Visit with a pfs believing doc

So my long awaited visit with a sexual dysfunction doctor happened yday, which in my darkest days of the last 8 months I held onto the thought of seeing someone who could help, though sexual dysfunction is not my major issue but they did believe in pfs. Basically was told that my neurological symptoms could mean anything and was dismissive of my theory of my brain being affected as even if this was the case there was nothing to be done and I should think positively instead of noceboing myself with Internet forum theories as the doc really thought my problems were with depression and heavily recommended ssris and therapy. The irony of it all being that this doctor mainly deals with people with pssd and was recommending me to take these drugs even though she herself could not give out those drugs so if side effects occurred she would bare no responsibility but “reassured” me that this was rare. She said I’d been making good improvements physically and she thought my hormones looked normal and that I was best to be passed onto neurology but that I should just hang in there for another 18 months as these things usually settle. Great so another dead end. She also recommended bupriron and mirtazapine as alternatives that would effect sexual dysfunction. I’ve read enough stories on here to put me off but if anyone could offer me thoughts on whether to take any anti depressents please advise.

I imagine if I take this stuff and it goes badly with sexual sides and mental health I’ll just be given a double ssri dose and some cilias and sent in my way.

I explained to her that my neurological symptoms of tinnitus, vision problems, head pressure, headaches and my brain in general going haywire and anti depressents would do little for me.

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So the PFS acknowledging doctor dismissed certain symptoms and recommended you get on SSRIs despite also being aware of PSSD?

Holy fucking shit my faith in doctors could not be lower.


She was a pssd doctor from the sounds of it. Most of the patients she sees were people who had been maimed by drugs. She though admitted that doctors don’t really understand how any of these drugs affect the body and why one person is effected in one way and why someone is effected another way. But based on my attitude towards her she was convinced I had depression which I’m not sure that she was even qualified to diagnose me with either since she’s a sexual dysfunction doctor.


A pssd doctor who recommends taking drugs that cause pssd but can’t prescribe them herself. Are you sure she’s even a real doctor?


A PSSD doctor recommending SSRIs to PFS patients. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Did you ask her why she’s recommending something she knows could cripple and hurt you further? What’s wrong with these people?

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Sounds like your typical doctor based on my experience.

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Yea she was a sexual dysfunction doc her email tag was dr and said that I would have to go to the gp to get them prescribed.

Around the lines of its a small percentage get side effects millions of people benefit from ssris. Again she was convinced it was depression and she thought my penis was fine just from eyeballing it. I didnt want to keep probing her for explanations as it was clear that nothing but an argument would come of it and I would be made out to be crazy and not in control of my emotions.

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Well if she can’t prescribe drugs then she’s not an MD. And this business about ‘a small percentage get side effects but millions benefit’ is just typical pharma-speak. She doesn’t know shit about post drug syndromes and she’s posing as someone who does to get patients in the door. Sounds like the worst kind of huckster.


We need to stop giving money to these people…


What is this “doctors” name?

I’m not going to put that out

What can you do? doctors can only go off the research of which their is none

Anyone else think we should start naming the names of these “doctors”?

Erik himself gave a shining example here: My Medium Story - Finasteride Exterminated My Soul Why not follow his example?

It would help others save time and money, and people wonder why I never went to a doctor for this.

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There’s already an extensive record on this forum of various doctors who have claimed to be “PFS specialists,” refusing to acknowledge the full spectrum of symptoms or worsening the situation for their patients.

Anyone reading this, remember there is a thin line between sharing bad experiences with particular doctors, and harassment. Any “shit lists” or insinuations of threats will be removed.

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She wasn’t recommending he take SSRIs.

Yes she was.

“As the doc really thought my problems were with depression and heavily recommended ssris and therapy. The irony of it all being that this doctor mainly deals with people with pssd and was recommending me to take these drugs

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Ah I missed that part.

Very disappointing experience I can relate to. It seems we don’t have much other than 'Internet forum theories", huh?

Judging by my own experience I should warn you that cialis daily for a prolonged period could and very likely will increase tinnitus and head pressure.

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