The Supplement that gave me back my pre-PFS libido

So, as you all know, I am at, but if I make an amazing discovery, it is inhumane to not make it known to the entire community. I don’t believe supplements do shit, after buying every single one of them, I have only relied on drugs and hormones to do anything. Ihatepropecia and I have been working on ways to increase our response to testosterone, to build more muscle, to get rid of water retention, and to not have to use an AI. Of course I ordered VITEX when Ihatepropecia told me about it, but it sat here for a month, what’s another supplement anyway? Then Ihatepropecia started reporting all this amazing stuff, he hasn’t needed an AI, his muscles were getting harder and bigger and more defined, he was able to double his dose of test without getting bloated (Ihatepropecia is recovered, but his residual symptoms occur on testosterone, and are related to cosmetic issues).

He told me it made his libido stronger and his dick bigger and thicker, bla bla bla… I didn’t start it for that, after he made a big deal about it, I decided to give it a try as I wanted to take a break from AI’s and find a way to use testosterone with minimal AI’s. It turns out Vitex increases Progesterone, lowers Estrogen, it is a Dopamine Agonist and an Anti Prolactin, it also increases/restores endogenous DHT. So how did such a supplement go unnoticed here? It’s true effects are only realized when on testosterone, or perhaps on a testosterone booster, but if you are not on test, one of those guys who doesn’t want to use anything, I definitely recommend trying this regardless. It seems to be a plant designed just for PFS!!! I have been on it now a week, and it has dramatically increased my response to testosterone, my libido has returned to PRE-PFS state, penis size, shape, function, all retired to normal (without anything else besides testosterone).

The dose is 1500mg a day, I am not posting this to debate anything with anyone, I am posting it as a courtesy, it seems to have suppressed all the symptoms of PFS as well. Mood, libido, muscle twitches, breathing issues and other weird symptoms, Ihatepropecia and I believe it is increasing 5ar and DHT, he plans to go get his DHT tested. This is a great option for you guys who want to be all “natural,” I never would have believed a natural supplement would be so effective. Ihatepropecia said that it becomes more effective with use, every week it has become more effective! I have seen that happening every day I take it.

I took it for muscles, not libido, I didn’t expect this, nor did I expect the mood boost, Ihatepropecia is “recovered,” so he is already ok. This isn’t just another “miracle supplement,” the actions of this compound fit our condition, my cycle with progesterone improved me A LOT 4-6 weeks after. So I know Progesterone is important, the fact that this supplement does all this naturally is amazing, another thing it has done is increased my testicle size without the use of HCG. If I had read this post from someone, I wouldn’t believe it, as for the brand, I got “Nature’s Way,” but Ihatepropecia got “Christopher’s,” I really think any brand is fine so long as it is a reliable brand.
Good luck,
you can find me at, I just was checking in today as it has been a while. After having to get off 8 times today (and have sex), I felt a post on PH was def worthy.

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Your a nut. None of your ideas are based on any real science, your just a pusedo scientist like the Brazilians claiming its fungus. Its people like you that ruin the credibility of people with legitimate PFS, and you must be posting here non-stop since you have more posts than me but have only been on the broad since 2014.

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Tell that to Dr Goldstien buddy, these are his ideas, I just found a supplement that just so happens to do what most of his pharmaceuticals do in one pill. I know you don’t understand anything about dopamine, prolactin, progesterone, estrogen, or testosterone. It’s ok, insulting me will make you seem smarter since you don’t understand, it’s why daily at solvepfs I get messages from victims of the abuse here thankful to find a supportive place where they are not personally attacked.

This forum is very unhealthy due to this behavior not being moderated, fortunately such behavior would be moderated at solvepfs. No one should be allowed to insult or attack others on a support forum for sick people, it’s very unfortunate behavior.

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Nobody can fix PFS (yet), there are just bandaids to get you by and make life livable to some extent. If you have the mental side effects bad enough you know when your fucked. Tongkat Ali helps with libido, combine that with cialis and prazosin and the sexual side effects are tolerable. Clomid to boost your test so you don’t have the testosterone level of an 80 year old man.

