What can you do to bring down Prolactin

I have had a scan done due to a high prolactin level. The scan came back normal. I then took a another blood test and my levels came back normal. But at the highest part of the range. Currently I am having a problem with my prostate producing semen. Very little productivity and almost no volume. I feel that that the higher prolactin level is hurting my libido and recovery after sex. Does anybody know what I could take to keep my prolactin down? Is Tyrosine effective or should I go for a more more powerful drug?

Cabergoline will do that. Take it only under doctor supervision and at a VERY low dose. Cabergoline is extremely potent and it takes as little as a half a 1mg Tablet a week to get an almost complete suppression. You may even want to start at 0.5mg per 14 days. Also, beware that Cabergoline can persistently lower your prolactin levels, meaning that PR potentially won’t restore to baseline even months after treatment (sound familiar?). It may improve your symptoms, but high prolactin is not the root cause.

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Raising your dopamine will lower Prolactin. So try the usual suspects like Tyrosine, L-dopa etc…

I have been having an issue with my prolactin levels. When I first had it tested it, a while back, it was over the range, so my doctor sent me for a brain scan. They found nothing wrong. After the scan I took another test, it was just barely within range. I just took another test and it was out of range, it was 32.8 on a range of 4.0-15.2. I feel that if i was to bring down my prolactin levels, it would help with my libido and how I feel. Does anybody know what would be the best course of treatment to bring it down? I know there is a drug that could bring it down, but is it still prescribed if you don’t have a pitutary tumor? Can wellbutrin lower your prolactin levels?

Answers to your question have already been given above. You may also consider Mucuna Pruriens, a natural supplement containing L-DOPA (often given to Parkinson’s patients). Be aware that this can be very powerful and have side effects depending on dosage.

Also, you could consider Fava Beans (contains L-Dopa), however note safety issues (2nd post): viewtopic.php?f=23&t=168&hilit=dopa

Mew, do you know if wellbutrin will lower prolactin?..since it raises dopamine.

Can anthing else besides a tumor, cause prolactin to be high? Since propecia makes our androgen receptors insensitve to test, could there not be an inbalance at the receptors, causing other hormones, like prolactin, to be more dominant at the site, since there is not test to block it? Could this be a cause, opposed to a tumor? I see a new endo next week, because my current endo does not see a problem with my prolactin levels. Here are the full results, including test and vitamin D, of my recent test:

Test: 544 Range:280-800
Free test: 14 8.7-25.1
Vitamin D: 60 32-100 ( brought this up from 16 by taking 6000iu a day )
Prolactin: 32.8 4-15.2

I really don’t think its a tumor… my prolactin is high 15.24(4-15.2). but yours is crazy high…idk what to make of it…


Have you been tested for celiacs disease?

“Hyperprolactinaemia is seen in 25% of coeliac patients, which causes impotence and loss of libido”


Im not saying this is the root of your problem but it could be adding further complication

There’s a published report where a Finasteride user ended up with elevated prolactin (~ 25) which did not go down after quitting the drug. Sounds similar to what may be occuring here. Those with prolactinomas (pituitary tumor) usually find their prolactin in the 100s, if not 1000s above range – yours is nowhere near that.

Do you have this report or know why this happens?

Report attached

Being that it is probably not a tumor, should I still tell the endo that i want to be treated with dostinex?

That’s up to you. Do your research. Or consider natural supplements beforehand if you want to try. You need to monitor your levels with bloodwork though.

Mew do you have any info on the exact mechinism behind raised and continued high prolactin associated with fin use. Its not unheard of but slightly rare, maybe 1 in every 20-30 pfs guys, somewhere around there?

Tim, my guess would be as follows:

  1. Finasteride is documented to alter the androgen/estrogen ratio to be in favor of estrogen: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=185 . This is due to Finasteride’s inhibition of 5AR2/DHT – Testosterone can no longer convert to DHT, so it aromatizes to Estradiol instead – hence a shift in the T/E ratio towards estrogen, increased estrogen levels, male breast development, fat gain, feminizing body effects etc.

  2. Elevated estrogen levels have been documented to increase Prolactin levels:

  1. There are guys here who have ended up with hypothyroidism during/after Finasteride use. Elevated prolactin as a result of hypothyroidism/elevated TSH can occur, as noted in screenshot below and viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1093

It would therefore seem plausible that the increase in estrogen levels which have been documented to occur from Finasteride use, may also impact and promote increased Prolactin secretion, as noted in the report and by others anecdotally through their own blood tests. Hypothyroidism may further contribute to the issue.

Additionally, as Prolactin also exerts negative feedback on the hypothalamus-pituitary axis, elevated levels may cause decreased Testosterone production, loss of libido, breast development and erectile dysfunction. If Prolactin is elevated, it would make sense to bring it down (note 5 ng/ml as standard in men in screenshot below) to see if it leads to improvement in Post-Finasteride symptoms/increased Testosterone production etc.

Oh yeah i agree that you got to try to bring it down to see if thats the problem for you.
And all your presented info is good and relevent and shows perfectly logically why prolactin would and could be elevated.
It seems interesting to me though that only some, well very few get hit with the high prolactin. I just have a feeling there is an added complication in there for these men with high prolactin, im not saying its celiacs but if i had high prolactin i would get it tested, i mean its a simple blood test, what the hell, and any responsible practicioner would rule it out before prescribing a drug.

I’m one of those slightly high prolactin folks, just to document. 15.5ng/mL Range: 4.0-15.2ng/mL

I have high out of range Prolactin as well.

Have you guys taken Dostinex? If not, why not? I just read some positive reviews on this med.