Where are all the old members?


Where have all the old members gone guys
Does anyone know ?

Ive tried Contacting a few of them with similar issues to mine but only one or two have got back to me and even then no real answers came of it.


This question is asked sporadically:


i mean there were 59
suicides. hopefully not but could be the case…


I don’t know guys its like they just fall off the planet…
I’m coming to the conclusion that they either

1/ Seek medical help and things resolve
2/ learn to accept things are what they are
3/ Give up totally and just live a miserable life

Their has been a few from the UK that have gone public but even these guys don’t reply to my emails.


Thanks scotsman
I see I’m not the only one thinking this .


you mean paul and kevin malley? is kevin malley actually registered here?


I’m not sure about Kevin but Paul I’m certain that this is his profile

I’ve tried to contact him through pm via this forum and through his website propeciasideeffects.co.uk

I’ve had zero replies


ah ok thank you ! maybe merck made him silenced. wouldnt be the first time (vioxx) . going public is maybe not the best idea


I don’t know mate
With just a quick search

With a quick search It’s easy to see that a few have gone public in the UK but still no answers at all
Just the same old story.
It really puts a downer on things when your on the same situation yourself.


hmm really fucked up. im wondering how old people like awor are. the top members of this site


Another one from the UK


I can probably do this all day but I have to do the thing that I’ve been doing for years now
Pretend that this hasn’t happened to me and go run along to work in order to earn a living for myself and family as to pay for more everything in life i.e bills food petrol clothes etc … Oh and lets not forget to put viagra on the shopping list or their will be no sex at Christmas…


That’s a good question mate how old are they ???


I think second_amendment is Kevin Malley, not 100% certain though.


Cheers mate its another door to knock in the Never ending search for answers.

Personally I think we need these people back even if only to give an update on their situation. Their experience is valuable and they may have some answers to things that we are all going around in circles bottom line is these guys are the veterans.
I myself have been in this situation for years but after trying protocols diets hormone drugs etc gave up accepted my fait put up with short term memory problems anxiety and depression and used viagra to overcome the sexual issues. Ignoring things isn’t the answer but when doors keep closing and everything you try doesn’t seem to help what else can you do.


Yeah, I believe that he is. He’s also got a lot of knowledge when it comes to Merck’s initial complicity when getting this drug to market. I am presuming that sometimes guys who have risen to the challenge and really pushed themselves to the forefront of public awareness reach a point where they probably need to step back and recalibrate. I appreciate that it would be helpful to hear from “veterans”, but again, maybe for their own personal healing and for want of trying to live their lives, they may have had to disengage.


It’s a good point.

All the same, I hope that if any lapsed posters are reading this, that they’d be prepared to give an update, let us know how they’re getting on and most importantly join our community projects.


Very good point
I dont think i could even start to imagine how much of an emotional drain the whole thing would of been for these guys i have amazing respect for them they went all the way .
I don’t blame them for not getting involved any further they have already done everything they can do I sincerely hope that they have found peace and happiness in life.


Yep i’d even add the fourth as suicide, as someone may give up trying to fight this having explored options that just haven’t worked. For those that have genuinely recovered or have improved to a better state that they can live a normal life, I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to turn their backs on this site and everything PFS related though,