Where is the Harvard Baylor study?

It was released last month but I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone link it to me please? Thank you.

Harvard (Brigham Women’s Hospital) and Baylor are two separate studies.

The BWH study found normal hormone levels in the blood of PFS patients, fMRI results that are consistent with what they call “psychogenic ED”, took biopsies from tissue (back skin) that isn’t necessarily affected by PFS, and didn’t bother to report in the article which genes were differentially expressed in the biopsies from PFS patients.

The following post contains discussion and a link to Part 1 of the Baylor study:

Part 2 is still pending…


the rumor got “Corrected” to November as the deadline month

And then it seemed that they were still working on the epigenetics interpretation and outsourced it to the University of Utah.

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That information was out of context

Doesn’t tell us when that was outsourced and when it ends

Do you know where I might be able to find more info about that?

No, I don’t.

I just hope that the part 2 would be something long and benefical. Because we already knew the things in the part 1. I hope part 2 would deliver the real deal.

I thought september was deadline???

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That turned out to be just a rumor started by someone who later apologized for misinterpreting emails from the PFSF and Dr. Khera.

I think many of us have moved beyond keeping our fingers crossed to the point of believing it will be published only after/if it is published, regardless of what is said concerning the study.