Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years

So I am a couple days into my first cycle with Mediherb and I’ve been experiencing some major constipation. On top of being really dry and hard to pass, my bowels feel like don’t get the signal to go and I only have a BM every other day now. I have dealt with constipation in the past, but have never experienced this before.

Anyone get constipation while taking tribulus?


I think it started happening around the same time that I noticed the numbness which would be like several weeks after I stopped Finasteride, or so I think. But it likely didn’t appear overnight, for example the prominent veins took several months to appear, I guess the other degenerative changes happened around the same time too. It is most visible when I’m semi-erect, curved to the left. When I’m as hard as I can be, it is only mildly visible.

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eyyyy, you should take the survey


you should take the survey bro


What kind of survey?

This Survey: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

It is mentioned all over the forum, including a big participants counter on the start screen :wink:

Please participate! We need as much data as we can get.


Hey! Glad that things looking good for you!
Can you please give us your cycle routine, specially for the tribulus?
Do you increase the amount of pills after a few cycles or using the same method every week?

This goes out to the rest of the guys here aswell, does everybody cycle? Do you guys increase the amount like OP?
Have anybody tried using tribulus every day?

@Apr1989 when you say " my libido is good and if I go for a few weeks without ejaculating then I get erect really easily again and have spontanious erections thoughout the day and can last really long" does it mean that you can only have sex after you dont ejaculate for weeks??? I mean if you have orgasm you have to wait few weeks again to have sexual function or what?

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@Escitaloshit, please do Your Survey. Thanks

Ive done it

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Thanks that You did the Survey, but I am kind of confused because there is no tick showing in Your avatar and You are not listed in Completionists group. Are You sure You submitted fully completed Survey? If Yes, then there must be some technical error involved

I laughed at this “my libido is good but I have to wait weeks before I can get easy erections.”

Dude if you can go WEEKS without ejaculating you don’t have a libido!


Ive done one survey because someone in whatsapp group sent me link. I wasnt regitered on this site. Maybe I did something wrong, anyway, send me link and Ill do it again easily.

I am talking about the main Survey of this site - click the right top Graph icon or the attached link below to see details. There was also different survey going around from Italian research team if I remember correctly, You probably mean that You did that survey, right? Please do the Survey of Post Drug Syndrome, details are in the link. Thanks :slight_smile:

Post-Drug Syndrome Surveys

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My Tribulus bottle has few pills left and im not going to take it anymore. It has no benefits for me. Maybe even lowered my semen volume more… this sucks… I believed this will at least give me some improvements… Maybe i should have taken more pills, nevermind.

This could be due to increased E levels the lowered semen. I know I have a huge problem with ejaculation when my E is high.


Tribulus made my whole body itchy. I couldn’t resist scratching my body at nights, so I have rashes all over the body.
Now I’ve quit. Itching is getting better somewhat. I’m afraid this has 5AR inhibitory property somehow as I thought. I know one study denied this though.


I just want to report that my improvement slowly slowly disappearing unfortunately. My muscles getting softer again with muscle athrospy and my hips are getting fatter. The semen amount have decreased to pre tribulus, same as my testicles. But things fluctuate.

The questtion is if i should try another cycle?

And one of my mayor questions that I asked 3 times already without any response, does anybody here have any reflection of using like 1 or 2 pills all the time without cycleing?

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I just wanted to provide this message to everyone to update on my situation. I tried the Tribulus the OP tried. I had great success with it, however I’m not sure I entirely credit my progress to using Tribulus. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am 100% recovered; I honestly don’t even remember what that should feel like. It has been almost two years since I had the devastating “crash.”

However, over time (slowly) I have pretty much fully recovered. I almost never think about having PFS. My penis returned to its normal size and shape and (I think) pretty much entirely the same function. I’m not sure if I did lose some sensitivity permanently or not. I do think I did lose some, but again, I don’t remember when it should feel like. I know that it still feels great to touch and excite, so I am happy.

The things I continue to do are stay consistent with a weight lifting and sprints program. (Always give your legs a ton of attention as they are your most powerful muscle group and release the most testosterone throughout your body when you work them). If I am really not sure if I will be able to perform (i almost never do this and forget to bring it), I will bring the liquid shot which guarantees me a strong erection all day. Most days I do not bring it or have it and do just fine. I critically think and use logic perfectly normally. I would put myself as like 90 or 95% “recovered.” There are certain things I can still do to make it worse such as (obviously) putting any time of DHT blocker in my hair or in my body. So you have to remain cognizant of what blocks DHT and never put it inside your body. Then you have a strong chance of slowly recovering over time if you remain positive and get good sleep, eat healthy, and exercise. You may not become 100% the way you were (I’m wary to think people actually do return to that state), but you can easily live a life where PFS doesn’t haunt you at all anymore. I wanted to return to this site to tell you this. Keep going and life gets much much better. But keep a pack of those liquid shots in your pantry in the mean time - they do really work wonders and you will build your confidence back up to perform and not need them.


Are there some supplements mentioned but tribulus in this?
And results?