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Apparently it is many, many times more androgenic and anabolic than testosterone, and even trenbolone. Researchers were looking into it for a possible replacement to testosterone replacement therapy. The effective dose is much less than testosterone because of this. I’m assuming many guys here have some form of androgen insensitivity syndrome, as a result of our past Propecia use. Compounds, such as trestolone with extremely high affinity to the androgen recepto may prove to be useful. Luckily this is classified as a research chemical, so it’s able to be sourced legally. I trust a RC to be accurately dosed much more so than your typical underground lab product made in a kitchen sink.

This post is 5 years old and no one replied to it. But in the last few weeks, I’ve found myself scouring the internet and reading random medical papers (not a great habit, I know), which brought me to Trestolone.

There’s a reference to it in this 2012 paper ( from Shalender Bhasin, the endocrinologist who was part of the Harvard study on Propecia effects:

Similarly, 7 α -methyl 19-nortestosterone, which does not undergo 5 α -reduction, maintains sexual function in hypogonadal men.

7 α -methyl 19-nortestosterone is the name for Trestolone, which from what I can tell – and as the previous post here indicates – has been the subject of research and experimentation but never turned into a commercially available product. The post here is the only reference I turned up while searching this site. I’m just wondering if anyone is familiar with it or has somehow even tried it?


No one with pfs should ever use trestolone unless they’re gonna run letrozole afterwards and even then i dont know why you would do trestolone. Anyone who runs this on its own would seriously regret it afterwards will skyrocket estrodial and shut you down hard, very suppressive and shouldn’t be messed around with unless you really know what the hell you’re doing and have some type of experience with PEDs.

i’m guessing nobody here has tried this?

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I still have the bottle I bought awhile ago haven’t touched it yet since I convert to estrogen even on low doses of T which is what is keeping me from using it, don’t want to get a bad case of gyno

A few of us have tested it, I probably had the best response to it - but it seemed to be more a a response to stopping taking it (rebound of sorts, similar to what we see with the Proviron rebounds).

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so you took the compound for less than a week and it permanently improved your baseline? Or is this not correct?

How did you know where to get it?

It’s also a transdermal version not injection

It did not improve my baseline, but I did get a week or two of a little rebound where my erections felt more full. It seemed to go away after that.