Who fully recovered or recovering from numbness

it is one of the major issues for me along with ED and Libido. Anyone got better with time i need some reassurance


Hey Sunny,

Did you ever recover from numbness?

No dear, still struggling with it,
However it has increased sex duration, which can be an upside.

Is it like totally numb, no sensation at all with touch or cold/hot?

holy fuck , almost 4 years and no improvement?
Come on man , give us some hope.

How long did you take Fin for?
What is the state of your sexual issues at the moment?

I took fin for a month or two, with varying doses 0.25 - 1 mg to topical microdossing.
All doses gave me side effects, mostly sensitive nipples.
One day I woke up with less feeling in my penis, I stopped immediately, side effects worsened. Hard flaccid and numbness being the worst followed by ED and lowered libido & tinnitus.
Over the years hard flaccid went away, erection are slightly better or maybe I get used to them. But numbness , tinnitus & lower libido remain the same. Very annoying.

7 years and counting with near total numbness. It doesn’t go away by itself. It’s only going to go away once we have satisfied the preconditions for scientists to investigate our condition (i.e., once enough people know about PFS that it gets studied and we know what it is). Hoping that PFS will go away by itself or by taking random substances makes as much sense as hoping that terminal cancer will just go away by itself or by eating the right herbs/vitamins/magic potions.

I did!

How long did you have numbness for and are you certain that you had PFS rather than temporary side effects of the drug or a different health condition with the same symptoms such as depression, hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, etc?

I might not have complete numbness but like a significant decrease of it. It started to come back online at the 10-12 month mark of PFS. Note that still my sensitivity isnt completely as pre-fin, but is at a degree I can live with.
Then at 12-14th month mark i started to regain orgasm pleasure / satisfaction after ejacuate, as well as my semen quality started to get thicker again and wasnt too few and watery.

Now I’m still left with reduced penile size when flaccid and shrunken testicles. And of course, really low libido still…

Great to hear your case might be livable. Sounds like you might be able to function sexually and therefore be able to have a family and children. Just for the sake of planning, I would not recommend assuming you will see further improvement. One of the tragedies of this condition is that wishful thinking and false hope in community can give people the idea that they can wait for things to eventually get better rather than focusing on moving past the problems to the best of their ability. I would recommend trying to proceed in your romantic life best you can and not wait for anything that will probably never arrive. The earlier you accept that PFS is incurable until more research starts happening, the better your odds of being able to lead a happy life.

I honestly and deeply disagree with your attitude towards this disease. Accepting a condition means you are taking no action to attempt to improve which is more harmful than rejecting “false hope”.

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I was saying the opposite. I was saying to face that it might not get better and forge forward with living best life you can as soon as possible rather than investing future in potentially false hope.

I appreciate it, but what i mean is not to accept it that it might not get better, but rather tryin hard day-by-day to improve. Do be able to try, you must believe that improvement is possible and will most probably occur…like it did for many with PFS

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You absolutely have the right attitude @andras33

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I think we all agree that having a positive attitude is critical to success in nearly everything as well as that people should always keep trying to get better. Not clear on where the difference is. I trust you don’t consider taking meme herbs, pills, and injections that never work to be trying to get better. I do think that that is counterproductive both because it makes a lot of peoples’ conditions worse and because it’s an emotional roller coaster of false hope and gutting disappointment.

Except for the times when they actually work.


People should research carefully before taking anything on others advise here.

But what we disagree upon is I am saying that this condition is absolutely treatable if you find the proper protocol to improve yourself like so many did on pfs. You rather sound like there is no cure nor hope within our lifetime and make the best out of the crap PFS offers, which is a dangerous approach imo

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One week after stopping Fin numbnes and shrinkage have gone away. Flavid Penis returned to old shape, erections increase to 80 %. I thought about total Recovery, but than nothing. Even decrease of erection. I’m afraid all the time another crash resets all.
My nightmare just started up six weeks ago, allthough I seem I have not aquiriert the worst symptomes up to now.
Sorry I’m on panic! What have I done, talking this pills!
The sideeffects I read.

I haven’t seen any credible recoveries from PFS here. In 15 years. However, I think that a therapy will be possible as soon as a serious research effort starts. No one even knows what PFS is right now. It’s just something depressing guys talk about among themselves on internet forums. As long as that remains the case, our prospects for recovery will remain the same. All this is is common sense.

To you apparently that’s depressing. To me there’s a whole new world of opportunity and near certain cure just waiting right there for us, if community would only just pull head out of ass and focus on doing what needs to get done to facilitate research.