desensitizing the receptors in all the affected tissues, in order to reach an improved baseline afterwards (like Proviron did).


Very interesting trial.

I’ve been questioning myself the following. What would be the reason to use testosteron as well in our case? Why not just use Masteron only?

When trying to build muscle testosteron is the main ingredient, but in our case it’s the masteron.

What do you guys think?

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Well…this isn’t medical advice, but two reasons:

  1. Masteron, like most AAS, is suppressive; and
  2. Masteron opposes the effects of estrogen.

So one could very easily end up with being shut-down, plus lacking estrogen effects which would be extremely miserable.

That’s why any experiment like this (on your lab rat) include at least a TRT-dose of Test to go along with the Mast. PCT to follow…unless there is a need to stay on the TRT long term.

I’m using the combo because I want to blitz the receptors with a shit-ton of androgens. And since my body-in it’s PFS state-can’t handle very much testosterone, I’m using Mast to hopefully lend a hand.


this is are interesting. I want to mention my case of hard flaccid and pfs, i was on T already, 200mg/week and still dut got me hard flaccid and ED. I even switch to propionate and started doing 350/week and continued to have ED but my E2 was controlled. Do you think T alone is not strong enough to activate the receptor, but DHT derivative is required?

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I don’t know. It seems to depend on the person and maybe even the tissues affected. For some guys, high/bodybuilder doses of T alone have activated the receptors (IMO, this seems to be the most dangerous approach). Others have done this with DHT compounds alone (also sort of risky, but for other reasons…stated in my last post). Some guys seem to recover with a combination of T and DHT (most logical approach…), and others unfortunately won’t be able activate the receptors with any exogenous androgens…or even get worse.

In your case, you’re already on a higher than trt dose of T, so it’s possible that a DHT derivative could help you activate. But I think if you added a strong DHT compound to the mix, you may need to have your E2 slightly higher to provide a buffer for it’s anti-E2 effects.

I’m also starting to wonder if my inability to handle larger doses of testosterone is due to the Cypionate/Enanthate versions of it. Whenever my E2 goes above the middle of the range, I start getting all the symptoms of high E2…nothing but bloating and high blood pressure. If the addition of DHT compounds don’t fix this, I think I will be trying the propionate instead. You aren’t the only one I’ve read about having much better E2 control with the propionate version.


It’s all about how often you pin.

If you pin daily you’re E2 won’t spike even if using a slower ester.

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