Wellbutrin and Post-Fin syndrome

there r no advices from PFS experts like irwig & c?
i know they suggests no drugs since now for treat the condition

the last thing i read right now is about crisler advice about daily cialis

nobody tried xyrem ?

Hi, I’m also considering Wellbutrin.

There are some references from others about a PFS sufferer who got much worse on Wellbutrin. Can anyone remember his name or know of the message string? I’d like to read that.

Also, in terms of negative side effects for those of you who tried it, besides insomnia were there any others?

im about two weeks into wellbutrin. the first week and a half were pure hell. i feel like things actually got worse (though i didn’t even think it possible). and then three days ago… something happened. and i feel the best i’ve felt since this all started. not tired. able to focus. able to think straight. i won’t celebrate any sort of victory prematurely but i will say that this is helping me right now. i just hope it sustains.

insomnia is a side effect - but aren’t we all suffering insomnia from propecia anyway? it didn’t make it worse for me.

one thing that did get worse was the tinnitus. ringing in the ears. in fact during that week and a half i couldn’t believe how horrible it was. it’s gotten better but is still present. but i’ll take it if i can keep feeling this way.

ONE THING THOUGH: libido increased for me. sexual function did not. in fact - it may have gotten slightly worse. but at this point - all i care about are the mental sides.


Keep us updated!

any more updates?

i stopped a while ago after a couple of months. i think my brain fog ultimately became worse, honestly.

Anyone else used Wellbutrin ?

I’m thinking of using it to treat my frequent urination problem, Ctrlv said in another thread that it helped him with the same problem.

Is it a bad idea to take this drug if you dont have depression ?

Welbutrin helps me, and give some libido, but no much, how like 2% or 3%. Nothing significant, But the best is it stop my frequent urination.

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Wellbutrin also has anticholinergic effects… drying of skin, erectile dysfunction

I’m struggling with major depression 100% post fin related. Never really had a problem like this before. I got a script for Wellbutrin. Was told to start at 50mg in the am. Then another 50mg in the afternoon. I also have post fin insomnia. Sine Wellbutrin has a stimulant effect I was worried it would make the sleep issue worse. The phsyc. gave me ambian xr for sleep. I haven’t tried them yet. I have read some mixed reviews here on Wellbutrin. Is it worth trying if your depression is off the charts? I’m fighting feeling of ending this almost constantly.

I started Wellbutrin today at 150 mg. i saw one success story in libido at all things male website and i need something to lift me up… I will be updating my experience. There will be confounding factors since i started alphahard 2 days ago, and i might even add andactrim or masteron…

Not sure if you’re still on the forum – this post was almost six years ago – but how did it go with wellbutrin?

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Has anyone had any success with Wellbutrin? It’s been seven years.

Look at my spreadsheet with compiled stories.

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Yes, I just took it for 10 days but had mixed reviews. No change to my baseline at this time. I decided to stop because it took my desire away for reward and caused my muscles to be slightly tense which I assume was triggered by it being a stimulant. It also increased my dry eyes. The desire for reward was huge for me because it made me docile in general which I hated. On the flip side it did improve my concentration and ability to be around people.

Overall though, it also had some positives but so does green tea for me. I’ve decided to stick with the occasional cup of green tea and keep it moving

Be glad you have a desire for reward with PFS. I have absolutely no desire for reward.

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It’s still blunted but I found that WB made it temporarily worse.

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Thanks for the insights, MatchaTea!

Green tea and Dark Chocolate are both well known to improve focus, albeit temporarily.

Has anyone tried Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa) or Tribulus and had any success?

May I ask, how long have you had PFS? Have your sexual and/or mental sides improved over time?

Dude I was actually thinking about L-Dopa as well!

I started propecia back in 2010 and quit in 2018–I’ve had PFS since then and it hit me around 2014 and then I crashed in 2018. The sexual and mental sides are kinda the same and no change. Sexual desire is not there and I still get depressed often BUT, I find those happy moments to come around more often but they are very short lived.