Veteran question: How many people has testosterone supplementation helped


No I’m not under medical supervision. And no I will not use this stuff permanently, especially nolvadex has some serious side effects.

I hope a HPTA restart works in my case.


No disrespect but Have you considered consulting a doctor and continuing this treatment under supervision mate ?
This all sounds like its benefiting you in a positive way especially with the sexual issues but without continuity of blood tests your leaving yourself in the dark to some degree this leaves you open to errors that wouldn’t happen if supervised this Could be the difference between short term and long term benefits of these drugs.
I’m only mentioning this as im guilty of this stab in the dark approach myself i would hazard a guess that you started on 500mg of test due to it being self prescribed as this is exactly what i did myself years ago.
Don’t take any of this the wrong way im merely pointing out the mistakes that ive previously made as i don’t wish anyone else to repeat them.


Here you go mate
Info on TRT this tells you dosage and types of testosterone injections and frequency
We don’t need to jab every week testosterone undeconate can be injected upto every 12 weeks the main aim of the drug is to keep testosterone levels around 12.
Have a look mate plenty of options here


Thanks but my PFS is different. I cant tolerate any androgen peaks or I crash. I felt best with E2D injections. Even E3D was bad. I used enanthate by the way.


If you decide to go back on the test enanthate the half life is 8 - 10.5 days i.e if you inject 100mg 8-10 days later you will have 50mg still in the blood so you should be able to reduce administration do to every 4 days by rights this would give you the most stable levels this will save you pinning yourself so frequently so scar tissue isn’t so much of an issue.
If all of this is done under supervision you will be able to monitor levels via blood tests to find the sweet spot if their is one.
I understand that in reality we have been left to our own devices with all this and this promotes the trial and error mindset to take over but at some point we have to draw the line and seek professional help.


Not really mate. I recovered from 0 to 80% without a single doctor visit or blood test.

I also didnt start with 500mg, it was just 150mg per week which worked great for 2 months, until I sadly started with arimidex and raised my TRT dose and lost some progress that I now gained back after stopping TRT and starting PCT meds.

I will never go back on TRT again.


I spoke with former member Tigershull. He is doing T, one shot in three months and he is doing very well in all departments.

Also spoke a guy on Franktalk who solved most of his problems, except ED, with TRT.

Maybe i’m wrong but remember a post about one of the big pfs-docs who said he can cure most of yhe pfs-patients.

So for some people T works very well. I think most people who have benefits with TRT don’t come back over here.


Hey man do you mind elaborating on the part where you said ejaculations were like pre PFS? That has been one of my biggest symptoms that hasn’t improved. The actual force of the ejaculation varies for me (sometimes dribbles, sometimes shoots very far) but the actual feeling or pleasure remains close to 0. Did clomid help with this? I’ve been offered it by an endo for low fsh levels but declined because I never read anything good in the forum about it. Also my T has been in the upper range from working out and I notice no difference.


Clomid didnt improve my orgasm/feeling. The ejaculations just got bigger and forceful.


Hi mate
Thanks for your info regarding how Tigershull is doing I have tried to contact him via this forum several times i tried via his website too but I have never heard back from him.
For a long time now i have often wondered how he was doing had he had any improvements etc I admire his bravery for speaking out regarding the side effects of Finasteride he has been a frontline campaigner warning alot of people of the dangers.
When i came across his profile here I was hoping to chat with him as he if a veteran i thought if anyone has any answers he will but all my messages fell on death ears or maybe he gets so many messages he’s just overflowed with them.
Could I ask when did you last speak to him and was it via this website ?
He doesn’t seem to come to this forum these days which is a shame as we need people like him to advise others.
It’s great to hear that he’s doing well and found success with TRT as this is the road I’m on myself if all goes well I should be staring TRT within the next couple of weeks.
This is the second highly positive post regarding TRT that i have read within the past 24 hours on this forum it gives me a very positive outlook on this treatment fingers crossed i will have the same positive outcome .

Here’s the other trt success story


Could you ask him to update us here? I read a number of posts from him which were particularly distressing. He also has a website with a blog (I think it’s him) which abruptly stops, I remember looking at it and thinking the worst.


He doesn’t answer anymore.


But is goes very well with him.


Thanks letting us know, @smphead

If you’re reading, @THETIGERSHULL, an update would be appreciated.


Does anyone know the dosage ? Once every 3 months is interesting


This is a thread with some experiences.