What are we looking for?


i’m new to pfs theory.
Is it AR downregulation what we need?
If AR is overexpressed in pfs everthing on this site https://jme.bioscientifica.com/view/journals/jme/47/1/R25.xml in table 2 with an ‘-’ and withouth 5-ar inhibition should help, or i’m wrong?


I think what we are looking to understand is the molecular changes that have happened to our AR. Given that many of us have gotten our serum hormone levels into a healthy range, sometimes even getting our androgens into supraphysiological range, and still seen no improvements, the deduction has to be that something is wrong with how are body processes androgens.

One leading theory is that when on Finasteride, our body upregulates the AR to better take advantage of less DHT being bioavailable. When we come off the drug, there is a surge in androgens that shocks the AR framework.

What we need to understand is what that SHOCK actually is.


This is extremely complex and we need further molecular level insight. That table is largely a list of antiandrogenic substances and while you will see many of them listed as helping people on this site, several have also caused permanent severe worsening and recently directly preceded a patient suicide. Some have caused severe cases of what is currently termed "PFS "themselves, such as @Demon who used rutin, an extremely similar polyphenol to quercetin, a “promiscuous endocrine disruptor”. Other phenols have done the same and this is the reason we cater for them on the site and in the survey.

The opinion of the administrators of this site - and the other one is the reason we have research in that direction - is that it is extremely dangerous to use antiandrogenic substances therapeutically. We simply do not know enough yet. As I’ve discussed here, we know from anecdotal volume over ten years these are often significantly modulating pfs symptoms and are not reliably safe. This caution is especially important for cases who are experiencing very severe PFS symptoms after a short exposure to finasteride or other antiandrogenic substance.


@axolotl read this. It explains how Rutin can be converted into quercetin and besides being antiandrogen it is also strongly antidepressant (SSRIs). It is certainly an absolute poison worse than all.


“As previously reported, rutin is known to affect levels of serotonin [37], which would assist in reducing depressive behaviors and would also correlate with promotion of digestive health [38]. The latter authors also point to the metabolic connection between rutin and quercetin. As shown in Fig. 1, rutin can be converted to quercetin through enzymatic hydrolysis in the small intestine [39,43] and the action of HCl in humans

Rutin killed me completely.
It is not all friendly,
it is also antiaromatase.

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AR is not the problem in my opinion, there are there unharmed, the problem is that the genes that regulates their function are silent.


I also think so.