Water fast - brain fog - sense of depersonalization / unreality

I don’t know, I hope it is as you say, I am very discouraged at the moment,
I had high hopes of healing on fasting, now I don’t really know what to do …
sure it will be bullshit, but i’m thinking about taking the poison, i’ve been taking it for over 10 years and i was fine …

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I’ve often thought that out of desperation but repeated use is what took me to the worst place. I havebi got any answers but many things seem to hasten the decline. Doing nothing other than trying to live a simple life seems to be the best option for some.

Zinc deficency…fast wont do shit dont waste time for noting

I don’t understand… please explain

I just want to say I hope you get well soon. Especially the brain fog :no_mouth:‍:fog:

thank you, at the moment I’m very downhearted by this situation.
I thought a long fast would do some good.
instead, still disconnected from the planet earth…

hi, sorry for late response, fucked my self whit supplements, needed to wait it pass…this is how i cured my brain fog…i do believe adequate zinc levels would prevent crash from happening u can find lot of people crash on fin after stress, and they have digestion problem witch is zinc and also have dry eyes some of them witch is low zinc witch enaybles vitamin A absortion, no libido, tissue change on dick also zinc, plus inability to fully erect zinc also, but, once you develop brain fog, zinc wouldnt fix it anymore… my cognitive symptomes were presure inside head, brainfog, derealization, i even had dislexia for a moment 2 times after jim, couldnt form a normal sentence…so i did carnivore diet this was 3 years ago, presure inside of my skull went awey permamently in 3 days, and brain fog too but would comeback when i eat carbs, than a year ago i took some bile with some pancreatic enzymes, and day after that it was completly gone and funny thing all i learn in all the years i had brain fog came back, and i was talking to people and i had informations that i didnt know when i even learn it…it was like importing usb with 3 years of learning expirience over night. so try going carnivore and try talking betain or apple cide vinegar capsules in my expirience betaine is stronger, appv doesnt do shit, but some people crash on betaine since is metyl donor i took 4 bottles and nothing, probably because on keto/carnivore you produce keton bodies and one of it is sodium bytirate if im not mistaken witch remove metyl groups, also pancreatic enzymes, and bile salts…also i was diagnosed with helico bactter that was fucking my digestion, so might check that or candida…also would be good to take but only active form, couse sintetic doesnt do shit, of b1(benfotamine), b2 riboflavin5phosfate and niacinamid they are good cause they support metabolisam. also u can support glutation with nac selenium vitamin c and try zinc of course.


Who is this doctor?

Dottor melelli roia in Perugia, italy.
he is a great fasting therapist, nice person, obviously he doesn’t know pfs, look for him on youtube, he specializes in multiple sclerosis, but he also treats other pathologies with excellent success rates. he followed fasts of over 50 days.

Homeopathy is an alarm bell, my friend. Careful who you’re taking advice from. Good luck with your fast.

yes I understand what you mean, but I only fasted with him, no homeopathic treatment, I believed a lot in fasting … in fact the fact that he healed me for just one day made me very bad psychologically.
maybe I’ll try again in a couple of months, if I have the strength …

about a week ago, for a few days, I took micro doses of proviron (like 2 or 3mg per day) and dhea cream, like 1/5 of a normal dose … after a day or two the sebum production has decreased further, like drier eyes, skin and ears, I am very scared and I have had a full blown breakdown, I have been crying for three or four days and not really like that, that’s to say you, attention!! do not choose things at random …

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these are all new side effects to me, never had in two years of pfs, I thought my baseline sucked, but I realize I was “lucky” to have “just” a sense of depersonalization, chronic fatigue and lowered libido , which was enough to not be able to work for a year, but this gives me even more anxiety … ah at the same time I started making feces full of pieces of food, stuff never seen in my life … even after the worst hangover, and to consider that I eat almost all organic and almost all raw vegetables … I have no idea what happened … if anyone has any ideas please tell me …

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I don’t know what to say other than give it a while and you will return to baseline. For some of us any interventions only make matters worse. Try to take things easy and try to accept things which is very tough. Go outside and take in the scenery, your mother sounds like a great source of support. . Fast maybe one day per week and hang on in there. Some guys got better after a couple of years time is your best friend

I am making contact with a priest nearby, they say he is very good, I think I will devote myself to prayer for a while,


Good move. Religion helps me

Honestly at least homeopathy mightve prevented a lot of experimentation that led to things going south here

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You can found it on iherb, i buy bile and pancreatic enzymes separetly. You can also buy it together in a bland.

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