The story of Azazel

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I am 31 years old. I am French.
I am 181 centimeters tall. I weigh 78 kilos.

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1,25 mg de Proscar (Finasterid) for 28 days.

What condition was being treated with the drug?

Hair loss.

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28 days.

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October 20, 2021

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November 19, 2021

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[ ] Muscle Wastage
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[ ] Joint Pain
[ ] Dry / Dark Circles under eyes

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[ ] Constipation / “Poo Pellets”
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Hello everyone,


I am 31 years old. I am French.
I am 181 centimeters tall. I weigh 78 kilos.

I took Proscar 5mg for 28 days, 1.25mg per day; from October 21, 2021 to November 19, 2021. I was cutting the tablet in 4.
Heart palpitations made me stop taking the medication. I used to have them, but they had become very strong. I also noticed that my semen was watery.

I think I had a crash 10 days later, in early December. This crash included, an absence of libido, no erection, neither morning nor night (I am more sure of this information) and even less spontaneous. These were the only things I noticed at first. I noticed that I had cognitive and memory problems (probably due to my excessive alcohol intake and my lifestyle) and very slight visual problems.

My symptoms:

  • erectile dysfunction: milder than at the beginning, varies according to the period.
    -loss/decrease of libido: fluctuates, but always much lower than it was.
  • lack of morning erection: rarer than at the beginning. Most of the time I have them, although they can be weak.
  • no nocturnal erection: this problem is almost solved.
  • blurred vision: problem solved.
  • poor memory: still somewhat present but no longer a problem.
  • prostate pain: comes and goes.
  • testicular pain: rare.
  • penis deformity: looks different. It feels different, like it’s rubbery. In the same day, it can seem normal and then become rubbery again. I feel it without looking. It seems less dense. Its base is less dense and large than before taking the treatment.
  • apathy, emotional blunting: the worst of the symptoms. The impression of feeling everything at a very low intensity.

My story:

December and January:
I think I had my first “crash” in December.
I didn’t take much interest in it. I thought it was going to be temporary.
I was feeling good about my life. I was very interested in literature. I felt less angry at the world, at myself. At that time, I only noticed the side effects related to sex (libido, ED…). I felt like I was feeling the same way except for women, sex. I won’t say how important they were. Nevertheless, I think I can say that between December and the end of January, my erectile functions were more degraded than today, 6, 7 months later. Rather, my crashes are less powerful.
It was a period when I had little interest in women, by choice at first. Before taking Proscar, I wanted to find myself, to do some work on myself by excluding women from my life. Taking the medication did the job.

January / February:

At the end of January, beginning of February, I started to worry, noticing that the situation was not evolving positively. I decided to look for information on the internet. And there, the drama, I fall on this site with horrors. I started to panic and to probe myself. I could get an erection. I had nocturnal and sometimes morning erections. The erections were more or less strong depending on my condition, which fluctuated and still does.
At that time, I decided to resume sports. I was injured, that’s why I was not training anymore. I had to go gradually. I also decided to be a little more careful with my diet by avoiding refined sugar for example.
Since February and March, I have been focusing on my sexual desire. At that time, I was able to get an erection very quickly, almost whenever I wanted to, but the sensations and the desire were not the same as before taking the medication. Other times, it was the famous “crash” and I spent a week without feeling much, having very sluggish induced erections. During these weeks of crash, I feel progressively (it’s very very slight) things going a little better. Better sensations, easier erections, even if they are sluggish and relatively mole when they are not provoked.
These two months were the beginning of a new interest in women. I forced myself to look at them, looking for a reaction from my body through eye contact. It was also a period of ups and downs during which my sensations, even if I was erect, were bland if compared to my state before taking the medication.
It seems to me that on three occasions, I had the sensation of becoming like before. This never lasted more than a day. Always after these very good sensations, I experienced crashes or mini-crashes.


