This may sound weird, but I could use some masturbation advice

I would like to beat my meat less for a couple of reasons. The first is to make sure that my sexual dysfunction isn’t actually the result of some sort of porn dependency or death grip syndrome. The second is that I’ve seen some people say that jerking off less made them hornier after fin decreased their libido.

I tried to do the death grip syndrome cure protocol a couple times before. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a 4-week protocol that basically goes like this: don’t beat off the first week, jerk off once the second week, and masturbate twice per week during weeks 3 and 4. Also when you jerk it, make sure to use a loose grip and tons of lube, and don’t watch porn (basically, try to simulate real sex as much as possible).

I first tried in late April. I finished the first week, and I remember I felt “normal” again (not sure if coincidental or if it actually was the protocol). I felt hornier and got more boners, so I started jerking off whenever I felt like and didn’t care about the protocol anymore. Unfortunately, I eventually returned to my post-fin baseline.

I tried again at sometime in the summer (either June or early July). I started on a Sunday, and gave up on Tuesday because weird stuff was happening to my junk. I remember taking a hot shower and my penis was longer but narrower than normal, and also hourglass-shaped. I thought “fuck this, I’m not doing myself any favors” and abandoned the protocol again. Since then, I’ve been jerking off at least once a day, usually in the morning when I get something vaguely resembling wood while in a post-wakeup dreamy, feel-good state.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I feel like I should probably JO less, but I’m having concerns. My dick seems more normal after I masturbate, almost as though I’m forcing life (I guess in the form of blood) into it. I’m worried that if I go too long without jerking it, that my penis may decrease in size or that my sexual dysfunction will get even worse.

What do you guys think? Should I try the protocol again? Should I keep doing what I’m doing? Is there some other option?

I tried to keep this post concise (looks like it’s still kinda long though, lol) so feel free to ask questions if you think there’s more info you could use.

Really disappointed you’ve had no response to this. You made the exact same thread I wanted to make.

I can still get aroused looking at pornography but I had a recent sexual experience with a woman where every part of foreplay which I used to love felt like nothing at all.

I’m contemplating quitting porn and seeing how that’ll effect how I feel when I’m with a girl but same as you I’m concerned about making things worse by abstaining from masturbation.

I’d love to hear if you’ve made any progress or discoveries since making this thread.

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Perhaps you guys could run your own project on this since other people don’t have an opinion. Put down the detail you were hoping for.

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I think that most people with PFS, or at least the ones with sexual sides, basically don’t have any desire to jo. Left to my own devices I never do it at all.

Left to my own devices I never do it at all

Part of me does it out of habit, part out of worry about developing penile fibrosis from underuse, part because I sometimes get something resembling morning wood, rarely due to genuine arousal.

I’d love to hear if you’ve made any progress or discoveries since making this thread.

For what it’s worth, I watch porn fairly regularly but have found that I can sometimes masturbate comfortably with just my imagination.

Id like to reply to this because I asked this previously as well. I am a college student turning 24 this month. I know exactly what you are going through and i would like to explain my situation as well. I always go no fap for a couple months and my sex drive doubles but once i hit that point of no return and decide to masturbate I am completely crashed afterwards. I don’t know what causes this though. I’ve recently relapsed on a 2 month no fap protocol, had the balls to talk to the cashier ive had a crush on for months and actually ended up making out with her in the parking lot that very night. After that, I went home and was so horned up that I decided to masturbate. Yes to porn… AND here I am back to my original state, low libido, not really wanting to talk to her anymore or anyone, and shutting the world out again. I’ve been doing research on refractory periods in males and I am starting to think it is a prolactin issue. Once you reach orgasm your stress levels go through the roof and I am wondering if its just an over abundance of prolactin built up? I’ve had my levels tested though and they came back normal. I used to believe it was porn induced and still have curiosity of it to this day, does it really rewire our brains that harshly to the point where one week I am talking to girls and making out with them by taking two months off of masturbation and sex and then crashing all of a sudden due to ONE porn scene. Honestly, 2 months of no sex just for one ejaculation for a weeks worth of hurt afterwards is not worth in my opinion. Anyways I went on some random rant hope this helped I’d like to discuss more on this topic as well.

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little update since last rant, my libido is in full rage mode. I actually ended up binging two non dairy cheese/gluten free bread pizza’s and the main ingredient in the cheese is soy. I don’t know but maybe messing w my 5AR and lowering is caused a spike in it or something? who knows but for the past two days I’ve been non stop.

