Trazodone significantly improves erectile function in 78%

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Anecdotal reports of increased libido and sexual function in patients taking trazodone have led to its empirical use in patients with erectile dysfunction. A retrospective review of patientreported responses to trazodone was performed to outline the efficacy and side-effect profile of this agent.

Between 1989 and 1994, 182 patients were placed on oral trazodone as empirical therapy for erectile dysfunction. Patients ranged in age from 26 to 85 years, with a mean of 60 years. Patients were evaluated before receiving trazodone with a thorough medical history and physical examination. Known risk factors for erectile dysfunction were assigned based on historical information and the findings of the examination. Patients received trazodone for at least 2 consecutive months, with daily doses starting at 25 mg.

One hundred twenty-seven patients were available for follow-up by a standardized questionnaire regarding perceived improvement in erectile function, sexual function, and side effects. In patients less than 60 years of age, with no known risk factors for erectile dysfunction, 21 of 27 (78%) showed significant improvement in erectile ability. Smokers and patients older than 60 years with a history of significant peripheral vascular disease responded poorly to trazodone therapy. The duration of erectile dysfunction was inversely related to a response to trazodone. Of patients with a duration of impotence less than 12 months, 48% reported a positive response. Only 16% of patients with duration of erectile dysfunction greater than 60 months reported improvement in erections and sexual function. Trazodone was well tolerated by this population, with 62% reporting no side effects.

Despite the limitations of a nonrandomized, retrospective study, trazodone appears to benefit younger patients with erectile dysfunction with few known risk factors. A prospective, placebo-controlled trial is needed to confirm the observations of this pilot study.


okay so far I have tried to mess with my neurotransmitters

I have tried

GABA w/ L-Theanine

By FAR the trazodone has increase the morning wood factor and increased overall rigidity SIGNIFICANTLY

I have noticed some lack of sensation but I see a huge improvement with Trazodone and no improvement with the other ones I have tried.

Trazodone also allows me to stay asleep all night without making me super drowsy in the morning.


interesting… it list sexual dysfunction actually as a side effect on the wikipedia page, but i guess it is hit or miss with any ssri type medication


i was able to find much much more about it improving sexual dysfunction than actually causing it. interestingly enough a side effect of trazodone is priapism (your dick going hard for too long and it can cause need for surgical intervention) which makes me think that the trazodone is meddling in the combination of things that make your dick hard…

the only other antidepressant i could find significant info about actually improving ED/sexual dysfunction was Effexor.

I have been taking half a pill (25mg) at bedtime. I am going to increase this to 50mg tonight and see how that goes. My dick works but not to its full potential, its relatively numb and semi-rigid. Not good enough for good sex. Its weird but my chick can tell if it is numb and it doesn’t feel good for either one of us its not like i can just fake and it feels good for her… anyhow i read that trazodone’s effectiveness for ED is correlated to the dosage so I will look for significant improvement with doubling the dosage and post results

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Other Therapies
Trazodone, which is an atypical antidepressant with serotonergic and alpha-adrenolytic activity, is thought to help erection by indirectly stimulating corporeal smooth muscle relaxation.(10,11)Reports of prolonged erection and improved sexual function have prompted use of trazodone to treat ED. Although preliminary data showed efficacy, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have shown marginal efficacy of trazodone in treating organic ED.(12)Trazodone also may be considered for patients with psy-chogenic ED.


I tried Trazadone 2 years ago for 3 months. Worked liked gangbusters for the first 2 months. About the 3rd month effects started to drop off, then nothing. It was prescribed to me for sleep. When I took the first 25 mg dose I got an erection a half hour later and thought “Hey this stuff is great”. Anyway after 3 months I quit. I tried several times after that to see if it would work again and again nothing. I can’t be sure but it may have made me worse. Before trazadone Cialis would almost always work for me. Shortly after Trazadone Cialis quit working. Anyway good luck with it.


You don’t want any part of Effexor, trust me. Nasty drug, though not as bad as fin obviously. Most men on Effexor, including me when I was on it, experience a decrease in libido. It is the most side effect-ridden antidepressant out there, and also the most difficult to get off of. You probably risk worsening your problems rather than helping them.


i experienced the same!


ya know that seems to be the theme for me too - everything that worked once - doesnt work again! thats really scary to me


Careful with this…Dr. Mariano on his thread says this could possibly lead to priapism…be cautious…

I think he recommended Seligeline on his message board low dose 10 mg per day…


i envy people with priapism at this point. if this stuff gave me priapism i would find the scientist who made it and nominate him for the nobel prize - just like im gonna do for JN if T3 works lol


Guys, did you get Trazadone from a doctor?

I’m thinking about buying generic stuff, it’s dirt cheap.


Guys, stay away from antidepressants. They all, except possibly for bupropion, reduce cellular androgen levels through induction of 3a-HSD. This is the same effect like inhibiting 5AR and leads to the same problems. You run a VERY high risk of worsening your problems with antidepressants and specifically with trazodone. A member of this forum has been destroyed by this shit. He was doing bad after fin, but trazodone gave him the rest.

Also, trazodone is well known to cause priapisms. If you get one of those, your penis will be in very serious trouble, making finasteride induced ED look like a children’s birthday party in comparison. Check out figure 1 in this paper and ask yourself if that looks attractive to you…


Awor why do you think bupropion will not cause any sides?


I tried it and it made me feel worse after about two weeks. Initially I had a much fuller penis and less muscle cramps on it, but it didn’t hold. I chucked all AD’s now, stuff is just not safe.




I am currently taking 450mg of bupropion a day. I had to start it again because of the depression. The depression was so bad I couldn’t do anything at all even watching tv or a movie couldn’t entertain me. I agree it seems to help a lot at first then less and less. I’m not depressed now on this dosage and its been about 3 weeks. I think the downside is the fact that along with it being dopamine reuptake inhibitor its also a norepinephrine reuptake inhibtor which contributes to the ED. In fact even the trimix is use is much less effective now. So I went back to adding yohimbe which blocks the noripinephrine from reaching the adrenergic receptors the waste down and definitely saw imrpovement.

Currently I went from no dick at all to being able to fuck (with a rubbery erection) with wellbutrin, yohimbe, testosterone, andactrim on my dick and lower back, and melatonin ii.

If it wasn’t for the wellbutrin id probably be dead right now


Also with regards to priapism. I don’t think u are going to go from a shrunken retracted minipenis to a throbbing full size erection sooooo full u have to get a needle to get the blood out. And that guy waited 14 hours to get help.


I hope it’s not annoying that I’m bumping an old thread but I don’t currently have permission to PM other members. BadLuck, is Cialis still ineffective? I was taking Trazodone for sleep and it worked great the first night but that was it. So I stopped taking it after about five days. But then I was horrified to find that taking Cialis stopped working. Before Trazodone, getting erections with Cialis was pretty easy. Cialis was never a perfect libido solution because it would give me what I would describe as “stupid” erections. It didn’t matter what the circumstances were, with Cialis I’d get aroused simply because I was walking around in tight jeans or pressing down on my penis to urinate. But now nothing happens. I’m thinking this has to be related to the Trazodone.


I also wanted to ask the member known as “way”, if Cialis is still ineffective after using Trazodone? Because I think that’s what’s happening to me right now and I’m hoping this will eventually change. It’s upsetting that something that used to work (Cialis) would just suddenly stop working, especially considering how expensive it is.