Who is actually doing the 200mg/day proviron cycle?

As the title says, is there anyone that has done or is doing the full Pal protocol.
That is the 200mg/day proviron for 6 weeks.
So far as I can see everyone is experimenting a bit wit different dosages and tapering up or down, but that’s not according to the protocol so we can’t say for sure if it works or not.

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Im doing 2 grams a day. Is costing me a fortune. But is worth it because that guy said it worked so im trusting my health on him, sure he has my best interest in mind. What a nice dude

Are you doing just Proviron? or TRT ?

He’s trolling


If I do it, I would take every 8 hours I want to have the AR under pressure constantly as opposite to finasteride. Because half life is very low woth proviron.


Such a shame. A stupid poison like finasteride has long lasting effects while an important hormonal drug like proviron dht lasts only few hrs.


Yeah but differentiate between a drugs half life, and the permanent side effects.

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I am - although your OP says 6 weeks, pal in fact took it for 7 weeks.

I’m doing pal’s exact cycle. I already replied to you in the other thread so you’ll know already, but showing my hand here too.


I also did the full protocol. I’m 4 weeks off at this point. Brain fog seems better and libido seems lower at the moment. I don’t think this will cure me to be honest. I’m not sure if multiple cycles may be required in my case but who knows. I’ll do an update in 4 weeks.


Think it’ll be interesting if used it with tribulus , what do you think ? @Chapman

Instead of being sacastic, you could try it.

Or do you think time will still heal you after 15 years of pfs?

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What if it permanently destroys our estrogen!! What if it causes any suppression? I am really desperate to do it but really afraid.


Read about it. Proviron is one of the “safest” AAS out there.

You can all watch me if you like. 3 weeks left then I sit for two months.

If your old mate Jin really cops it you’ll know not to try it.


What are its effects on estrogen? Does it work like those scary aromatase inhibitors?

Jin, do u take 200mg at one go or u divide it throughout the day? Suppose my strip is of 25 mgs, should i take 8 tablets at one time?

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No, it does not work like an AI. I’m super sensitive to AI’s - even at tiny doses, they completely disable me with malaise/fatigue. However, I took Proviron @ 50-200mg, and felt no estrogen lowering effects. My E2 stays in the mid-20s (8-42). There were times after tapering up the doses when I felt like it was possibly crashing my estrogen, but that feeling always faded away as my body adjusted.

I always divided my doses up AM/PM - just made more sense to me from a # of pills perspective and considering the half life of approx.12hours.

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I’m two weeks post-protocol. Libido is definitely lower, but ATM I’m much better in non-sexual aspects like energy, libido, body comp, and body temp.


Sounds great. I have read some really horror stories on AIs. Definitely dangerous. Are u feeling the hormonal pump now? I mean, do u feel ur testosterone now? If u had that AR silencing. I don’t feel any testosterone in my receptors. Did u have the same problem?

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