Im still extremely suspicious that many of us could be having problems due to a porn addiction with propecia acting just as a catalyst.The times I feel closest to normal are always after a long period without porn or masturbation. I usually feel so good that I convince myself Im cured and will JO 3 or 4 times in a day and then crash hard for a week or so. The last time I was super horny, I forced myself to abstain and the next day, my dick felt fuller and more sensitive. And from what Ive read from no fap forums, its really important to get through those times of extreme horniness without release. 2 months is not a long time according to them. I really think theres something to it. I NEVER feel better after jerking off to porn the night before. Almost always feel worse and will feel like I have a lifeless dick. When my libido has sky rocketed (once every week or 2), I usually feel better than the previous time it sky rocketed. Take it from someone who has tried a hundred protocols in addition to PRP and shockwave. The single best thing that always makes me feel amazing is abstaining. Just keep trying it over and over even if you keep relapsing. The negatives effects during crashes seem to decrease some with each cycle, and the positives seem to increase.

I dont know the science behind it but it makes sense that your refractory period will suffer if you go nuts when youre horny. Sorta like working out all your muscle groups hard, after a long time off. Maybe this is just part of a healing process. Maybe your brain disconnects to allow healing but we keep reintroducing porn or masturbation and dont allow ourselves adequate time to recover. If I go 2 weeks without porn, I can get hard just using my imagination, easily. Its just really hard to quit porn. For me, I was 100% addicted. Id browse porn sites like I was reading the daily paper, even if I had no libido at the moment. Now I still relapse sometimes but I watch wayyy less than I used to. The only times I seem to relapse are when I feel so good, that I feel cured. I gotta just force myself to go longer. Im like a fat kid who rewards himself with pizza for exercising. Such an obvious backwards step.

Im sure you dont have the full blown pfs when you get hard from imagining. I cant even imagine something in my head anymore. Its just black in my mind

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May i ask you what you are doing here? you havent even mentioned you took any substance/have pfs. When you just have problems with porn there are better forums i guess

take viagra before sex

If you haven’t muscolar/joint/tendons/ligments problem, pseudo-alzheimer syntomps, loss of penile tissue, you haven’t PFS. Probly, your are just depressed

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Actually I have doppler confirmed fibrosis after taking propecia. So yeah. Pretty sure its PFS. Im 16 years off the drug so time has healed most of my PFS symptoms but Im left with the resulting scarring and shrinkage. But abstaining through the spikes in libido helps. No question.

You are the same time off Propecia, as i, approximately, 16 years.

Like you said abstaining for 2 weeks work. But from what i know we need to have daily erection for penile health.
Do you use a VED on non-fap days for penile health?

I was advised against it by my doctor cuz he said hes seen too many injuries. I would ask a specialist for a prescription for a daily dose of viagra if its a concern of yours. I guess I wish I had done that sooner, but I dont always respond to viagra anyway. Abstinence seems to make things feel healthier than any other mechanical method. Arousal definitely builds up and leads to involuntary erections. What I notice is that I still have fluctuations from good days to bad days but my good days keep improving and bad days keep getting less severe. Cheers.

I believe i still PAS but I honestly think Weed + porn is contributing to my depression and anxiety. abstaining from sex is great and all and after a few weeks i feel horny again, but what happens when we encounter a relationship and the girl wants it daily? Where do we go from there?

I have gone from daily smoking to nothing at all for months plus going days without masturbating and I can tell you that it doesn’t affect my symptoms.
If anything I feel more calm and clear headed after doing it

I think it may be important to not masturbate during those times of extreme libido. Its hard to imagine that this is not the period where our penises are healthiest and susceptible to improvement.

In regards to the above comment, I really dont think a matter of days is sufficient. I find that if I masturbate when I think things are feeling just ok, I see a decrease in erection quality the next time. But if I wait it out beyond the point of feeling very high libido and high sensitivity, I remain in a more potent state longer following masturbation. But going multiple times in a day always leads to a lengthy downtime for me. Its like my natural refractory period has gone from hours to a week or 2.

@BibFortuna I have a couple questions:
Have you taken finasteride or another medication that causes the syndrome we all have?
Why are you masturbating so much? Are you very horny?
If you are super horny, is it because of being attracted to people out in the world, or is it because of porn?