Veins on the penis


Has anyone had prominent blue-purple veins on the penis?
Nothing is missing. This is undoubtedly a total nightmare.


yes but had them before fin too


What’s wrong with veins on the penis?


WTF my veins before was not blue and they were not prominent, fuck!

Your brain is not normal


@Dubya_B you have this?


I’m not sure really. There are visible veins but I’m not certain if this is normal for me or if it is something that slowly developed over the past couple decades with PAS. Never really caught my attention.


I noticed it after vitamin D is the interesting thing is that on one side of the penis they are so on the other side and the veins are loose as @wlan writes Prominent large veins on the penis


I think there is a misconception here about Damon simply saying the veins are visible. Having large, lumpy, varicose, veins isn’t normal.