Vomiting gave me temporary cure

After a night of drinking for my best friends bachelor party, I was insanely hungover the next day. However, after throwing up multiple times the next day I had a surge in libido and a pre-fin erection state. Can someone explain this to me? I’ve had psf for 2 and a half years. .5 propecia dose mixed with rogaine as a topical solution once gave me pfs.


I guess this could be some proof that the issue may be caused my messed up gut biome. Have you tried antibiotics? Some people say they make it worse, some people say they make it better. Considering you got some of it out while throwing up… I dunno, it’s worth a try if you’ve been suffering with this for so long

Actually, nvm. Be careful with antibiotics. Have you tried probiotics first?

What if the improvement in your symptoms was caused by the alcohol itself and not the vomiting?

I know this probably isn’t very helpful or enlightening on its own, but maybe it’s a stepping stone for someone else’s profound insight :slightly_smiling_face:

Some googling suggests hormones are involved in nausea and vomiting:

Wow that could be anything

The alcohol itself many have claimed it brought back libido ALBEIT temporarily of course

It could be the endorphins from a physically stressful episode helped you relax and that brought on a calm to allow your libido to come forward

Could be a guy microbe thing

Just tossin stuff

I think this is just purely coincidental or placebo effect.

Whenever i consume heavy alcohol, i feel extremely good on the next day. Libido, energy and positivity increases but of course it only lasts for one day. I don’t think it’s coincidental.

I guess everyone sees it from the angle of recovery he’s walking on. But I have an idea. Funnily I also just vomited several time because I ate the wrong fish during vacation. I also had quite a strong libido that day. Since I am currently improving with working pelvic floor muscles, I noticed that they contracted heavily during vomiting.

When I first did Kegels, I had an instant but short improvement in libido. It was the same for Numb, the user whos protocol I’m following. Maybe this is a similar effect. If you are responsive to this treatment, maybe have a look here and see if you can get some improvements:


Best of luck!

I’m interested in your temporary recovery story.

i think vomiting stimulates your vagus nerve.