Voice’s list of all treatment tried so far

Main side effects

Lower sensitivity in genitals and no pleasure in orgasm


Broccoli treatment - no positive change, trouble urinating

clomiphene citrate to be 3 times a week at just 10 grams a pill - no positive change

Vitamin D and Maca 3 - no positive change

Bee pollen/royal jelly - no positive change

naltrexone and selegine for three weeks - no positive change

ogoplex aka ropes - No positive change

testosterone drops 25mg/ml - No positive change

HCG injections into the stomach - No positive change

Viagra - No positive change toward orgasm, stronger erections

oxytocin 10u sr capsules - no positive change

DHT cream for 6 weeks - no positive change

Kegel exercise - erections got stronger, orgasm got worse

quecertine 15mgs - no positive change

L-tyrosine 500mgs - no positive change

prozac in very small doses mixed with pantothenic acid 500mgs - no positive change

injections of a numbing agent and methylprednisolone for pudental nerve - no positive change

Aderall - no positive change on orgasm, libido was higher

Psychologist - no positive change

Somatic exercise - no positive change

Cialus - no positive change on orgasm, stronger erections

Boron 9mg - no positive change on orgasm, stronger erection, stronger libido

Anastrozole, clomiphene and cabergoline - no positive change on orgasm, lower libido but it balanced my hormones out

Vyleesi - no positive change on orgasm, stronger erections

Full body MRI - some cysts around spine but doctor claims it would not interfere with orgasm

Genital ultrasound - cyst on ejaculatory duct doctor claims it would not interfere with orgasm

Addyi- side effects were to bad to continue

Vibrator- hands down the most sensation I’ve gotten out of my penis but orgasms were still lacking in pleasure


What are you going to try next? If I smoke a lot of thc I noticed it sometimes feels better. But it’s never like it used to be

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I’ve tried thc it has no effect but for the first time I tried a vibrator and that was successful for penis sensation not so much for orgasm.

B12 (non methylated), Taurine and Niacinimide all help me a bit. And I mean a bit. Give those a go.

What brands and doses?

All Holland and Barrett I have about 20% of each tablet a day as they are well over the RDA and I prefer to start small and work up if I need to. In reality I am not convinced that going any higher would make a difference - presumably once you’re above the RDA it either works or it doesn’t. But this is just a modest 10%-20% (but real as I’m worse without it) improvement type thing so don’t look at this as a ‘cure’ more a potential step in the right direction.

If we keep going with things that make us slightly better it could get us close to normal. I still use boron 10mg a day because I’m better with it.

Im still confused on dose do you know mg dose?

about 150mg Taurine, 25mg niacinimide, before bed, 100ug B12, in the morning

I have orgasm issues too they came later as a symptom. I think it is all about prostate man. Is boron has any risks? Im gonna try it. Thanks for this post. Nice one.

For me it worked briefly but then caused low level underlying anxiety and apparently it can cause raised retrograde after a while - I don’t think it’s a solution as far as I know

If your problems are sensation, what I mentioned above may help a little little bit, in terms of the actual mechanical function of it, zinc and vitamin D helped a lot

You can go up to 20mg a day before it becomes harmful, most supplements are not harmful unless you over do it, you can even overdo it with vitamin D.

I did use genius estrogen balance as well and I take 4000 IU of vitamin D. Boron can raise testosterone but it could raise estrogen as well so the estrogen blocker could help

I’m actually already taking everything but taurine

Why get me to list everything out then?

I wasn’t aware of it, but it’s in a multivitamin I take

Ok. Taurine gave me a strong boost initially that faded into a small boost (as for others). Some vitamins don’t help so your multivitamin may be giving and taking.

@voice what do you think about muscle relaxants? Not sure if it would help loosen up some of the pelvic muscles

Like taking the pill form or an exercise?

Like muscle relaxants like flexeril or something