The Truth about Tribulus & Protodioscin? Dosage Protocol?

What is the overall consensus on the effectiveness of Tribulus and Protodioscin? We have heard about recovery stories in some people, and the worsening of symptoms for others. Mixed reviews, like damn near every treatment that has been mentioned on here. For those that worsened, did they just start taking it without thinking? The correct dosing would likely make a huge difference in how your body responds. For those that recovered, do they now have to cycle Tribulus for the rest of their life?

It’s very risky in my opinion.

Some people are willing to take that risk in the hopes of recovering. I think it is important that we analyze the process of implementing these products based on the testimonies of those who recovered, should anyone attempt to use them.

Analyse away.

“It’s very risky” Wow, how insightful. What’s your plan then? I guess I had hopes that a few people people would come together and exchange information on this issue, for the purpose of developing some sort of protocol that might inspire someone to take the first step towards a possible recovery. Is it too much to ask that we come together and try to actually do something useful on here instead of just wallowing in misery? Well, I can already see that won’t happen. You’re a shining example of why virtually no progress is being made on these damned forums.

So I took Tribulus at the start of August this year, the Bulgarian brand recommended on here by some, not a good experience for me.
I took two capsules and the following day got sides so stopped.

The following morning I woke up I just knew something was not right with my chest, took off my t-shirt and saw gyno became worse on right side, my left side was always the worst. It was tender for few weeks.
I don’t have particularly bad gyno but the fact one side got very tender and sore and increased in appearance after just one day of supplementing Tribulus makes me think even more some of us are predisposed to react very quickly to supplements.

I became even more sensitive to indoor light, got bad fatigue, and on the right side of my upper body developed joint popping sounds and sore shoulder joints.

I also developed small atrophy loss on my right cheek, best way to describe it is like a small dent you would see on a car.

Since stopping Tribulus my fatigue sides have cleared up as have the light sensitivity, my joint issues improved a bit too, but I now cannot tolerate caffeine, used to drink if every morning before I took Tribulus, now cannot. I recently went back on it for a few days and suffered fatigue and worsening of symptoms.

My right facial cheek dent has not recovered.

I only took Tribulus for one day, two of the high quality Bulgarian capsules

Can Tribulus improve joints?


Not for me, made them worse.

Took me weeks to see them improve somewhat after Tribulus made my situation worse

There’s very little commonality between people reactions to things like tribulus. What may make one person feel better may destroy another. So I have no idea what you are wanting people to ‘develop’.

It’s unfortunate that you experienced such bad side effects from it. I doubt you will ever use it again, but I have read some stories on here about people getting worse before they get better. Do you think it would have made a difference if you only took one capsule? Were you following the instructions on the bottle?

I am ok if people share their negative reactions to it, but I would hope for anybody that used Tribulus that derived benefits from it to lay out their exact dosing regimen, and describe all of their symptoms that improved.

From what I remember reading most people respond positively.

There are several large threads about this. (E.g. I believe tribulus has cured me! ). The effects have been varied and inconclusive. Some claim improvements, others have gotten worse. It seems most people didn’t see any changes at all.

I tried a high quality brand myself - didn’t do anything - positive or negative.

If you want to try it, you’re free to do so and report your effects on your member story, but be aware that some people had worsening side effects on tribulus.

Closing this thread - no need to go in circles about supplements that have been discussed ad nauseam before.

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