Tinnitus, did anyone recover? HELP, CANT SLEEP. LOSING HOPE

Who has tinnitus induced by finasteride that is constant (so it doesnt come and go) and that eventually got this symptom resolved over time or perhaps by supplementing?

Im 6 weeks out and my left ear is still ringing, the volume fluctuates however it doesnt seem to stop.
It keeps me from falling asleep and makes it hard to focus when there is no music or sound playing…

I’ve tried some supplements (herbs) and massage therapy (thought it might be due to stiffness in my
neck and jaw muscles). The muscle stifness is gone however the tinnitus is still loud and going.


Is our tinnitus hormone related?


Stay strong, man.

My tinnitus has gone down a lot since my first crash.

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Im tryin to cope bro, i’'ll be happy when its gone or at least a lot less… : ((

how long was it before first your crash?

2 months.
Tinnitus still comes, but the frequency and severity are both down.
My back pain and muscular atrophy are my biggest problems now. I think some of my back muscles wasted away and are not supporting my spine very well right now.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve had it before finasteride because of loud music but I’m sure go the
Medication didn’t help or maybe even made it worse.

My journey with tinnitus has been hellish at time and downright weird.
It was fairly loud in both ears
Calmed down
Then got truly unbearably loud for 2 days
Then seemed to settle in my left ear and quiter.
Anyone who says it can’t change is really mistaken.
I’m hopimg as well as all of us
One day for cure. Every year they say they have something and NOTHING happens.
Every fuckim year. This device That medication.
Finasteride was bad enough I gotta deal with this? I don’t know what quiet peace even is.

However I shouldn’t complain because it can be so much worse. Still annoying as Fuck tho

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Mine is way worse in the morning. It’s not a ringing but sounds more like static. It definitely fluctuates.


Had it for 10 years. Was in one ear only now in both. Volume has increased in last two years and worse first thing, during and after exercise.
In the early years it was intermittent and may have disappeared if I’d stopped fin so yours will probably subside with time. Good luck

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was it induced by finasteride? if so, how long do you have it for?

No clue - it started almost a year after I stopped the drug, but nothing else I can think of could have caused it. No loud music, other drugs, etc

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wow got symptoms even after a year off. this f’n poison!!!

Poison indeed, but I don’t want to fall trap to blaming every illness or fluctuation in body on fin. It’s very possible I got from something else like the millions of others who have it (and haven’t taken fin). Just hoping it goes away

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for how long do you have it now? can you tell me more about it, is it in the ear or more in the brain? both ears? is it a high pitch noise?

I’ve had it for 12 years but it became permanent after taking finasteride. I used to get it after listening to loud music but it would go away, after taking fin for 6 months it became permanent.


for how long do you have it now and how long ago did you stop using fin? give me some more info about the tone, volume etc.

Been off fin for two years. I can’t hear it during normal life but I hear it when I go to sleep and it’s loudest when I wake up. It’s similar to a bad pair of video game headphones. Like a static noise - like a bad radio static radio


thanks brother, i have the same but mine is a high pitchd noise and I do hear it during daytime.

Do you have it in both ears? Is the sound more in the ear or brain?

Sorry didn’t answer all your questions - it feels more in the brain and both “ears” but it feels deeper than the ears so hard to describe which ear it’s coming from

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so theres nobody fully recovered from tinnitus (fin induced)?

are there supplements that help to diminish the tinnitus volume?

I wish there were an answer, brother.
It looks like all we can do is wait. We’re both still in the early phase. Things may change.

One guy said his testosterone levels kept dropping for 8+ months before slowly rebounding. Let’s give ourselves a year and re-evaluate.

Tomorrow im doing a hormonal test.
I hope it will give some answers (although im slightly skeptical).