This is a Good Feel Log


This is a log for all users to post under when, in a day, experience a positive experience
Hopefully, it gets full

Today I rode my bike at night while hearing the new album of Kevin abstract, Arizona baby.
I loved how the sweat brushed against the cold breeze while listening to those tunes.


Saw a great live show today!

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Went to the gym yesterday, got a bit of a pump going fellas! Just “felt good” about the future for all of us.

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What was it about?


Get that Nitric Oxide Pumping!


Electronic music at a festival! Strobes, projections, bass, the works!

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Just got a great feeling there’s a lot of ‘thinking’ going on from the medical crew (Axolotly, Awor, Dubya etc) and good times and answers are being chewed over and formulated… Feeling very positive about it all.

Fuck - just think? One day this forum will all be gone, you’ll all be better, and the only thing up here will be “Best wishes to all over the years. Test blood for XYZ, gut for ABC, if case 1 eat shrimp 3xday until better, if case 2 eat soap each weekday morning until better.”

I’ll miss you all to be honest once we’re fixed!

Anyway I slept like crap last night but renewed for the fight, going to work hard today and hit the gym. Went for a HUGE run the other day, through the old woodland next to the house I grew up in, remembered all the old paths and re-lived the old emotions - yes, I got real nostalgia and emotions! Those were good. I thought of all you guys and sent my very very best wishes.


I cant wait for this all to be something in the past that we are dealing with as a “past trauma.” Maybe when that happens we can all meet in Costa Rica for a cold drink :slight_smile:


Next three people to post in this thread I’ll write a haiku about you.



Go on, I’ll take a haiku.

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Greek’s breakfast is oatmeal.
He really hates finasteride.
And is also not Greek.

(I think the last part’s accurate! Read it somewhere if memory serves.)

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Factually correct! Well done, stalker! :wink:

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I went for a swim and felt like I was in the clouds when I was floating on my back starting up at the high ceilings of the facility

Also saw a Boston terrier look at me which touched me deeply and I smiled genuinely

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(Dear Sawproblemo,
You did not ask for haikus.
But you smiled, I’m glad.)




Did I miss my chance for a haiku?


En - See - Ess - U - Grad.
Your name only just fits the form.
No syllables left.


Nocturnal biker.
Feeling good in your feel-good thread.
Get well soon my friend.

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I listened to ABBA tonight, including some songs I didn’t know before.



Today I rode again my bike and did a 12km ride.
It was really hard at first when i come to think about it - nothing like it was as before as many would say - but I did it regardless. While I was pedaling I was listening to some kick ass tunes, like some songs from frank ocean and king gizard.

Here’s some tunes.