Veteran question: How many people has testosterone supplementation helped


this is for those who have been on here a while and seen many come and go… how many people if any would you say testosterone/DHT supplementation helped recover ? Thank you


I would guess around 25% get better with higher Testosterone/DHT. The other 75% feel nothing from it or get worse.


I was going to ask this question myself as im now signed up with a urologist to try to correct the issues finasteride and anabolic steroids caused im just waiting for an appointment for another blood test next will come a treatment in which the urologist has already mentioned increasing testosterone levels.


I’m interested too, I have been offered test enanthate by my psychiatrist but I’m afraid I could develop gyno.


I would jump on it mate give it a go
Keep a check on your bloodwork things won’t get to the stage of gyno.
You can keep an anti E to hand if your nipples start to feel painful as this is the early signs.


Interesting Have you tried ?


What’re your levels ?


My last test was in 2016. I haven’t done more because I’ve been unemployed. I just started working today so if things go right might do more test in the next months.

Testosterone 3.76 ng/ml ref (2.62 - 15.90)
Prolactina 8.51 ng/ml

Estradiol E2 37.0 pg/ml ref (until 56)
FSH 1.93 mIU/mL ref (0.95 - 11.95)
LH 3.04 mIU/mL ref (1.14 - 8.75)
Testosterona plasmática 5.64 ng/ml ref (1.42 - 9.23)
Testosterona biodisponible 3.34 ng/ml (1.90 - 2.95)
Prolactina 9.69 ng/ml ref (2.50 - 17.0)

Testosterone 5.3 ng/ml ref (2.4 - 18.3)
Testosterona libre serica 11.5 pg/ml ref (8.69 - 54.69)
Testosterona biodisponible 6.6 nmol/l ref (5.05 - 15.0)
Prolactina 9.6 ng/ml ref (2.1 - 17.7)

I have one test e vial, but I don’t have money to buy a AI right now, I’m not sure it would be a good idea to do it without a AI ready.


Yeah went up to 500mg per week and libido got weaker. I feel by far best with a natural, high t level. With TRT I was way over range most of the time, even 200mg was too much.

Stopped TRT 1 week ago, now on clomid + nolvadex and feel great with normal t.

But without any supplements I would feel godawful. PFS killed my balls and my natural Testosterone level permanently, so I must take supplements or hormones.


This makes sense mate
Did this sort out the sexual issues ?
This is the road im on at the moment with the Hope it will sort out the sexual dysfunction


Are you taking anything currently Baz?


No mate
Ive done it all in the past test enth clomid etc
But that was years ago with no medical supervision or blood tests.
I’m going down the medically supervised route this time round.


For me yes. Libido is at 80% now. Erections are great and ejaculations like pre PFS since clomid.


That’s great news mate
Could I ask how much clomid do you take and do you take it everyday ?
How long have been taking it ?


Started 8 days ago with 12,5mg. Then each day increased slowly, now I’m at 50mg. I take it every day.


Sorry to keep asking questions but im very interested in your progress
Could I ask is this a guinea pig trial thing or has a medical practice put you on this course of treatment ?
I’m asking as I have been on 500mg of test enth a week via intramuscular injection in the past I’ve also tried a combination of deca and test these did nothing regarding libido or erections but prior to finasteride testosterone did increase libido hugely.
I have also uses clomid in the past but this was only for short durations as pct at the end of a cycle.
Lately I’ve been wondering if 500mg was too much as i read alot of bodybuilding forums at the tine which gave me the mind set was 500mg is a minimum but looking back maybe if i had tried a lower more inline with trt quantity say 250mg then this may have been more successful.
I’m now wondering if clomid and nova alone Would be the right way to correct things.


I stopped TRT cause I needed to inject every 2 days to have steady t levels. I cant even inject in my muscles anymore because of all the scar tissue. So I basically was forced to switch to clomid and nolvadex.

Now I regret that I even started TRT 1 year ago. I should have used clomid+nolvadex from the beginning.


@invictus are you staying on clomid/nolvadex permanently or just to restart hpta?


Thankyou again for your quick reply mate
I know all about scar tissue its a pain when you have to keep injecting but if increase your injection sights its possible i.e both thighs both shoulders and both glutes you can avoid scar tissue for longer periods i.e glutes one week thighs next week and shoulders the third week it allows alot more time for the healing process.
Was you injecting test prop the fast acting testosterone of test enth the longer ester ?
Usually with test enth you get away with two jobs a week or even one jab as its longer acting yes theirs a spike in T levels when first injected but nothing too much if done twice a week.
The BIG question is are you under medical supervision mate or guinea pigging this medication ?


Good question Chapman this was my exact thought / next question.
Ive been looking into restarting the hpta …
I’m NOT doing anymore guinea pigging myself everything is going to be strictly under medical supervision mate