No anti-depressant has been found to be wholly effective as of yet. None of the ones I tried helped at all.


Thanks for sharing. Can you please tell us where did you get it from, a link would be very useful.

It is true that some members have been upset at you, I suggest you do the following: recognize in your posts that you are not a typical PFS patient and keep your messages short and to the point.


Numbdick, I got Vitex off of amazon from nature’s way, I took it for other reasons, I wanted to increase my response to test for muscles and use it as an AI. Ihatepropecia has been on it for a month and mentioned libido increase, I didn’t think much of it. I would say my libido issues from Pfs (including sexual function) are 120% from before Pfs. This supplement works on progesterone, dopamine, prolactin, estrogen and testosterone. The same concepts dr Goldstein happens to work with using pharmaceuticals I have never tried.

These aren’t my theories or ideas, the science behind it is based on Goldstein’s pharmaceutical protocol, and the person who told me about it was ihatepropecia. I just am reporting my results from it, I can’t imagine this not helping guys with sexual problems. It isn’t working on traditional hormones, progesterone, dopamine, and prolactin. I posted it here as I felt it was a big deal, it really works, feel free to ask ihateproepcia. There isn’t much to read about it, I tend to believe it works on guys with Pfs and not on normal guys due to our hormonal defeciencies.

Def worth trying, I have never been as concerned about libido as other things, if you have read my posts. Just trying to pass this on to help people here and I get insulted, pretty messed up. Let me know if you try it and how it works out for you.

I was considering cialis as a boost, but I no longer need that, what it did which is interesting is restored my penis head to normal.

The reason im optimistic about this is it has been working for ihatepropecia for a month now, also it boosts and regulates our own hormones rather than exogenous.

Prolactin is what is released after orgasm, it’s what makes a guy no longer interested in sex after he ejaculates. Dopamine increase libido, progesterone lowers inhibition and anxiety by reducing to alpregenenolone (a neurosteroid that works on GABA that we are lacking). Vitex regulates estrogen in favor of progesterone. Ihatepropecia and I believe it is increasing dht and 5ar, ihateproepcia is getting his dht checked this week or next to see if it has.

Another thing I noticed is that it has changed my mood, I actually feel normal since I started this.

You know, this forum would be a lot better if insults and bullying were moderated or shunned, all it does is make people feel bad, or anger people into responding. Daily at solvepfs I get messages from people saying they are glad they found it as this forum here is so hateful and negative. Why allow things to be this way here? What does it accomplish to post that someone is an “idiot?” You guys should shun this behavior, you could make this a better place if you did.

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Great, another miracle cure from the guy who has been cured several dozen times and has had PFS for less than a year! But, hey, for arguments sake, why don’t you tell us your source on all these outrageous claims (like how it benefits all the hormones in the way you mentioned). Because everywhere else seems to indicate that it is only used for BPH in men, and will actually reduce libido.


Google Vitex and Prolactin, Google Vitex and Progesterone, Google Vitex and Dopamine, Google Vitex and estrogen, Google Vitex and testosterone.

Vitex at low doses increases prolactin, Vitex ar higher doses decreases Prolactin. Low doses lower libido, higher doses increase it.

Research it yourself, im at 80% recovery now and stable. Instead of giving up, I tried everything till I got here, and it was worth it. Try Vitex or don’t try Vitex, I don’t care, was just posting my experience and ihatepropecia’s experience.

I was only here to post this one supplement, I won’t be checking back your replies, anyone wants to reach me, I’ll be at solvepfs.

Good luck

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*you’re :unamused:

one google search to verify everything he is saying is actually true … /Vitex.htm
might be worth trying, seems risky.

Where is ihatepropecia. If he took it why won’t he chime in for himself.

I talked to ihp, he actually said that its all true. Vitex is super cheap so I ordered some. Will let you guys know in a few weeks how it goes.

This will be rare but I agree with JQD in this department. I was looking for brazilian propecia forum (the people there are stupid and they support propecia) but some cases with PFS, those guys actually restored their libido and got back to normal, but they used all kinds of testo-boosters. They said to use tribulus for 2 months (max), panax ginseng 2 months (max) vitex (agnus castus) 2 months (max) and cyclying it. Actually this is the same of all recoveries, I really believe this testo-boosters are responsible to recovery, I would say as is written in the cdnuts testo-boosters’ web site we should use this herbs and decrease estrogen the best we can while this herbs are working.

