Water fast - brain fog - sense of depersonalization / unreality

hello everyone, my biggest problem is the brain fog and the disconnection from reality like living in a movie, I’m doing a water fast, I would like to get to 21 days, I’m on day 14 and for now it’s only got worse, brain fog more strong and very strong tiredness, I am followed by a doctor every day.
i will update.

ps. I took finasteride for over 10 years 1 mg per day,
over 2 years pfs, i’m 33

1,80 m
start - 68 kg
end 21 - 58 kg


Good luck you’re a strong guy going through a water fast for so long. I hope it brings some reward.

Buona fortuna.

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little update
day 20, no noticeable improvement, brain fog and sense of depersonalization / unreality still present.
I will try to get to 28 days if I can.

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If I were you I wouldn’t push much further. If you did not see results in 20 days, 28 probably will just add more bother and not much else.

There is a chance you’ll see progress in when refeeding though.

Anyway, congratulation. 20 days is pretty remarkable.

my doctor says between 21 and 28 there is a lot of difference. I think I will go on. thanks for the support =), i hope my experience can be a help for everyone.

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All the best man, keep us updated and again good luck :wink:

What evidence is there that water fasts do anything useful?

empirical evidence, testimonials, Dr. Ohsumi, a renowned Japanese biologist, has studied for years the mechanisms by which the body gets rid of dead cells and won the Nobel Prize for this.
my doctor treats multiple sclerosis and other diseases with water fasting, but it’s the first pfs case he sees, it’s an experiment, he thinks it’s a very difficult case.
honestly i have very little hope to have benefit from water fast…

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tonight, after writing the previous post, I had a bad night, insomnia, hot flashes, bad sensations, I decided to eat today and break the fast, so I broke the water fast on day 21 , as written above for now no improvement on the symptoms as derealization etc …
the only improvement to underline is on the frequency of times I have to pee, before fasting I used to go to the bathroom like an eighty-year-old, now much better.
I start to feed myself again only with vegetable broth, boiled vegetables and fruit for a few days, if I have improvements I will write it here.

today i went to the supermarket i felt like i was on another planet, like at the beginning of spf … really not nice =(

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Sorry to hear about this.

Out of curiosity, have you tried supplements of any kind? If so, what results did you get?

do you mean during fasting?
however, during fasting only water, nothing else.

I mean in general.

I took lots of supplements, amino acids and herbs …
none have given great results.
this feeling of disconnection, brain fog, is very deep it seems, difficult to eliminate.

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I see you were on Propecia for over 10 years. Ever felt any sides when on it?

no, only the sperm most liquid, it all started about two weeks after the suspension

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