This was a period where my was fluctuating. I felt like the crashes were less strong as well as the highs. I think I only got really excited once. The excitement was not comparable to the ones before taking Finasteride. I had the feeling that, little by little, I was getting better. Maybe it was due to the month of Ramdhan when I was fasting, I don’t know. At one point, after feeling better, I had a big crash. It was at the end of March, beginning of April 2022 if I remember correctly. It lasted a good week. During that whole week. I did not masturbate. At the end of it, I didn’t have a strong urge to do so, but still. It was as if I felt the need to “empty” myself. I should mention that I regularly had the urge to masturbate before the medication, which I did.
This period is also when I started to realize that I was becoming apathetic. I feel things with less intensity than before. I am a hypersensitive person. It’s important to note that I started being less when I knew it was an adverse reaction. Is it psychological? Is it depression? Maybe. Maybe it’s both a form of depression and taking the medication. When I say I don’t feel the way I used to, it’s about everything. It is the case when I practice sports, the pains, the sensations are not the same. When I am hungry or thirsty, it is easy to hold, I feel them less etc…


I think for two weeks I felt between 30 and 65% (65% was rare) of my sexual abilities. I had a moment, very recently, at the end of May when I was really excited. I wanted to have sex with a woman. Funnily enough, this period started at a time when I felt like I was going through a period of not so good. I would say it lasted 5 days, starting timidly, reaching its peak on the 4th, and declining on the 5th day, before experiencing another dull period. During this good period, my feelings were really good. Not like before, but still decent and encouraging. I often got an erection, sometimes in spite of myself. Having an erection, desiring a woman, was much easier and more fluid than at the beginning of my recovery, even though I was very comfortable with erections at first, only the sensations were not the same, they were better than before. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting used to having less intense sensations or if they are more intense than a few months ago.
This month of April was also the month where I made huge progress on night erections. They are very often present and strong. The morning ones are also very often present, less than the nocturnal ones, and quite good. This can be explained by the fact that I take mint tea every night.
For more than a week, the first week of June, I have been going through a dull period. In fact, I feel like I haven’t really made any progress since February. I understood today that I am in depression, and that long before taking Finasteride.
Finally, this period is also the moment when I feel that I am progressing and regressing in the same day, whereas before, I had the feeling that this dynamic was part of a longer cycle, as mentioned above.

Additional information:

  • I used to drink a lot before and while taking Finasteride. I stopped at the end of December 2021.
  • I smoke chicha daily.
  • I work out at the gym 4 times a week seriously.
  • My diet is still not good but I am making efforts.
  • I take vitamin D3 daily because I have a deficiency.

My blood tests dated February 2022:

  • DHT: 0.58 ng/ml
  • Total testo: 5.360 ng/ml
  • Bioavailable testo: 8.8 nmol/l
  • Free testo: 87.7 pmol/l
  • LH: 5 mIU/mL
  • SHBG: 26.50 nmol/L
  • Plasma estradiol: 23 pg/ml
  • Vitamin D: 8ng/ml


  • I continually have numbness in my penis. It comes and goes during the day. I feel like it started when I started to care about my situation. I also think they come on when I’m not feeling well. I feel that they are partly psychological unlike the penile deformity which is 100% real.
  • When I started to have hope for a cure, I got much better.
  • My situation is delicate. I have been living in the same room with a friend for a year. Our neighbor is noisy and the apartment is poorly insulated. I am not fulfilled in my work. I am worried about my future. I don’t see any positive prospects. I am afraid I will no longer know love. I lost the love of my life several years ago and have never recovered. I found out two weeks ago that she got married.
  • I used to drink large amounts of alcohol on occasion before my crash. I recall that I haven’t had a drink since December or January.

I think I have my situation covered.
I think I will update my situation every month or two.

Thank you for reading my testimony.


Hello azazel,

Your story sounds very familiar to me in certain aspects. We share pretty much the same set of parameters (body measurements, age, similar symptoms). Except I was brought on this forum by a diffirent medication and my story is unfortunately a bit longer. I’m also experiencing not the best time of my life now, pretty tough situation with many complications. I imagine how you must be feeling.

Have you discussed your issues with any psychotherapist? If so, were there any useful information?
Btw, do you have insomnia or any problems going to sleep?

Considering how rapid was change in my condition, I believe it was mostly the drug’s influence. But I couldn’t find any doctor who could help with that. During some periods when I feel better, I can clearly see how much different my true personality is without anxiety and shit. I’m pretty sure in your case you might “not see any positive prospects” due to your condition too.
I hope you’ll be able to find your way to recovery.


