Treating emotional flatness, even temporarily. Desperate

Has anyone ever been able to enjoy individual moments again? Like for example, enjoying a great movie, or genuinely feeling elation or happiness about something, even small. Because right now i feel only the barest of emotions, i’m basically flat all day.
A weird but example that I think illustrates the situation- nine months ago before all this happened, I would take adderall in college sometimes to do work, or party. Whatever the reason, it would cause me to feel excited and happy when i’m on it. Nowadays, it just doesn’t have that tinge of happiness it used to give me. I don’t even take adderall often. The point being, that I feel like i’m incapable of truly feeling emotion in a situation, rather i know I should feel a certain emotion and can maybe trick myself into reacting appropriately, but I don’t inherently feel it anymore. Has anyone found a medicine (trt, letrozole, clomid, novladex, any AI or inhibitor, trazodone, anything at all) that helped them feel this feeling again? Even if it was only temporary. I just need to know if there’s anything anyone’s done to recover this sense of aliveness, even a little. I understand if my genitals are fucked, but I’m hoping feelings can be recovered, if only temporary. Please, please share. I have a psychiatrist appointment, and a neuroendocrinologist appointment, and neuromuscular specialist appointment, and others. I’m at the point where i need to get a treatment of some sort to move on and i need to know what works even the tiniest bit.


Excercise. Immediately afterwards I feel a certain amount of relaxation and excitement. However its not something that lasts. But as a temporary effect its nice.


Anhedonia is the hardest symptom to bare indeed. If you find something that boosts your libido, even temporarily, that will restore your emotions as well. I got a glimpse of emotions coming back when Tribulus had a positive effect on my libido for a while. I wouldn’t go as far as recommending it though because it might have made my baseline worse. You may want to try a daily low dose Cialis. If it works, it will create a semblance of libido which will boost emotions - believe it or not.

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have u tried Kratom?! sometimes it helps… i sometime take red/white strain together and it seems that its helping. other than that i think numbness is something that is healing (very) gradually.

Bulgarian Tribulus
N Acetyl Cysteine

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Ive only ever tried tribulus and ashwagandha as serious supplements, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything, or it made me worse overall. I’m at the point where I can’t even cry. I can’t even muster up enough emotion to cry. I do try and workout, i bench and curl. Is trazadone a good idea? Has anyone tried it before? Supposedly it can help with erections, but idk about actual sexual attraction. Also its similar to ssri’s which have their own set of problems. Idk. Does anyone have anything?

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Are N Acetyl Cysteine and L-Tyrosine better than L-Arginine? What do they do? I am currently trying L-Arginine and it is not doing anything for libido or erections (took 6g today).

Tribulus only works in very high doses for me, but it does work while I am taking it. Last cycle it was effective only at 6x750mg of a high potency brand. The previous cycle it was effective at 4x750 (so it is losing efficacy). I can’t recommend it though because I think it has the potential to lower one’s baseline. I am still experimenting with it.

I can’t advice you about psychiatric drugs. Taking those is the third worst thing anyone can do (you’ve already done the second, don’t do the first). I have extreme anhedonia and lack of motivation that are destroying my life and I wouldn’t take any, except perhaps a low dose Wellbutrin. I am still thinking about it. I know you are desperate though so you may have to do something.

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I’m going to start wellbutrin, IMO it can’t hurt as it is only supposed to work for each dose you take, eg. it has extended release formulations. Medicines like ssri’s and propecia alter hormonal balances over time, which is what fucked you/us up. That said, i’m pretty sure wellbutrin only gives more energy and doesn’t cure/treat a complete lack of emotion.

I just want to cry again, all these things happen that make me sad, and i used to be able to cry it out and move on. Now they just keep on coming, and i don’t even have an emotional reaction to it. Please, if anyone has taken ANY sort of inhibitor, hormone replacement, anything, that allowed them to feel emotions again, let me know. I’m not human anymore. I dont know how much longer i can take this as i begin to forget what truly being alive felt like


NAC and Tyrosine both raise dopamine. I take 5g NAC every day and the difference is huge.

But the only thing that recovered 100% of my anhedonia was LSD and magic mushrooms.

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How long have you taken NAC for?

8 months.

And the positive effects have remained since you began taking it?

How long did you take mushrooms for and how much?

Hallo Cman,

i understand 100% what you want to express. I had the same problems now for over 10 years till i decided one month ago to take 150 mg Zyban/Bupropion. All my Symptoms got dramatically better. Please look at the thread “bupropion for Motivation”. I made there a few posts.

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I plan on starting it soon, but seeing as I have adderall, which functions in a similar manner, i’m aware of how adderall’s effects have changed in me. I used to get focused from adderall, a mood boost, and get hard and long erections. Nowadays, i just get an energy boost with no mood change, and zero erection. Still no boost to sexual attraction, which as someone mentioned is probably related to feelings. I’m sure wellbutrin/bupropion might help me adjust to functioning in life, but I want to wake up and feel happy to be alive again. Its been months without feeling true happiness- or feeling uncomfortably horny. Which sucks. I just want to feel my dick tell my body to be horny again


Has any prolactin inhibitors or AI’s or clomid helped anyone recover their libido?

I am in the same position as you. We have no desires and no rewards. Nothing feels like anything. I can’t remember what love is supposed to feel like. Even the small things; stretching legs, listening to music, sitting with friends. nothing. Its never ending man


I’ve taken Cabergoline. Made my libido and erections better on it, emotions too. But it’s kind of a risky drug to be on for a long time, so I went off it. And I still didn’t feel cured, it felt like an artificial patch.

This symptom is the real killer

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