The Supplement that gave me back my pre-PFS libido


tim did you try it?



Hasn’t done a lot, been on 3 days.



It is not that crazy. I have been researching Progesterone for few days now, so I am not surprised that a pro-progesterone can substantially reduce PFS for some.

Who is trying it?

JQD thanks for bringing that up but please let others post/chime in, and avoid repetitive posts. We got your point and I think it is a matter of time before someone tries it.



I am using Vitex for two days now. Especially for my mood it is doing some good things. I don’t really notice something different in my low libido but who knows what will happen in the days to come.

I’ve tried progesterone in the past but it just had these sharp edges (don’t know how to explain it). But i reacted on progesterone (but too often in a bad way) so i knew there was something about this creme. I switched the amounts around but that didn’t work. I hope Vitex does work and i am already noticing a positive effect.



Hey jorden, what dose are you using and where did you get it?



I use 1500 mg. Got it from but that is a Dutch site. Brand name is Lamberts 1000mg. But i think there are more sources to get Vitex.



Thank you! I hope your continue to improve. Keep us updated!



Vitex from Solaray is a good brand.



Give Vitex time, it gets better as time goes by, some of you may be real bad off, I do believe progesterone from Vitex is improving us by sensitizing androgen receptors. It has been a couple months now I think, but I haven’t been on as I have often forgot I had PFS, I added Pramipexole 0.125mg to the mix. It is a SUPER potent dopamine agonist antiprolactin, it also releases a lot of HGH, this was a surprise to me, 0.5mg of pramipexole releases 4iu of HGH from your pituitary! Start this very low, no higher than 0.125mg, slowly titrate up a little every week till you get to the dose that works. 1MG is very high, but plenty of guys on forums on 1mg and even more, but it is a very safe drug, the key is small doses, you all know me, I have used huge doses of everything. I have evolved to realize that low doses work better in many instances, with Vitex though, a low dose is a BAD idea as it will raise prolactin and kill your libido, so you must start at 1500mg or higher (I take 1600mg).

HGH increases response to testosterone, Vitex seems to increase endogenous testosterone really well, some of you who have really low test will require testosterone, you can only boost so much. The value that matters is bio available test, your total testosterone number is meaningless and deceptive, it was Dr Jacobs who told me this a while back. However, I highly suggest you guys try Vitex as a mono therapy, for those afraid of trying things, you can’t go wrong with Vitex. It seems nature designed it for PFS! It covers a lot of PFS bases, as for progesterone, I use a pea sized amount from a 20mg pump (prob about 1mg or 2mg or so). I use Progesterone when I have anxiety, it fixes it as progesterone reduces to alpregnenolone (a GABA neurosteroid). I also notice more 5AR gains after I use the progesterone a couple days later.

Progesterone seems to have lasting effects, I have had PERMANENT gains from my progesterone use. When I used 20mg 2-3X a day and experienced what some here call a “crash,” which it is not, it is just being exhausted from too much progesterone and it makes you dopey. I felt I had made a mistake, but a month later I stopped crashing from testosterone, in fact I have never crashed again, my anxiety was gone and I responded to test far more than ever before. Currently I have moved to Cortisol, I have realized PFS has crashed almost every neuro chemical and hormonal system in the body. Eventually your adrenals crash, I have found much of PFS is Adrenal Fatigue, so I have started hydrocortisone with amazing results so far.

Here is a post Moonman wrote up about it, he did a much better job than I will at explaining Adrenal Fatigue and Hydrocortisone. … 101.20255/

Give Vitex time, it could take months for some people, it could take weeks for others, but Ihatepropecia and I have both noticed we are making more and more gains and responding to test better and better from it.



Your every second word is, I’m bored of all you write, as are the majority here so stick to your own man made forum and regimes elsewhere you nut job!!!



So I hear of people combining Vitex with stuff like Maca, Tribulus, and Tongkat Ali. Ashwagandha boosts testosterone and also increases thyroid function Just wondering, what some of you, maybe JQD, think about cotherapy with Ashwagandha? I have a lot of Ashwagandha (and other stuff too) lying around, since people are reporting better, more natural responses to androgens/androgenic substances while on vitex, perhaps they would synergize due to Ash’s thyroid enhancing properties.



So I did 5 weeks of Vitex at 1,600mg. It definitely revved up my adrenals and made me worse. I had to hop back onto stress doses of cortef to feel better.



Good to know, The claims about it manipulating various hormone levels made me uneasy.



So what can any of the guys who started taking this back then report?



Anyone else try vitex?



But this supplement decrease testosterone and Luteinizing hormone levels…