Voice’s list of all treatment tried so far

Never tried it I’m not sure if my muscles are tight I know somatic did not work for me. I think it’s neurotransmitter or hormones based for me, I was one of the few that had no sign of physical damage in Mohit research everything looked good but my DHT levels were low they are at a higher level now but I feel no different I would love to try the DHT cream and apply it in different spots. It’s like I have normal DHT levels but I can’t get access to them also my hair stopped falling out even though I haven’t had Propecia in 13 years could be an indicator it’s still blocking DHT

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That’s strange i feel zero pleasure from orgasm but continue to have hairloss. Don’t have problems with erecting either or shrinkage really

Very strange that you had no reaction to DHT gel. Also where did you find the gel. I think it stopped being produced a while ago.

I haven’t tried DHT gel

Where did you get the idea I am referring to you?

The notification I got made it seem that way, chill out Deadpool.

Voice, have you seen this article, recently posted by others?

It mentions anastrozole was used as a treatment, like you’ve used, but it was in combination with HCG. Curious how you obtained Anastrozole, and if you know how I can obtain HCG.

And if anyone has contacts at Baylor, I’d like to try the same treatment as in the article.

I’ve tried them both separately but not together, I’ll ask Goldstein about it. You can go to any of the recommended doctors and I’m sure they will prescribe it, Goldstein, Jacobs

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Not much from side effects except HCG caused weight gain

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@voice have you ever looked into modafinil (provigil)? This is something I would try myself but I’m having severe anxiety issues as of late and it’s a stimulant. Wouldn’t try it though if you also get those

Have people had success with there orgasms trying that drug?

@DHT reported some success with it in another thread but he has also tried a bunch of other stuff

@Lostinaustin @voice modafinil primarily and definitely helped with libido but, no help on orgasm feeling… only things worked for orgasm are aromasin and lesser degree cabergoline. Latter one also restores brain dick connection and improves erectile function immediately orgasmic enhancement came after several days. Aromasin restores libido sensitivity and orgasmic satisfaction immediately but no help on ed side.

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You can try proviron

That’s the only thing that I did not try… yet. In my list but I am afraid to disturb my natural T production. But soon I will try @pal protocol. Waiting for results from our friends.

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What brand of aromasin did you use and what dose?

@voice I used Pfizer 25 mg every day then reduced to every 4th or 3rd day. Benefits are better every day but sides too i tried to increase dose to 50 every day but I do not get extra benefits best is everyday 25 but because of sides I managed 25 every 4th day or a week.

Sometimes I tried cycling like drop out for 2 weeks then restart again that’s makes you better in the start of each cycle.

Anyway that’s what I felt but remember this is not a drug for everyone some people got extremely depressed and committed suicide some like for me got the opposite effect. My guess is that if you have high Serotonin it will reduce it and you feel improvement if you have low serotonin then you will get super depressed or anxious… anyway that’s only my theory we are in uncharted waters…

You continue to use it with no major side effects?

I’m confused about Boron. Some studies suggest it increases estrogen and others say it does the opposite. Did you measure your Estrogen (E2) before? If estrogen is high and it helps lowers it then it may free up Testosterone and allow more DHT conversion and thus balances T:E2 ratio and boosts libido.

lol this list is amazing

I’m gonna try macadamia but butter to try to inhibit DHT gradually. I ate dark chocolate and cacao nibs a few years ago and I think it made a difference.

I’m only trying this because I think my body isn’t too sensitive to food AR inhibition. I wouldn’t try to extract though cause that’s too strong.