I feel for you. No, I haven’t talked to any psychotherapist.
No, I sleep relatively well and do not feel tired. I feel in pretty good shape and am not very anxious. When I am, it is because of the symptoms and not directly from Finasteride.

Thank you, I wish you the same.

Bon courage :wink:

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Azazel, welcome to the community

You should report to your country pharmacovigilance.
The more reports we have, the more attention we get.
I leave you here the link:

Welcome, @azazel !

I’m sorry that you’re in this situation. It’s still fairly early though - the fact that some symptoms are beginning to resolve is a good sign. If you’re able to take good care of yourself, and avoid stress (if you don’t like your job, can you cut down on the hours?), you might see further improvements in the months ahead.

Hello finaduta,

I did it! :slight_smile:

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Hello M_C,

Thank you for your kindness towards me.
I try to take care of myself. I exercise a lot. I try to eat relatively healthy. I’m going to see a naturopath and the most famous andrologist in France soon.

I’m trying to get through it, as we all are.

Thanks again!


sorry for you to go through all this,
for me after 19 months things are improving a little and I believe that one day I will recover but I don’t know when;
seen that you can do sport it’s already good, try to improve your quality of life (diet, no stress, no alcohol, ec…),
on the other hand I live in France also if you find an andrologist can help us let me know;
take care

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Great to hear! Keep us posted!

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Je vais te répondre en Français alors.
Il s’agit du docteur VIRAG. Le médecin qui a invité le viagra.
La consultation est très chère en revanche…

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c’est le docteur Ronald Virag au 8 éme arrondissement, ou autre?

Yes, it seems to me that it is Dr. Virag from the 8th district of Paris.

merci,oui je vois que la consultation est 150e! est ce que tu sais s’il a déja traité des cas comme nous ?

Yes, I know he has dealt with cases like ours before. However, I’m not sure he can help us.

Doctors can prescribe drugs that deal with the symptoms, but they don’t know what’s really going on with PFS.

Many of them have their own pet theories though!

Bonjour M_C, Bonjour à tous,

The last 3 weeks of June were both special and common. After that dull moment, I had a period where I was relatively excited. As usual, it didn’t last long. Always less than a week. However, it was not followed by a mini-crash. I am in a moment where, I am in a low range (between 20% and 40%) and my condition fluctuates not only from day to day but also from hour to hour. I can feel very low now, and feel things more intensely and have sexual desire (even if it remains low) 1 hour later. When I’m in a good period, I tend to think “yes, it’s good, but I’m nowhere near the way I was before taking the medication.” It’s only when I find myself in a dull period - which has become the norm - that I think, “finally, I can live very well on a daily basis in this high moment even if it’s not like it was before.”
I feel like my penis is doing better most of the time. It too, fluctuates in condition but I feel it is improving. The touch and shape seems more normal than a few months ago.
Finally, I also feel like I am feeling things more, anger, joy, hunger, thirst etc. Again, this fluctuates from day to day, hour to hour, but I feel that the trend is up.
I did some hormone tests yesterday. I will have the results in 2 weeks. I will come back to you to keep you informed.


Small update. As I had announced, I had hormone tests. I got a part of it. Everything seems normal except for the progesterone. It tripled in 4.5 months. It was 1ng, it went up to 3ng, which is twice the normal maximum level. I don’t know how to explain it. I didn’t do anything special during those 5 months except taking vitamin D because I had a huge deficiency.
I will post all the results when they are in my possession.



I had sex very recently. I hadn’t had one in over a year.
When I knew I was going to have it, I was clearly excited, as I was before. During the act, it was like before taking Finasteride. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have any symptoms anymore, on the contrary, I have difficulty feeling desire for women, even if my eyes are always attracted to her, only, visibly, when it comes to taking action, everything is fine.
I wanted you to know that

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Sounds great :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m pretty sure in my case it would be nowhere near my usual experience before taking the drug.

So, was it completely like before Finasteride? Except for some decreased libido?
Have you ever experienced sensitivity issues?

I felt like when I knew I was going to have sex, I was as excited as I was before I took the Finasteride. During the act, it was pleasant, I had a good feeling and I was excited. Did I feel exactly the same as before Finasteride, I can’t say, but at worst, it was very close to it.

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