Weight gain or Weight decrease?

How was your weight after stopping? (6 months/ 1 year)

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How has changed your weight , after the disposal by finasteride ?

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Come on guys ,you put more weight situations!!
We hundreds, voted in 7 …

Well I voted because it was really the worst side effect I got…I mean I feel bad and have some mental sides and my hair looks crazy now…But the weight gain has been very abnormal and upsetting for me…I was a runner for years and keep and food journal daily and swelled up all over but mainly around love handle and stomach region…I don’t think its just body fat because I have been fat from eating years back and this is totally different…It looks like just fluid…Even co workers were commenting about my sudden change…My arms also are somewhat bigger and have been asked a couple times now if I am worknig out or lifting weights because they said my arms looked jacked and I was widening out…I was like…No…

Thank you Holyhead.

Instead, I lose weight with abnormal and strange mode.
I feel digestive problems with nausea , bowel and growling sounds , belly pain, stomach pressure, but I always eat. Yet inexplicably , sometimes I lose kg in a few days and did not recover them .
Now I’ve lost 22 kg since I suspended. My fear is becoming anorexic and not recover . Sometimes they are very scared.

Well I just physically turned to shit after this…I can’t even run anymore…Maybe once or twice a week now…So slow and much less energy…It just isn’t there…Appearance and physical performance I have declined at unbelievable rste…it’s like you are a different person now.

I have increased 6 kilos, or 13 pounds, after stoping taking Fin. And it is very difficult to lose. I can lose 1 or 2, but i increse again, after diet.
If i go back to Fin, will i lose it again?

Yeah 16’ was only the beginning for Me. My condition worsened month after month now my body and old life exists only in my memories and photos…Up about 85lbs…No help.

I have digestive issues where I have to use the bathroom to shit several times a day but no weight problems.

hey holy, this is the same with me. i ve been a strong soccer player and rather endurance athlete before and with FIN…so i never had much muscle at the torso but still no fat. now, 5ys completely off i have like you huge love handles, fat at the back and stomach,like some women after giving birth. it feels like its rather visceral fat that pops out due to some loosend tissue…awkward. arms and legs though toned and veins poppin out.
i m not sure if its my prolonged use of antidepressants (mirtazapine,agomelatine) that interferes with fat storage /metabolism.
i just hate this fat distribution…messed up several beach-dates when they saw my torso of a 60ys old.

Yep it’s like a swelling of tissues rather than just fat for me…Even bicep area, face, torso swells and is like fluid filled jelly…Went from running 5ks to not being able to mow my yard it gets so much worse from heat and working outside…

I don’t have much hope of recovery from this.

i know the swelling is worst in hot weather.
maybe its just a cortisol thing due to the stress by heat? im trying now 6 weeks on testosterone, maybe its sufficient to counter cortisol and change bodycomposition.

Read my blog…I was under treatment from Mark Gordon for a long period…Clomid, low dose trt raised my baseline and helped…Then trt started to give me horrible symptoms so I stopped and improved ever since…But no mistake the Physical symptoms do not improve…

I believe it to be due to change in androgen metabolism, vasopressin and Genes expression… Others say HGH also helps but I could not afford Gordon anymore as it is and HGH is extremely expensive…I fill up like a water balloon in the evening but all my symptoms are less worse in the mornings…

I also suggest you use organic baking soda…I cannot believe the difference its made in my overall feeling…Very good for endocrine system and according to those latest papers pfs affecting hormone producing organs…

thx holy i wil give it a shot. it also whitens the teeth :grin:

I’m in the weight gain category and, having now dealt with Propecia issues for 7 years, it is by far the worst part of this for me. In fact, while I do have the usual sexual issues that stem from this, I can say that if it weren’t for the severe weight gain this condition wants to impose on me, my life would be fine.

What is especially baffling to me is that it’s happened in two phases. When I quit the drug in the summer of 2012, I almost immediately felt myself gaining fat, especially in my chest and hips and inner thigh. Like others here, I had been an avid runner and was in shape with a normal diet. For the next three years, fat continued to accumulate and settle in. It seemed resistant to diet and no amount of work at the gym produced any muscle growth. In desperation, I had two liposuction surgeries performed in the summer of 2015. I still remember looking at myself a few weeks later in the mirror: Wow, this is what I used to look like. I’m normal again.

Unfortunately, my metabolism, or whatever underlying issue caused all of this in the first place, was still messed up, so my body wanted to keep accumulating fat. It just had to store it in different places after the surgery. But I did learn to control it by fasting two days every week. The result was that my weight for the last three years has been stable and in an acceptable place for me. To the outside world, I looked normal and I could wear the clothes I wanted to again. Life really was good. I stopped coming here, moved on, and felt that if this was how I had to manage things for the rest of my life, that would be no problem.

