What should I test to see if I still have PFS?


I went to my doc last week and told him about PFS. He did not believe me. I told him that its a real thing and that PFS is even mentioned on Wikipedia. So he checked Wikipedia and agreed to get some things tested.

We agreed on DHEA, DHT (if thats possible), Testosteron, Estrogen. What else should be tested to confirm that I still have PFS? I guess androgen receptors can not be tested?

So I can really say ok its PFS or if not, its due to my messed up gut health or some PTSD. Mainly brain fog and almost no memory. Also I feel like I dont have a personality anymore. I don´t know who I am. I have no goals. I have a complete mess in my head and no more system. I read a book and the next day I don´t remember anything from it. Today I say “ok I will change this and that in my life” and tomorrow I don´t even remember that anymore. And my anxiety went up as hell. And my behaviours and personality changed. I feel and act like a children most of the time. I feel like I am 5 years old. I am scared and have so much anxiety when I go out of the house. I guess Fin started social anxiety and in 2012 it exploded. I do so much stuff to confront my fears. I approach even girls. But it never gets any better. What I achieve on one day is erased on the next day. I was always an partly introvert guy but never had anxiety when I was social.

This all started in 2012 after my health gone down to hell. I smoked some weed (first time in life) in 2012 and ended up in a hospital because of a bad trip. A voice in my head told me to kill myself for hours. I think there all started. Maybe it messed up my brain? Maybe some dopamine/serotonine problems? But during that time I also had a heavy flu and my pancreas stopped producing diggestive enzymes. Ever since I have gut inflammation and histamine issues. Food intolerance. I think that mentioned voice started to subconsciously control me and became a part of my personality. And I can hear that voice criticizing me all the time when I am social. Telling me that I am worthless, piece of shit, loser etc.

I quit fin in 2005. I don´t remember much how it was after I stopped because I figured out that PFS is a thing just about 5 months ago. I only remember that my Libido was pretty low after quitting fin. Sometimes its pretty ok. Sometimes its not there for 2 weeks. But I still had a personality and even though I was anxious and not a social bomb, I was not that scared to go out of the house.

Based on your title - the test is asking if you have PFS and you passed.

If you aren’t sure you have it, you are all good.

Don’t touch any 5ARIs. Have a nice live. Donate to PFS research so if you crash again you’ll have a treatment.

Sounds like you do, see if you can see one of the docs that are familiar with PFS.

I am not sure. For example last year I recovered for 6 months. I was horny as hell, brain fog and depression was gone. How did I do it? Supplement wise I did B12 injections, took folic acid and Borax.

On the psychological side, I started living. I started to be aggressive and stopped being a nice guy. I started to enjoy having sex and be more dominant. And I stopped fapping. Why? Because I had a GF for 1 1/2 years and I did not wanted to much have sex with her. Maybe once a week. And that only because she wanted it so bad. So of course the day came where she fucked another guy.

That was a breaking point in my life. So I decided to live. And I recovered. But now I started to take some supplements to heal the gut. And it includes some 5ARIs like goldenseal, allicin and milk thistle. Yet I want to go through this to get rid of the candida and dysbiosis I have since I took Accutane.

I live in Germany, impossible to find a doctor here who knows about PFS. One doctor I saw last week did not even knew what DHT is.


You can’t touch that stuff ever again. None of it.

I would think that if you’re in a position where you recovered before, that there’s a good chance that you’ll get back to that place again - as long as you are careful to avoid 5ARIs.

Do you have erectile dysfunction? If you have erectile dysfunction, seek examination. This is the only way physical evidence exists.

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At the beginning I had problems but now my libido is coming back, even though I still use the stuff.

And also to answer @synetic s question, thankfully I only had problems to get hard during the time I took fin. In 99% of the times I get hard. About 80-90% hard. But never as hard as on viagra or like it was before fin. I mean really like a rock. I am 38. Might be normal? In 1% of the cases I dont get hard. That happens when I am too nervous (super super hot girl) and my anxiety kicks in. Usually I have a boner all night during sleep and wake up hard.

But I feel that my prostata is still inflammated. Also other organs. I have several chronic inflammation. I think I have leaky gut, wich leads to inflammation.

At the moment most things seem ok. But sometimes I have a feeling that pfs is a thing. Or it’s psychological.

For example my libido is ok ish but pre fin I was horny as hell. Now I can easily stay without sex or an orgasm a month. I mean there is still some pfs going on. Or it’s psychological. I have a friend who is in my age and he is horny 24/7. Has sex 5 times a day and is still going crazy when he sees a hot chick. Everybody is different yes. But I was mostly like him pre fin.

