Used topical Finasteride for 19 days, crashed 16 days after stopping usage, one month later and symptoms are horrible. Advice please!


Now it’s very clear, thank you.


Hi shepa.

Youre lucky, it seems you got only the neurological symptoms and I believe theyre easier to avoid.
The sexual symptoms seems harder to get rid of.

I looked at your list of symptom, and its the same as mine except I got a drop in sex drive and a loss of sensitivity. Still got erection and an active sex life, its just been damaged. (I went from needing sex 3 times a day, to once or twice a week)

As for the neurological symptoms, I didnt know anxiety could be so painful. There was time, I thought I would kill myself if I had to stay like that for days. I had stomach ache, acid reflux, headaches, brain fog, speech slur, severe muscle weakness (couldnt stand up) coordination problems etc… Oh, and severe insomnia, like hell.
I felt like a zombie and couldn`t do nothing or go anywhere.

Anyway. I went on a carnivore / ketogenic diet and ALL of that stopped within 3 days of starting the diet.
In a nutshell, the diet is: no carbs and healthy food.

I stopped the poisonous pills 6 months ago, (after taking it for 15 years ! It seems its not time related. Some guys took only one pill and got pfs, I took 5500 pills. I did get sicker and sicker in the last 4 years until I realized something was poisoning me. After a few google searches, I knew what it was). I crashed a month after stopping. It took me a month and a half to figure out I needed to diet. Ive been on the diet for three month and a half now, and the anxiety and insomnia only came back on two occasions, after taking carbs.

For more details, check on that link: Please share results with a ketogenic or high fat intake diet

Time will heal you, and in the meanwhile you can live a comfortable, normal life if you change your diet.

Another thing that can help you after you eat right and are back on your feet is exercises, particularly weight lifting.

I`m available if you need anything.

We all know what its like and were helping each others figure out what can help us…

I hope you can start feeling better soon.


I still feel irritable most of the time, but the anxiety is not nearly as bad. I have found that taking creatine makes me feel better, but if I stop taking creatine for a day then I start to feel the aches and pains that I felt before. My test results came back and my testosterone is at normal levels. Is there anything else I should have my doctor check for? Thanks.


I went a few days without working out and literally started feeling like garbage. When I told my doctor, he said working out makes anyone feel better. Although I agree with what he’s saying I have not worked out for extended periods of times in the past and have not felt anywhere close to as bad as I do now. Does anyone know why this is? That working out has such a big effect? Or also taking creatine seems to have a big impact as well. Does anyone know why that would be?


Do you eat carbohydrates like sugar and starch ?


Yes, but I try to limit it as much as I can.


Working out create nitric oxyde, which is low for many of us.
You can take "L-Arginine, L-Citruline and L-Ornithine to create nitric acid.


I drink Pomegranate juice daily for an NO boost.

@Ukguy82 recommended it to me ages ago, you can drink as little as 50ml a day to get a boost.

I drink about 100ml a day at breakfast.

There are various benefits to pomegranate juice and it’s a fairly cheap and easy thing to add to your diet, if you’re interested.


Before I crashed, I was drinking 200ml a day. It has amazing antioxidants properties and is a super food.

However, it’s 14% sugar. After crashing, that much sugar would put me into anxiety in an hour, unless I swim 50 laps (4000 feet or 1250 meters) 20 minutes after drinking it, just to burn those 28 gr of sugar as soon as possible. (which is something I’ve done. It’s nice too boost sugar levels just before doing some cardio)


Thats so weird man. When I eat a ton of sugar (200g+) I feel good, relaxed and calm. But if I eat too much tomato sauce for example (it inhibits 5AR) all hell breaks loose.


Those, in both our cases, could be autoimmune reaction. Like an allergy.

I noticed too that if I had anxiety, eating lots a sugar would fix it. But I would still have all neurological symptom and anxiety would come back as sugar blood level would get lower.

That’s what got me into thinking there was a relationship between sugar and my mental symptoms. That’s why I cut sugar completely.

Do some testing and see what works better for you.


I felt more or less fine for about a week, and then I stopped taking creatine since it was causing my muscles to ache, and after a few days of not taking creatine and not working out, I suddenly woke up feeling like crap today. Do you think this is a result of me not taking creatine/working out or do you think it’s just inevitable that you will continue to crash periodically?


And when I say crash, I mean mental symptoms like anxiousness, paranoia, brain fog etc. not sexual side effects.


Isn’t pomegranate a 5AR inhibitor??



Do we have an ongoing list of 5ARIs every time I look on this thread there is something new that I am currently consuming that I need to stop


I googled it and found a super long list of things that are 5ari, including eggs, fish oil and coconut oil.

Personally, I don’t worry about it. It doesn’t state to which degree it inhibits the 5ar and I’m sure it’s nothing compared to fin.

But if you had your DHT tested and it’s very low already, maybe you should avoid those food.

(Pomagranate juice is 14% sugar so it’s off limit for me anyway)


My DHT was like 59 in range of like 40-100 so kinda low. My T was through the roof though


In my opinion, considering creatine “May Fight Other Neurological Diseases.” you should start again at a lower dose and exercise only when feeling better.

I’ve been crashing periodically without always knowing why. Maybe that’s just the way it is for us. I believe it shows that our body is in a state of fluctuation, which I think is better than being in homeostasis with tons of symptoms.

Time is a healer, but only if our body changes as time goes.


So you may not be converting T into DHT like you should. (just my opinion)