All cures here are related to this herbs. ALL OF THEM even lestconvenience, he used adrenal formulas, check what kind of plants they put in these kind of formulas. It’s all about using it in high dosages you will get up and down in an upward scale until you get cured (all recoveries said this and also is what I felt and feeling now).

Hey guys,

It looks like this does need some perspective. I don’t taut things as “life saving” or “life destroying” but as items that have advantages and disadvantages.

Context - I started vitex because a few buddies of mine use it to cut (get lean and more defined after bulking). They swore by it, but I would never try it. The reason was because it could “increase progesterone” possibly “increase” prolactin, etc. All the information I read on it was for women. So, I would never try it. Well, I finally did after seeing results form my friends, but they are normal, no PFS, so I was hesitant. Well, I’m glad that I did. I take 1,500mg a day because that is what my buds take, that is how I cam to that dosage. Here is breakdown of what occurred.

  1. Noticed libido was elevated the second day. Libido still fluctuates like normal, but it is consistently much higher, higher than a normal state. I assume this is form dopamine agonist effects, but I don’t know.
  2. By the third day I noticed fuller muscles and less water, more striations and a “corded” appearance. Yes! This is why I started it.
  3. By the end of the first week, I notice increase in wellbeing, libido, muscle mass, less water, more energy, higher strength and stamina in the gym. So I stayed with it. Each week strength, stamina, and muscle growth just continue to improve. I have lost tons of water, though after a month I feel it may have balanced out. I did not lose much water in my face though.
  4. I’m on no AI. Vitex allowed me to double my test dosing from 10mg eod, to 10mg daily. So I doubled test, no AI, and lost water. These are huge gains for me.
  5. As is so common with just about everything, Vitex has not lost its effect. It continue to work just as well today as it did the first day. I have no idea why that is.

Now, some sides.

  1. Headache - the are intermittent, maybe 2-3 times a week.
  2. Strong heart beat but lower blood pressure - heart beat is strong immediately after dosing. Blood pressure is low all week.
  3. Some stomach upset - you may get some “air” especially if you’re consuming a lot of protein

That’s about it. I’m not sure what it will do in a person not on test, but hey, its cheap and I have been very surprised with the what it’s done for me.

You left another side effect out, being horny as fuck lol, yea guys, currently I don’t feel Pfs. The pfs symptoms are gone, I think because this supplement works on every hormone that’s affecting us. I had to get off like 5 or 6 times yesterday, for some of you who are not on test, you will need your test levels up for full effect, but I think it will still work even without test, just keep that in mind. Make sure to use at least 1500mg or more, lower doses have the opposite effect!

I get called an idiot and attacked for simply trying to share something on here that could help people, what a sad forum.

Btw, Ihatepropecia and I both notice our libido drops a bit on the day we inject test, not sure why, prob estrogen, but it rages back after everything regulates in a day or so (0.5mg of arimidex also helps it rage back). I no longer believe in high doses of AI’s after starting Vitex. A low dose of arimidex (0.5mg) seems to work well and prob responsible for surging back libido with Vitex.

The muscle twitches, bad mood, all that is gone with Vitex, I think it’s the progesterone, would love to see how some guys do with it as mono therapy.

Here is a PDF Eden posted on Vitex … 1&start=10

When you buy supplements on Amazon, change your charity to The PFS charity, then everything you buy, Amazon donates to the pfs foundation. So you fuck wads who attack us for getting better can shut up as our purchases are donating money to the foundation.
93-216-1-SM.pdf (384 KB)

Anyone with mental sides trying it, report back, por favor.

I have some, will try next week, don’t want to risk it with work.

Remember that the dose is important, a low dose is like taking a different drug, must be at 1500mg a day, lower than that will lower libido, at 1500mg a day it will increase it a lot in a couple weeks. As for mental sides, it has helped mood, libido, response to test, but I don’t think other mental sides, but who knows?