I think consistent morning wood + libido means your cured

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Sorry, I don’t understand, you recovered for 6 months but then you decided you wanted to take some supplements for gut and you lost your libido again?

Pretty much. I had good libido and a sharp mind from September 2018 to April 2019. But my digestion was still a mess. I lost 10Kg in 2012 from gut inflammation and never healed and gained them back. I am pretty bad underweight and skinny. So I decided to do something. I took Allicin and crashed. Brain fog started and Libido gone away. It recovered, crashed again when I took Fluconazol.

Of course I dont know if thats a Fin crash or just a normal crash. Because I read that the libido is also connected to gut health. People with gut inflammation have also low libido, brain fog, depression and all the typical PFS symptoms besides ED.

Why don’t you just take borax Again?

I take it sometimes but honestly I forget it often.

A little update. I found a new girlfriend on January 1st. After 5 dates we had sex. But I was horny af already on the 1st date. After the 5th date we had sex 3-4 times a day. And every time I was damn horny. My dick was hard as stone. She really made me horny. Sometimes even 10 minutes after I came I had a boner again and we had sex.

But 2 days ago I had some kind of crash. I dont know what happened. I would not call it a Fin crash. I guess more psychological. I dont enjoy the sex with her anymore as I did before. The mind changed out of nowhere. Yesterday during sex I lost my erection and could not feel any sensivity around my dick. Had a weird ejaculation. Today was a bit better. Came in the morning. But now, when she touches my dick, I only want she leave me alone…

I hope I get over this soon. Because I was having the best sex of my life with her.

Btw. I started taking bioidentical Progesterone 4 weeks ago. Just 5-10mg daily as a cream. Together with 25mg DHEA and 10mg Pregnenolone. I really felt like a man again. But for 2 days now some shift happened. And I hope it will get better soon. I am currently in Thailand. I have a histamine intolerance. And its impossible to eat histamine free here. I possibly ate something wrong 3-4 days ago wich hit my body and brain hard.

My thinking etc. everything improved. But for 2 days, together with the sexual problems, my mental problems came back. I have this blocked thinking. And brain fog.

I recently had a big setback when I used a shower gel made with teatree oil.

It’s entirely possible that you’ve done something similar, unfortunately.

I am optimistic that I’ll get back to where I was and a week later, things have got a little better, I’d be optimistic that the same could happen for you.

Greek, I believe tee tree oil could be a 5alpha reductase inhibitor as its also used for hair loss purposes.

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Yeah, you are correct. I hadn’t heard of it, I noted that in a topic on the subject a couple of days ago.

Original Source, if you need something to add to your avoid list.

I have these ups and downs at the moment. Couple days I am horny AF and can have sex 3-4 times a day. Then I have a phase where I dont want to see a pussy. Wich is becoming more and more a problem. Its been for this now for a week. And my GF wants sex twice a day. As a men you can not show weakness and have to fuck her, no matter what.

But I am really struggling to get a boner. And if I get a boner, it simply goes down during sex. Its a pretty destructive feeling. Also because the girl is 23 and I am 38. She complains all the time that my dick going down and is not good etc. I play it down by saying that its normal sometimes etc. But it stresses me that my dick goes down during sex. I have some Viagra here but it gives me headaches as hell the next day so I try to overcome this phase until my libido comes back. Yes, sounds not like the best girl for me. But I see it as fun and joy with her. Nothing serious. Otherwise I would have say good bye already.

I started taking Zinc again 6 weeks ago. But everything was fine until last week. I had rock solid boners the last 5 weeks. My dick was really as hard as stone. I will stop taking Zinc again. But I can not imagine that its the Zinc that makes this. Even though its an 5ar inhibitor.

Another thing is, my gut biome is messed up ever since I took Accutane 23 years ago. And with Fin it got even worse. In 2012 I guess I picked up a parasite on the Canary Islands. Ever since my life is hell. I react to pretty much every food. I am currently in Thailand and can not eat anything anymore without inflammation.

I bought me some stuff to kill those parasites once and for all. Tinidazole 5 days. Then an Antibiotic. And later Albendazole. I tried to kill these parasites with herbals for 7 years now. Nothing ever helped. I wasted 5 figures on doctors, supplements and herbs. Now I go the antibiotics route. If that will not change a thing, I will do a stool transplant. It looks like it is superb for people with gut inflammation. And I am sure Accutane and Fin messed up our gut biome. If that will be corrected, the body will start to work again.

How do you know you have parasites?

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Now it’s good again. Really weird. As if I have phases of PFS days and then I am good again.

The days with a soft boner I also had cold sweating as hell. Same as 14 years ago, when I started Finasteride. Maybe if I take a 5ar inhibitor it really takes me back to the old days. I stopped taking zinc and copper 3 days ago and things are okish now again.