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I’ve been creeping on here awhile. It helps me to not feel alone dealing with this nightmare. I’ve been off of finasteride for around three years so I’m sure time has been a factor.

I have all the symptoms. Shrinkage. Loss of libido. Brain fog. Etc.

I’ve tried all the usual stuff. Lifting. D3. Zinc. Ashwagonda. Tribulis. Iodine. Vitamin E. Intermittent fasting.

I came across this study, possibly from a post here or from another site.

It focused on the strain L. Reuteri.

I’ve been taking it for three months and I think it’s made a difference. I would say 80% recovery. I’m not going to link to a specific product because I don’t think it matters how you get it. Fingers crossed I don’t crash again.

Good luck guys. Thanks.

Sprinting Hurts My Balls

Hi. Glad to hear you’re getting better, hope you make a %100 recovery. Can you tell us the dose that you take, i.e. millions of L. Reuteri daily?

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You say that you have 80% recovered. What percent recovered were you before you started taking the L. Reuteri?

What was was efficacy of the other substances you took?

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Hey, that’s great to hear. It would be great to know the product you used? A lot of probiotic products dont work even though they have the correct microbes in them. The way they are prepared makes a difference as microbes can get killed in stomach acid.
Hope improvement continues.


I read that this strain produces histamine. Does it cause sleep issues?


Which strain of L. reuteri did you use? Biogaia Gastrus ATCC PTA 6475?


Do you mean you sexual sides recovered ? Libido ?


I recall reading L. Reuteri raises free T.

I too have felt huge improvement in certain sides from probiotics but I take VSL 3

Pretty sure gut + gym + meditation is the best answer ATM

Melcangi showed our gut microbiomes are messed up. This should sound alarm bells and signals

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To answer the above questions:

All of my sides had slowly improved over the last three years. Up to maybe 30%? — I was good if I took cialis and sometimes without. It was pretty rough at first.

Then after a few months on this probiotic I think about sex a lot more throughout the day and lately I regularly get morning wood which has been very rare since my crash.

Again. I don’t know if it matters where you get the bacterial strain because I just googled It and bought the first one that came up with the strain in the study. I think the more important thing is to take it for a few months, so it begins to thrive. Also, just full disclosure my head has started itching like, my hair is falling out again, which was the only upside to this nightmare.

Please let me know if this works for anyone else.

Good luck guys!


I’ve been looking into L reuteri for quite some time, I might give it a catch

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Do you mind linking to which product you’re using and sharing how many tablets of it you’re taking a day?


I think the ATCC PTA 6475 strain is the one to get. BioGaia currently has a product called Gastrus that only has 100 million CFU of this strain and 100 million CFU of L. Reuteri DSM 17938. It is quite expensive, too.

Good news is that they’ve just announced the release of another product that just has ATCC PTA 6475 with CFUs in the billions that will launch in mid-May in the US. Unfortunately, it’ll only be available in the US.


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Would you mind pming me the specific brand?


It’s the one Mercked mentioned. I’ve been taking one a day after eating.


I talked with a health and wellness supplier and she said pharmaceutical companies have a major interest in atcc4675 for its therapeutic effects. Partly explains why it is not available in Canada. Big pharma wants their piece of the pie before consumers get it at a discount and before we will see it on the shelfs. I’m flying some in Asap, it must be good stuff!

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I took a lot of L-reuteri log time ago, it did anything to me, I even made my own yogurt with L-reuteri culture, because today yogurt lack of it bacteria strain.
If you had been doing fasting, I probably can assure that you result are coming from it.


How late my did you take it for?


Did you mean for how long ?

I took L-reuteri for 4 to 5 months


what strain of L.Reuteri did you take Moonchild? There are lots of different ones that do different things.


I just got some BioGaia Gastrus in the mail. Just not sure if taking it would help me or harm me as it can raise testosterone.

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