This may sound weird, but I could use some masturbation advice

I would like to beat my meat less for a couple of reasons. The first is to make sure that my sexual dysfunction isn’t actually the result of some sort of porn dependency or death grip syndrome. The second is that I’ve seen some people say that jerking off less made them hornier after fin decreased their libido.

I tried to do the death grip syndrome cure protocol a couple times before. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a 4-week protocol that basically goes like this: don’t beat off the first week, jerk off once the second week, and masturbate twice per week during weeks 3 and 4. Also when you jerk it, make sure to use a loose grip and tons of lube, and don’t watch porn (basically, try to simulate real sex as much as possible).

I first tried in late April. I finished the first week, and I remember I felt “normal” again (not sure if coincidental or if it actually was the protocol). I felt hornier and got more boners, so I started jerking off whenever I felt like and didn’t care about the protocol anymore. Unfortunately, I eventually returned to my post-fin baseline.

I tried again at sometime in the summer (either June or early July). I started on a Sunday, and gave up on Tuesday because weird stuff was happening to my junk. I remember taking a hot shower and my penis was longer but narrower than normal, and also hourglass-shaped. I thought “fuck this, I’m not doing myself any favors” and abandoned the protocol again. Since then, I’ve been jerking off at least once a day, usually in the morning when I get something vaguely resembling wood while in a post-wakeup dreamy, feel-good state.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I feel like I should probably JO less, but I’m having concerns. My dick seems more normal after I masturbate, almost as though I’m forcing life (I guess in the form of blood) into it. I’m worried that if I go too long without jerking it, that my penis may decrease in size or that my sexual dysfunction will get even worse.

What do you guys think? Should I try the protocol again? Should I keep doing what I’m doing? Is there some other option?

I tried to keep this post concise (looks like it’s still kinda long though, lol) so feel free to ask questions if you think there’s more info you could use.