What can you do to bring down Prolactin


Dostinex/Cabergoline (same thing) is the best

Take 0.25mg twice a week for 2 weeks and that should be enough.


I am definitely going to try dostinex next. Just gotta find the cheapest supply in the UK.


I have taken 0.5 mg Dostinex 2 nights ago. Today, when i saw a hot woman on the street, I was excited like i did when i was a teenager. Your heart beats like crazy. I will continue taking Dostinex for 2 weeks. My regimen is: taking 0.5 mg Dostinex, 2 times a week, before sleep. I will inform you guys about its effects.

Warning Regarding Aromatise Enzyme Inhibitors.

from what Ive read its very potent stuff… be careful.


Anyone else on cabergoline? I am thinking of buying Cabgolin (same thing) because it is cheap for me to get here in the UK!


I’ve found out I have high prolactin too. In the past it has been fine but it has gone up over the last few months first to 600 now to 771. The upper end of the range is 450. Can’t remember the units of the top of my head.

Thinking about starting quinagolide to get it down. Its a bit more expensive than cabergoline but it is a non-ergot derivative and therefore is a little bit safer.

I would also recommend abstaining from masturbation for a while as orgasm gives a rapid increase in prolactin. It is one of the things responsible for the refractory period after sex.



Effect of prolactin on vitamin D metabolism

The effect of ovine prolactin on the renal 25-hydroxycholecalciferol-1-hydroxylase was studied in the chick. Prolactin was found to increase the activity of this enzyme in both long-term and short-term experiments. In the long term, 7 days treatment with prolactin caused a marked stimulation of the 1-hydroxylase activity, however this effect was only seen when the enzyme was assayed 2–3 hours after the final injection of prolactin. A single subcutaneous injection of prolactin was also effective in increasing the 1-hydroxylase activity, this effect was maximal at one hour and had largely disappeared 3 hours after prolactin administration.

So increased prolactin can increase the rate of vitamin D metabolism.


Anyone heard of this new supplement “Cabergolean”?

Here’s a vid about it: Link

Here’s a write-up: Link

I cant purchase the real stuff - dostinex - (no one ships to Cda) unfortunately.


Interesting… Right in my home town… perhaps Ill pick some up… Suppose to be way more potent then L-argintine, and that stuff really gives me a boost in my workouts as it is…


Cabergoline is not a new drug by any means. Been around since 85’.

I think some members here have had some, although minimal, benefits from taking it. There are several threads where it has been discussed.


You clearly didnt read…


Sorry for the bump. Did anyone give Mucuna Pruriens a go?


This is what I’m talking about sir :slight_smile: