Where to get andractim


I have a doctor willing to prescribe andractim outside of the states, but does anyone know where I can have her sensd it to? I need a place that will be ok shipping into the USA. Thanks.




I used to buy it from Belgium, but they aren’t selling it any longer there. If you google, you will probably find some online pharmacies in Europe that will ship to the US, however the shipping costs will be huge.

My experience with Andractim was very bad, and I am not the only one. Why do you believe that this is going to help you?


Because I didnt suffer penile shrinkage, I can still orgasm multiple times a day. As far as sexual sides go, i really only lost sensitivity in my glans penis, lost psychogenic erections, and lost some pleasure from orgasm. Essentially, I would just be taking dht to restore sensation in penis. Furthermore, I only took fin for six days in November. I took topical spironolactone for two months, and my insomnia and most symptoms only really started after ceasing to use the spironolactone. Actually, I don’t recall having sleep issues at all whatsoever until i stopped the spironolactone on march 3rd. A couple days after stopping, I had complete insomnia for 1-2 weeks, which slowly lessened to me now being able to sleep for 6 hours in a row on my best nights, but never more. I noticed erectile sensitivity loss gradually while on the spironolactone, but since i did my 6 day fin stint in mid november, and started spiro a couple weeks after, i’m not sure which caused my sides. But the timing of the insomnia Gives me hope that it is the spironolactone. So i’m hoping the fact that for me the sides might be from spironolactone may allow me to use dht. That, and again, the fact that I didn’t suffer shrinkage- just loss of sensation, and a soft glans even when the rest of my penis is erect.


Okay, you’re definitely what I would call a “mild case”. I very much hope that you can get Andractim and give it a try. Based on the little that we know and what I believe is the mechanism is, I would expect your sensitivity to get worse when applying DHT (by whatever delivery). But if you’re lucky, maybe the contrary will be true because, as said, you’re such a mild case (or I am wrong). Anyhow, yours would be a great test to help us validate what is going on here. I think it is worth a try and having taken Andractim myself, I would expect any potential negative effects to resolve after quitting it.

Please keep us posted.


Wow, we are really alike. Do you also experience low semen volume? Semen volume is my main symptom. I don’t have any sensivity problems. I have low semen volume, morning wood loss and weak orgasms. Nothing helped me so far. Its been 4 years. (Accutane).


Low semen volume seems to be a thing, but I really am not positive of that symptom. It also seems to come back somewhat when I refrain from masturbation for a few days.


How did you manage to get the Andractim yourself by the way? I would be thrilled to keep you posted.


At some Belgian mail order pharmacy, but this was back around 2008. I checked if I could still find them when I saw your topic, but they seem to be gone. If you google you’ll find shops that still sell Andractim.


Can you help me out? I’ve been googling for days now but I only see generic dht gels, and i haven’t seen studies backing those up, nor do i trust their efficacy/composition. I’d rather use the andractim, as that is what restored sexual function in the rat studies I saw.


I’ll add the connection between my brain and penis is only getting worse and worse. I have basically no pleasurable sensation from my penis at all, dont get hard at all when i think about fucking an attractive girl, but i can still get hard and ejaculate. I just want to be able to enjoy sex again, as opposed to getting the slightest bit of pleasure only when I orgasm- nothing compared to what it was before.


Update: I’m taking a trip to visit copenhagen, and ordered andractim DHT GEL 2.5% from mcentic.com to ship to copenhagen while i’m there. Any advice on how to apply is appreciated— As of now i plan on applying it to my shaft, mainly the glans where i’ve lost most sensitivity.

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I would perhaps start off by applying it to your stomach or something, to see if you can feel any effect from the resulting higher circulating levels of DHT. If your sensitivity already would get worse that way, then you know you’re not on the right path. And of course vice versa. Wishing you good luck in any case.


Thanks, it arrives june 10. I just want to get erect when I knownI should be turned on. Instead I have the skin on my sack and glans just feeling cold to the touch. Dont even feel when things rub against it, and they don’t have any feeling throughout my day. I only know theyre still there when i reach down and touch it. And it still doesnt change. Like im pretty sure i remember my penis getting half chub and going back down pretty normally throughout the day. I’m really hoping this can somehow lead to my penis feeling normal again


Any updates regarding your trial with Andractim?


Having trouble with shipping. Ordered through mcentic, and they said they shipped it but i havent gotten it yet, and they stopped answering my emails. Very upsetting. May have to call my bank and get a refund.


Andractim est disponible en France.


What does that mean in english?


This is where I got it guys ^
They are selling it again soon.


Wow thanks, very helpful. Not that i doubt you but anyway to verify the product?