But then this summer, completely out of the blue, I gained a bunch of weight almost literally overnight. I had not changed my diet or exercise regimen, but suddenly clothes that I’d been wearing with no problem for three years didn’t fit. I tried at first to clamp down on my diet – add a new fasting day and exercise more discipline on my eating days. It succeeded only slowing this sudden increase. In a two-week period, I fasted for six days and ate minimally on most of the others, and yet my weight was still higher than at any point these past few years.

It’s baffling and enraging and depressing. At least the first time around, I knew that basic cause – some kind of crash to my system related to being on/quitting Propecia. I was able to figure out the contours of how it had changed my system – what I needed to do to look and feel normal. The 5-2 diet. It wasn’t an all-encompassing cure, but for me it was good enough. More than good enough. I found myself enjoying life again. But why did it change again this summer, all these years later?? It’s been 7 years since I took Propecia, four years since I had that surgery, and more than three years since I started the 5-2 diet. Why on earth did my body just decide, out of the blue, that it wants to be another 20 pounds heavier??

I’m waiting on some bloodwork from my endrocrinologist, but I think we know where that goes. I haven’t shown any obvious Thyroid issue in my past testing, or any other obvious cause of such dramatic, sudden weight gain. We know that androgen deprivation from prostate cancer surgery leads to men gaining weight and fat and have metabolic issues, so I’m assuming something related is at work here. But, again, I feel like that explains the major change I had 7 years ago, when I first went through this all of this. Why would I basically experience a second crash now, all this time later, and after all these years of stability?

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How are u now @RecentQuitter recentquiter?? I am no better…The morning is still my best time…I get up and am smaller with some energy but as the day goes on the worse I get…What did Goldstein say about the physical changes and weight gain? Its even worse than the mental sides…Causes such an impairment…Goldstein showed u how the receptors are 10x that of a normal person vs someone with pfs…My tissues are alien like…

So it’s been five years since I saw Goldstein and, honestly, I can’t recall the details of what he said back then. He emphasized that he was still learning a lot, adjusting his thinking/protocol/etc. I tried what he was then recommending and didn’t notice any significant difference with my two main issues – weight/fat gain and sexual problems.

I am not here much – this is my first time in a few months – so I would like to add an update that I think is relevant. For the past several months, I’ve been treated for thyroid resistance. This came out of my decision to return to Dr. Jacobs in NYC and to try to focus on the weight/fat issue. It was getting to a ridiculous point for me; I’d been fasting at least two days a week for the past several years just to keep my body from getting too fate. Even with that, I was still clinging to all sorts of extra and embarrassing fat. My metabolism seemed dramatically reduced from what it had been.

Long story short: Jacobs took bloodwork and suggested the possibility of thyroid resistance. The treatment is a very high dose of Cytomel, which is T3. I’ve been doing it for three months and the results have been significant and positive. I have been able to return to the diet I enjoyed before all of this mess, and my weight is now less than it was these past numbers of years. Unquestionably, my metabolism has been brought back to a normal place.

I have to stress, this has not done anything for the sexual situation, but I’m 40 now and in a place in life where it’s fine. I don’t worry about it. It’s made a huge difference just feeling like I have have my body back in every other way. Also, as we all know, PFS is a baffling phenomenon that seems to affect us all in different ways. So I don’t know if this will work with anyone else. If you do want to explore it, I can’t stress enough that it’s crucial to do it with a qualified doctor. Heavy doses of T3 are serious and can mess with your body, the heart in particular, so don’t go doing this on your own.

Well great news at this point I would be willing to try anything…I’m up over 100lbs diet had no effect on it either way…I just read your earlier comments here and saw your post about Goldstein showing u a slide presentation and u said the tissue of pfs vs non pfs was 10x the amount of dht receptors present…Thanks for the update.

Mark Gordon told me my thyroid test were all normal but that doesn’t mean anything with pfs I finally had to stop his trt and have just been lingering like this in limbo for 3 years.

So @RecentQuitter you think it was thyroid all a long that was causing the weight gain? Yea it’s crazy I didn’t even get sexual sides

In my case, thyroid tests are also normal. The issue is resistance, hence the supraphysiological dose. I saw doctors for 7 years before Jacobs even suggested it. Only thing I’ve taken that’s had an impact on metabolism, and the impact has been significant.

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Thank you for sharing. Also have weight issues. Gained 20 lbs all in my midsection. Lost a lot of it with keto (yea definitely an insulin issue). But I hope I can find an endo in the philly area that can help. But let me understand something, he just guessed it was a thyroid issue despite normal tests and rolled the dice on prescribing the meds ?